Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekly Favorites | August 31st 2014

Stylishlyme - Distressed Denim and Lace Top

I am loving this lace top and denim combo. I have a lace top that's pink and orange, which looks great with my distressed boyfriend jeans. I planned to wear a lot of shorts and skirts for back to school outfits, but have been really sticking to jeans. This really shouldn't be a surprise it's my go to. Want to see more close ups of this look? Head on over to Stylishly Me!

sweater lampshade DIY.jpg

I am slowly getting ready for fall. I actually like most things about fall except the weather. I am more of a summer and spring gal. I do love the pumpkin candles, and drinks, and yams, mhmmhm! I also love knits and sweaters because it's like being wrapped in a cozy blanket. I really like the warmth that this diy lamp shade brings and the texture really adds to any room. To see the how-to roll on over to Farm Fresh Therapy.

So I am back in school now and most days I take lunch, but this particular day I went and got lunch. This is from a Chinese stir fry type place and seriously is so good! You can add rice, vegetables, and a protein. In mine was a little brown rice, chicken, green peppers, mini corn cobs, water chestnuts, and a little bit of teriyaki sauce. This really made my week it was sooo good!

Although I have been wearing jeans so much lately, I always love the combination of shorts and flannels. It sort of says you didn't really try that hard but just enough. I definitely am adding this to one of my weekly outfits before it gets to cold. To see more of this look move it on over to La Petite Noob.


So I have really getting into food blogs lately and this has to be one of my favorites! This Kath from Kath Eats Real Food and her family. I love her blog because it's not all strictly organic or always super healthy, but still indulgent and good for you. Her blog also includes exercise, nutrition, personal, and recipes. Definitely head on over to her blog of this sparks your fancy and subscribe by email. 


My week has been made by these donut charms. I seriously don't know when my obsession with all things donut came from. These are little diy donut charms and I say if you can't eat it. wear it. Of course I will never stop eating donuts, but oh how I wish they were good enough for you to eat everyday because I so would. Circle on over to eHow to get the deets!

This isn't the best picture but this week I have been also loving a peanut butter and banana sandwich! I have had one two days in a row, and am planning on having one today to. They are just so good I can't even explain, it's like heaven in my mouth. I use the 40 calorie per slice bread that is whole wheat, pb2 which is a lower fat powdered peanut butter (get the chocolate flavor it is so good), and a small banana. Those round things on the side are rice crackers and they are the bomb as well! I should have just made food my favorite!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 5 Recap and Life Update | August 29th 2014

Ahh! It feels like forever since I have made a post even though it's only been a week. School and work have literally been taking up most of my time. I definitely have to find a balance because I can't leave you guys hanging of course. I am gonna do my weekly favorites tomorrow so look out for that, as well as a post about what I ate this week because I love those type of post, and I love food!  
(Sneak Peek! So Good!)

Now onto the intended post! On last weeks episode the designers had to create a red carpet-worthy look for Heidi. I thought everyone was gonna nail it and it was gonna be a breeze, but obviously I shouldn't look into being a psychic because almost everyone struggled, and some had to go back to mood! There was a clear line between the good and the bad this week, which I haven't decided if it's good or bad. Click on the designers name for the link, do note there will be spoilers, and visit Lifetime to see all the looks. Also don't forget to tune in tonight to see the newest episode.

So I will start with the ones that I was not feeling. First Korina's look. I think it could have been wondrous if she used a different fabric and color, well then that would be a whole new dress, so that just shows how much I liked the design. I think she is a good designer, but I think she may have come into the competition a little over confident and it got to her. It was made in a rush and so it looked unfinished and the funny thing is I actually liked the silhouette. I think she will still be around a little longer though.

Kristine's model was busting at the seams, literally. I can see where she wanted to go but it didn't make it there. I thought a boob was gonna come popping out, and nobody wants to see that. Again the idea here was solid, but wasn't carried through, and she was sent home. 

Emily's dress, well I don't know where her girl was going but I don't think it was the red carpet. The dress was to short, the wrong color, and reminded me of a wet rag. I like Emily but I think she is sadly falling behind other designers shadows.

My only real favorite was Sean's dress. When I saw this beaute I was sooo jelly beans because I couldn't wear it, and glad to see someone new stepping their game up! I mean how can you not like this dress, it's like a beautiful peacock that came alive at midnight...did I take that analogy to far? Any who I loved this and he earned his winning!

Mitchell also went home but his look was neither horrible or great to me, although I will say I didn't fancy it.

Who do you think is going to be the tip contender on tonight's episode? My girl Sandhya might make a comeback or Sean might even stay on top.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 4 Recap | August 21st 2014

On last weeks episode of Project Runway the designers had to create a look from old, dusty men's suits. The suits were so ugly I don't think I would wish my worst enemy to wear them. Sandyha had the pleasure of handing out suits to everyone and gave herself one of the ugliest ones, I knew I liked her! Below are my favorites and not so favorites of this challenge, don't scroll if you don't want ALL the deets, and remember to go check out the website if you want to see all the looks! Also side note, Bethany Mota was a guest judge, I was honestly a baby bit excited!

This look is a power-suit gone right. How fabulous would you look and feel to strut into the office in this. Pretty darn good probably. The cutouts, pleating, subtle shoulder pads, it all is "you made that work" moment for me. Kini hasn't really been on my radar but he might just be the one to watch out for.

We can all agree (I think...) that Sandhya's designs are head tilters. They are sometimes or most of the time hard to figure out or grasp, but they make you take a second look. I don't know what goes on in her head, but whatever it is I want it. 

This look sadly reminds me of a superwoman costume. I don't know if it's the capeish back, the brown details, or the v shaped design on the front. This look by Hernan didn't do it for me at all. He tried to blame it on Sandhya but I believe he could have come up with something fabulous and he fell short, so he was sent home. Simple as that.

I have no idea where Mitchell was going with this. It borderline looks like she is wearing an umbrella. I can't get on board with this look, and I don't even know where you would even wear this to. The club on a rainy night maybe?

Amanda's look was the winning look, but I felt indifferent about it. It looked nice, not my favorite, not my least favorite. I really wasn't feeling the fringe though, no bueno.  


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Bliss | August 20th 2014

I love weddings! It's kind of nice to see people create their own fairy tale. I went to a wedding on Saturday and it was elegant, nice, just the right amount of time, and filled with lots of love! I say just the right amount of time because NO ONE and I mean no one likes a drawn out wedding. It was straight to the point but didn't lose it's luster. I haven't been to a wedding all summer and I was so excited to be able to partake in such a glorious event! I don't have many pictures of the decor, food, and such but I do have a few good ones and selfies of course.


I don't quite know what to call that..

The Beautiful Bride!

The Ceremony!

More Selfies at the reception. Go figure.

How gorgeous is this dress and my BFF!

Shoes- Old Navy

Had to end it with one more selfie! My momma and I! Shes a beaute.

Have you made it any weddings this summer? What was your go to ensemble?


Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Favorites | August 18th 2014


I am literally 10 years away from having a baby or even thinking about it a lot, but how cute is this baby nursery. I am borderline thinking about doing some of these things in my next room. I love the dog photos against the polka dot wall and the blue mixed with white. Oh and did you peek the yarn mobile? Super cute. You will want to peek the rest of this room, so head on over to Handmaker Of Things.

Camel H&M Blazer with Geometric Anthropologie Clutch Style Look

I feel like a lot of people shy away from brown. I personally like brown and will mix it with black in a second. I am in a whole bunch of lust with this blazer and in love with this geometric clutch. This is perfect for a number of occasions and makes you look super important and cool, and who doesn't want to look super important and cool. Head on over to A New Bloom to see more pictures of this look. 

The ultimate side dish ... Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Chipotle Aioli |

I am in love with sweet potato fries. Seriously if I could eat them every single day I would be golden. I think it takes a real skill to get them mastered and bake them perfectly in the oven, and I am no where close to perfection! I do however think mine taste pretty darn good. I will say it's a process to make them because you have to peel and cut the potato and they are SUPER thick, but the outcome is worth it! To get this delicious sweet potato recipe slide on over to Joyful Healthy Eats.

movie night

The perfect ending to summer is definitely an outside movie night. It's the glory of a drive-in movie but with free/cheaper food, good people, and endless movie watching. I am so sad that summer is almost over, for me anyways since I go back to school this week! Ahh, I can't even ponder it! To melt all your worries away and make your own backyard movie oasis strut on over to June Bug Photography.

I am still on love with the top knot. It's like an acceptable, easy, maybe messy updo. I always seem to have to use the foam bun things to make mine look right and it takes me forever and a day! I still love it though and it's one of my all time favorite hairstyles, I wish I had invented it! Swing on over to Mary Costa Photography to see more of this gorgeous updo and dress.

A healthy alternative to French Fries... Baked Asparagus Fries with Lemon Herb Aioli |

My other favorite food (of many) is asparagus. I never thought I liked it till someone had made it for dinner one night and topped it with Parmesan, you could say I was hooked. My favorite way to have it is grilled topped with Parmesan and mildly crunchy. Oooo it's so good if you haven't tried it you need to put it on your bucket list. This recipe makes it in the oven and bakes it like fries. I might even like that even more! Whip on over to Joyful Healthy Eats to get the step-by-step!


Look: Back to School | August 16th 2014

Back To School

In high school everyone cared about what everyone else was doing. What people were wearing was always something people talked about at my high school. My first year of high school I looked like I got dressed in the dark. My go to were boot-cut jeans, sneakers, and ALWAYS a jacket because I was/am always cold. I redeemed myself by 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. I kind of caught on to the whole looking nice thing, and it was smooth sailing from there. The point is that back-to-school clothes shopping became a big thing for me. I loved back-to-school shopping. This year though I didn't do much of it. I mainly forgot but half the students in college don't really care what your wearing anyways, and the ones that do are all probably mainly in my fashion classes. The outfits here are most definitely things I am wearing back to school and hopefully can give you some idea of what to wear back-to-school or just to look super fly.

1. I have oddly become a fan of white jeans. I was never really feeling it, but if you work it right, you my friend will look kick-butt fabulous! I am more of a cardigan person, so that's what I paired it with. Gray is so neutral it goes perfectly with white, and booties because they are my favorite shoe to wear...well all the time.

2. I think everyone has these pieces in their closet to recreate this look. This look is my go to when I can't figure out what to wear, or want to feel super hipster-ish, we all have those days! Black jeans were my staple for fall last season and are this year to, a gray tee because it is comfortable and mostly goes with everything, booties because they are life, and a bag. I only carry a purse type bag when I only have like one class, but days I have a full schedule backpacks all the way.

3. I don't wear shorts that much because my legs always get cold, and the classrooms are always freezing! I am certain I am anemic but I have only diagnosed myself. During the very beginning of school it's still pretty warm so I can throw them in there at least once before fall. I always love a good flowy crop top, and I am in love with this cardigan. Oh and booties because after writing this I have concluded that these are a staple too! 


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 3 Recap | August 13th 2014

On the latest episode of Project Runway the Designers have to create looks from Marie Claire 20 years ago and make them relevant for today. I wasn't even born yet, so that would have definitely been a difficult challenge for me. I feel like I can always tell which look is going to be off the chain and which is not. The one look I liked right away was Kristine, OH MY GOSH, I really liked it, but it didn't end up being one of my favorites. Also, Emily's look was simple but made a point.  One  look I was kind of like "whhhaat?" was Alexander, especially with the bottom. Anyways, as always there may be spoilers so be cautious if you haven't watched, click on the picture to see more pictures of the garment, and lastly, these aren't all the looks so visit the site for more. 

Korina's look is one I actually fell in love with and she didn't even win or make it to the top 3. I just feel like her look is so chic and reminds of something that the daughter in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead would wear,but something I could wear now too. This look definitely says I am awesome, don't underestimate me, and that's basically every woman in a nutshell.

Samantha's look also had me excited this episode. If I had my own cartoon character and was stuck to wearing one outfit like Angelica on Rugrats, this would be it. I mean how cool would my character look? Really cool that's what! I think this look is very on trend and isn't trying to hard. I am surprised she didn't male it to the top winning looks as well.

My girl Sandhya pulled out another winning look and I think people are starting to get jelly beans. I don't understand this look at all, but it works. Her work is very original, different, and refreshing. I think this will definitely work to her advantage this season. She has been my favorite so far but some other designers are definitely raising the bar.

This was the look by Alexander that I was iffy about. I understand what he was going for, but it kind of just reminds of those sacks you use for those races on field day in elementary school. It really does nothing for her body shape and the color makes me sad. I will cross my fingers for him on the next challenge!

Amanda's look was another look I didn't really get. It just seems dated and I couldn't picture anybody rushing to the racks to buy it. The pants did fit really well and were tailored good, and that's always a positive. Other than that I would have to sadly say this look was one of my least favorites. Amanda has been on before, so I am sure she will bounce back.

Angela's look sent her home this episode. I don't really think the look is THAT bad. Would I wear it? No. Would I recommend you wear it? Probably not. There were looks that were worse than this to me though. I honestly think they sent her home because the environment and pressure was to much for her. I would probably be one of those contestants that cries at least twice #noshame. What about you?


Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Favorites | August 11th 2014

Nothing is better than a good pop of color in the summer time. I am not only loving this color, but this dress makes me want to get up and salsa! This dress shows just enough skin without being to much. Also, peep that embellished clutch, it's to live for! Sashay on over to Southern Curls & Pearls to see more of this popping look.

elena kalis- shot by ashley capp for citizen atelier

How captivating is this painting?! I KNOW for a fact this would make my gallery wall! I love all types of art and this one, which is a little out there does not disappoint. I feel like when I look at this little girl I want to know more, it's such a mystery. Head on over to The Happy Space Project to see more amazing work.

I have come to realize that I am not the biggest fan of zucchini. If I eat to much of this veggie it gives me a headache and it's just all down hill from there. This zucchini parmigiana though? It could definitely make me eat it more often. I mean this dish looks sooo good my mouth is watering, and I am not even hungry. I know your mouth is watering up about this dish to, so just head on over to Milk & Honey right now!

Denim Days | Birdie Shoots

I have been wearing shorts a lot more lately, got  to let my legs shine too! I don't usually go for the cut-off distressed look, but these are calling my name. They are simple, but the frayed bottoms says "I am a little wild." I also loved that she dressed them up with dressy sheer top, something I would definitely do. Hop on over to Birdie Shoots to see more about this look.

Hat Stand DIY

Gold Accents have become my thing these days. They just amp up any old boring piece, such as this coat hanger. This didn't take much but some gold tape, 5 minutes of your life, and it is so worth it for this chic looking coat hanger. Swing on over to The Four-Eyed Wonder to get the easy deets!

Cream Cheese-Filled Pumpkin Bread - Pumpkin bread that's like having cheesecake baked in! Soft, fluffy, easy and tastes ahhhh-mazing!

I love pumpkin pie, it's like the taste of fall on my taste buds! This baby right here is pumpkin bread filled with cream cheese, so of course I would probably love this too! Can we just take a second to bask in the glory that is this bread. All I can say is this will be one of my fall treats to try...maybe not even in fall but right now. Stop on by Avrie Cooks because lets be honest you need this in your life.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 2 Recap | August 6th 2014

So in the 2nd episode of Project Runway the designers had to use movie props to create one-of-a-kind looks. Fabric is hard enough to work with let alone straws and letters. I give it to the designers for their creativity but some nailed it for me and others, well not so much. As per usual there may be spoilers so be cautious if you haven't watched and also click on the picture to see more pictures of the garment.Lastly, these aren't all the looks so visit the site to see more!

I loved this look by Sean. I don't think he was in my beginning favorites, which you can see if you click here! I knew my favorites were gonna change they always do. He didn't actually win the challenge because it was a group challenge, but how gorg does this dress look? If straws were acceptable to wear daily this would be on me in a flash.

Another one of my favorites was Samantha. I don't remember what the top was made out of but the bottom is made of film strips. Again, I would totally wear this, no shame here. Honestly I would have never thought of curling the strips on the skirt. That idea was genius and adds so much volume. Love, love, love! 

This is the winning look for this challenge made by Amanda. Her team won and then she was the individual winner. I really don't know how I feel about this look. It's obviously not as realistic as the other two, but as far as being different and unconventional she nailed it. I think I have to give this more thought. I do know I wouldn't wear this out though, that's for sure.

This is the losing design by Carrie. In her defense all the garments on this team looked like this and she only went home because Sandhya had immunity. Sandhya is still my favorite and I am a baby bit glad she didn't go home, but this whole teams look underwhelmed me.I think they were going for Old Hollywood but it just wasn't happening. I will say this is by far NOT the worst I have seen on the show. Would I wear this out or put someone else in it....probably not.

What was your favorite garment on this episode? Who is your favorite designer so far?


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