Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dressing Made Easy...

It's been way to long since I have written a post on here, that is way to long! College does really kick your butt though! With things slowing down I hope to post on here more often, which I am overly excited about! As I said in a previous post you can follow by required blog that I have to do for my fashion class It's almost over but you can see my last few posts to end the semester and look at my old ones! Okay so to the good stuff! I always find it hard to plan outfits because after you wear your favorite pieces, whats next?! I have complied some looks that can be easily emulated with things you already have in your closet, or are not that expensive to get!

1. So this is pretty easy, any color pants will usually look good with denim or chambray shirt. Add an anorak jacket or even a pea coat would look good, and finish it off with low cut combat boots.

H&M Sweater, H&M Tights, Defshop Shoes, H&M Necklaces, Sheinside Dress

2.This fall is all about layering. Take a dress or skirt and layer a over-sized shirt or sweater on top. I like to wear this type of look with leggings but it can also look good with jeans. I would probably pair it with boots but tennis shoes look just as snazzy!

3. I have this grey sweater I wear ALL the time and it's so comfy! Find a great, knitted, thick cardigan that can be worn in colder weather. I like grey because it goes with a lot but black does as well. Knee socks are great because they can be worn as an accessory and keep you warm! Don't forget the nerd glasses!

4. Leather is a great staple to have in your closet, so this is a great go to piece! To go for the casual look pair it with a plain white tee and black jeans. Add a hat and if your not one for snapbacks switch it out for a beanie! Tie it off with high-top white sneakers or you can even do Keds!

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5.Speaking of leather can be used with layering as well! Layer a denim shirt underneath to add warmth and a pop of color!

Everything But Not Happiness T Shirt, H&M Shorts, Jacket

6. For those places where it's not freezing yet knee highs can work well as a "leg warmer" and accessory. Add a military jacket and a patterned or colorful scarf. Any size boot will do, tall or small! Oh, and if the shirt isn't long enough to cover up, make sure to add shorts under it!

7.Sweater weather is better weather! To spice up a sweater and add a layer of warmth put a structured button up under it. Pair it with light washed jeans, distressed or not, it will look fabulous! Lastly add booties that stop at or a little above the ankle.

8. This look doesn't need much of a caption. It's simple, easy, and chic to the beat!

ruby red red Topshop jacket

9. Stripe tees are a really easy go-to when trying to find something to wear. For a more relaxed look pair it with leggings, and so it doesn't look to casual add a statement blazer. Chunky heel booties would look great with this ensemble, but flat boots would look good as well.

bubble gum Tally Weijl skirt - heather gray New Yorker sweater - black H&M bag

10. Infinity scarfs are my go to this fall! They don't fall off and keep your neck extra toasty! In trend with sweater weather add a simple one (you can get really simple ones, like the ones that come with matching pants, but just don't buy the pants) and girly it up with a floral or patterned skirt underneath. As always add a bootie, and your good to go!

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Hope this helped and gave you a little bit of inspiration and here is the link to my other blog ! 

"Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia and draws inspiration from the best of the past."

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