Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's Your Fit? | July 30th 2014

What's Your Fit?

Summer may be half way over but there is still time to put on your swimwear and strut your stuff. Now is the time to get bathing suits at a steal because everyone's more worried about back to school shopping than swim suits. Also during this time stores are trying to get rid of old winter wear as well. I found some amazing deals at Kohls. So today I just have a little guide for you for when your getting those bathing suits for a bargain or for future reference! It's important to get the right swim suit that you feel most comfortable in and that's usually the one that fits your body type best!

1. Look Less Lanky with high-waisted bottoms. These bottoms give you more shape at the hip and more definition in your mid-section.

2. To emphasize your hips go for ruffles. Ruffles not only bring attention to your hips, but also give them definition. 

3. For an amazing looking booty go for a bottom that has a higher cut on the hip. This cut gives shape to the derriere. Also make it a cool patterned bottom to play it up even more.

4. If your busty, like muah go for a top with under-wire and side coverage. I find these bathing suit tops not only are the most comfortable but also the most flattering.

5. If your going for a slim look all over opt for a one piece with ruching. Ruching evens everything out and emphasizes your killer curves.

6. To make your legs look miles long go for a side tie bottom. One that rises high on your hip will makes your legs look long for days!


Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Favorites | July 28th 2014

Printable fruit garland // freebie by minieco
I love me some fruit! Watermelon, apples, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, cherries the list goes on and on. A fruit garland is not only super colorful but is great for room decorations or fun get together's. I think I might love this as much as I love fruit. Head on over to to get the template and more!

Studio apartment's fascinate me because they are so small and well I have a lot of things. I wouldn't say I am a hoarder, but I like to keep A LOT of things in case I might need them some day. If I was moving into a place like this I would definitely have to get rid of a lot of things, which would probably be a good thing. Make your way on over to Artistic Odyssey to see more photographs of this gorg apartment.

H&M High-Waisted Shorts and Vegan Leather Bag
I have been loving my high waisted shorts this summer. I usually don't wear shorts that much because I am ALWAYS cold, but I have been trying to add a little flavor and spice it up. I am loving this look because the chiffon shirt dresses the shorts up a bit more, and goes to show you don't have to wear crop tops with high-waisted things. Also this bag right here? Perfection. Slide on over to A New Bloom to see more of this outfit.

I have found a new found love for crab cakes. I really could eat crab cakes everyday along with potatoes and various other favorite foods. I used to not like a lot of things that I like now. Your palette definitely matures as you get older. Just in these past couple of months salmon, crab cakes, mushrooms, kale, and cabbage have been new items added to my food group. These aren't crab cakes they are tilapia cakes, but I would love to try these because I would probably love them! For the recipe click on over to Perchance to Cook.

iModern bedroom
No this is not a hotel someone actually lives here! If my bedroom looked this good I would probably never leave, ever. I am really favoring clean tumblr-esque rooms because like I said I have lots of things, like magazines that date back a year ago #cringe.  My room will look like this-one day. You seriously have to see the rest of this amazing house so go to Jillianastasia now!

Free Series | Summer Knits
As I said earlier I am always cold, so yes I am definitely one of those people that wear knits in the summer. I don't wear them on really hot days, just if I am going somewhere that I know I will be inside most of the time. I really am in lust with this outfit because the knit goes so well with the floral shorts and the knot is on point. To get the deets on this ensemble visit Free Series.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 1 Recap | July 26th 2014

Every year without fail I have to tune into Project Runway. I tune in obviously because I love seeing designers grow and their visions come to life, but also because I love a good reality tv show. I have so many shows on my roster I always end up watching them later on, but I had to tune in to the premiere of season 13. I already have some favorite designers, but they may change throughout the season. Without further adieu here are my favorites. 
There are spoilers so if you haven't seen it go watch and come on back! 

Sandhya Garg

Sandhya Garg is one of my top favorites! I love her unique take on innovating fashion and seriously can she give me some sewing lessons. I think it's sometimes hard to do things different because everyone tends to do sort of the same thing, but not for her. Only time will tell but I am rooting for her. #whoop, whoop! Also would you wear this? I definitely would!

Char Glover

Char Glover was one I wasn't sure about at first but her first look was on point. It was so well sewn and elegantly chic, I think I might need sewing lessons from her as well! Personally I probably wouldn't wear the design, but I still think it's a beaute and can definitely be pulled off by some classy fashionistas.

Samantha Plasencia
Samantha Plasencia's first look of the season was so me. I have a feeling she is going to go a long way this season. Even though this is about design it's still reality tv and as a contestant she seems like the one everyone will like, there is always one everyone likes and one everyone hates. We like her, for now anyways! Also can I buy this it needs a home in my closet!

Korina Emmerich

Korina  Emmerich's look was STUNNING. I definitely thought she was gonna be in the top. I seriously was nodding and smiling like yes girl yes! She seems feisty and determined, so much so you can tell she is in it for the win! If she keeps doing looks this good, she has to make it to the top. I actually think they should hire me  because I think I would make a fairly good judge.

Kristine Guico

I could see SO many women wearing Kristine Guico's look. It was on trend, such pretty colors, and it was cropped, how do you deny the crop top! I am not usually a fan of crop tops with non-high wasited things but this works. A double thumbs up for me!

f├Ąde zu grau

I couldn't forget about the guys in the competition. Fade Zu Grau was one of my favorites from the very start when he presented his collection. It was tech savvy, unique, and fun. I would've things off his rack. His first look was not a favorite for me at all, it was beautifully made though. I have seem what he can do so I am not worried, yet....

Head on over to Lifetime to see all the designers, looks, and see which are your favorites this season!



Friday, July 25, 2014

Comfort is Key | July 25th 2014

I love doing outfit posts and wish I could do them more often! I don't post a lot of them because I want them to be good quality and I don't really have anyone to take them for me. I want to try and figure something out though because I love sharing these type of things with you guys.I am a jeans type of gal, I seriously have over 50 pair. Jeans are my comfort garment when it comes to clothing, although I have been trying to branch out. What is your comfort garment and what do you wear it with?

T-shirt- JcPenney's (so comfy)
Jeans-Aeropostale (super stretchy)
Shoes- Old Navy (feels like walking on a cloud)
Cardigan- Cotton On (light weight)
Watch- Walmart (my favorite accessory)


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekend Favorites | July 23rd 2014

Turkey Burgers with Brie and Roasted Strawberries |

Turkey burger, roasted strawberries, cheese, I just can't! This makes me want to devour it right now and I am not even hungry. Once I see foods elevated to a whole new level, it makes me want to step my cooking game up. No Master Chef in my future though, or ever probably. I know your you want to try this asap so head on over to Cookie Monster Cooking.


Color can be so fun to incorporate in your wardrobe. I am loving this blue cutout because it's super fun and is not overly dramatic. I would wear this on a nice evening out to eat or maybe even a wedding. To see more great looks head on over to  Cuppajyo.

Personally I think everyone should have a coffee table in their designated "hangout" area. I know mine would have lots of books, magazines, and food definitely food! I am loving this multi-functional one because putting your feet up on a wood or glass coffee table is sooo uncomfortable. Stop on over to Oh Everything Handmade!

 Final product image

I have featured a lot of jewelry organizers on here, but I seriously can't get enough. This one looks super cool and so Elizabeth Taylor. It definitely would make me feel super fancy. Want to display your jewelry like a queen? Strut on over to Tuts +!

Paris | The Darling Detail

You guys already know I love this blog and basically want her closet. This outfit is one of my favorites because it's laid back but also very "I look good but didn't try hard at all!" Pants like these are so nice because it's the comfort of pajamas but acceptable to wear in public, winning! Head on over to The Daring Detail for more.


Can I live here...forever? Maybe not because I would seriously not keep the white clean, but how Vogue is this apartment. I love things that are so simple but still take your breathe away. There is no question that you want to see more of this gorg place so head on over to Made From Scratch to see more pictures and to Medina Lind the homeowner.



Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dream Bedroom Must-Haves | July 19th 2014

(Click on picture for original link)

I stay daydreaming about my dream home. My ideas for it are endless and frankly all over the place. Similar to my style in relation to fashion, I can't exactly pin it with one simple word.  There are so many ideas in my head I  might have to invent a new aesthetic all together! A dream home is way far off though so today I am given you guys a peek into all these ideas floating around in my brain if I were moving into a nuevo abode. The process to decorating any home is slow so today I am going to be doing my ideal bedroom.It may be a while...long while actually but it's always good to be prepared and nothings wrong with a little dreaming! Do you already live in a place you would consider your dream home? If so I envy you, but in a good way.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

On A "Whim" | Happily Wed Series | July 16th 2014

As you guys may know I love me a good wedding. Tis the season for weddings these past few months because it seems that everyone loves to have a summer wedding. I think a certain style or aesthetic is a little different to every person. For me whimsical is a little quirky, bright, and a lot of fun. I love the flower dress in set one, and how  about that pop of orange, or that blueberry cake?! Keep on scrolling to see the goods why don't ya!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Favorites | July 14th 2014

DIY Floating Citronella Candle with Personalized Favor Tags from Evermine (

I have grown a sweet spot for candles. The power of a candle is definitely underestimated. Candles smell good (not all of course), make you feel good, relax you, calm you, and look super pretty. These tea light candles give me that cool summer vibe and reminds me of the wonderful 4th of July I had this year. To see all the goodies you need to make this, float on over to Ever Mine.


Making your own bow flats has never been easier. These are a play off if the Saint Laurent flats. All you really have to do is add a tiny bow, how easy is that?! Roll on over to Free Series to get the step-by-step!


You guys know I love me some crowns. We are all princesses and queens anyways #winning. This is definitely a more fun and playful crown, but I would wear it out and about, because why not? To make your royalty legit move on over to Make & Tell.

Kimonos are a trending clothing piece this season, I feel like I see them everywhere. First let's take a moment to feel her excitement in this photo. Her excitement makes me excited! Now on to the kimono, it's pretty and floral and has fringe, what more could you ask for? Smile your way on over to And I Got Dressed it is definitely being added to my favorite blogs list.

DIY Crystal Embellished Sandals | Henry Happened

Nothing dresses up a pair of sandals like embellished crystals. These look so chic and expensive and we can make them! Sandals are my go to during summer because they amp things up a bit, as well as they are super easy to slip on and go. To make these closet worthy sandals strut on over to Henry Happened.

style tab, fashion blogger, boston blogger, sweetlife music festival, festival fashion

I just has to add this kimono because I want it NOW. The colors are perfect, the length just right, and the fabric is on point. I seriously need this in my life, and if you do to head on over to Style Tab to see where it's from.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Week Through Instagram & Other Lost Pictures | July 11th 2014

This is actually from this morning. I usually like to eat oatmeal with a banana, but I ate them all. #thestruggle. I opted for an egg instead and some yummy blueberry lime jam, that is made from a farm, which I think makes it full of only natural sugars!

If you follow me on Instagram you know the story behind this picture, it was a baby bit traumatic to say the least! Any who if you want to know the deets, you can follow me on my Insta by clicking my flip feed in the top right corner! This is my usual running gear/workout gear and these shorts are super comfortable, they are from Kohls!

Displaying Squaready20140711120011
I follow SO many people on Instagram it's crazy actually. I like to screen shot really tasty meals I want to make our try because you can only go back and look at so many pictures you've liked. I am not gluten-free but this looked to good not to put in my archives to try.

Displaying Squaready20140711122849

Like I said I like to screen shot things. Today if you dress up as a cow you can get a free meal from Chick-fil-a. Who doesn't like a free meal?! Honestly I probably won't go because I don't have a cool cow costume and I really have my mind set on some grilled cheese for lunch, YUM!
I think I needed to add more lettuce to this salad because I was hungry like 2 hours after I ate it. It could also be because I worked out and worked up a big appetite, who knows! Not me obviously. Anyways, the salad was still delish. On the salad was ham, turkey, feta cheese, romaine lettuce, and salad supreme. I usually don't eat dressing on my salad because I think it taste pretty good without it, unless it's Cesar salad, especially Olive Garden's! These were some bangin' sweet potato fries, and the smoothie was one of those pre-frozen package ones you just add liquid to.

Shout out to one of  my favorite peeps on her birthday, also a throwback.

My mom, sister, and I made some melt in your mouth tuna noodle casserole, it was amazing. As you can see we really put a dent in it, literally. If you haven't tried it before I recommend trying it at least once, and you would be surprised on how many foods you like after you try them for the first time.

Last night my mom and I made some short-ribs with mashed potatoes and greens. Lets take a second to revel in my moms awesome plating skills. The meat was super tender, the greens super flavorful, and the mashed potatoes, well I just LOVE potatoes! Can you tell I love food too?!

These are some lost pictures of my #ootd because I can't leave you without talking about some clothing too!

Love my high-waisted shorts from American Apparel. They were expensive, but they are comfortable and they go with almost everything! My baseball tee is from Forever 21 and my lace socks are from Payless.

I guess these look like running shorts because two people asked me was I going running the day I wore these. The shorts are from JcPenneys, the tee from Old Navy, and my go to shoes-Keds.

I think it was raining this day, so I threw on my Keds of course, some high-waisted leggings from Forever 21 as well as the cropped tee, and a light weight cardigan from Cotton On.

Not all of these photos are on Instagram, but most are so if you want to follow me and see some more it would be wonderful! Also check out some people I follow because most of their feeds are awesome!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Accessories | July 8th 2014

These are some of my fav things to adorn during the summer season and maybe all year round (don't tell though)! Again, thanks for watching and if you liked it,don't forget to visit my channel and subscribe!



Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Favorites | July 7th 2014

push it 3

A sweet treat as a push pop? Could you ask for more? Probably a second helping! I love this muffin diy push pop because it's fun and eliminates the messy crumbs. To make your own for yourself or for a banging summer party head pop on over to Funky Time.

Summer Bronzed | The Darling Detail

How breathtaking is this dress?! Its simpleness makes it so stunning. My favorite part is the tied knot detail towards the bottom. Sadly it's sold out, but lets cross our fingers it goes back in stock. To see more details of this perfect summer look, float on over to The Darling Detail.

Whole Wheat Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes | Garnish & Glaze

This pictured is compiled of my most favorite things; breakfast, pancakes, blueberries, and syrup. I would call this the whole package. These are whole wheat so they are more healthier than ones made with whole purpose flour, which makes me love them even more! Whip on over to Garnish & Glaze to get the full easy recipe!

DIY Daisy Nail Art on black manicure

Nails are so fun to decorate and dress up but I find it hard to do a lot of the designs. I am loving this design because it's not only giving me major summer vibes, but is also easy to do. Slide on over to Love Maegan to get the step-by-step.


When white skinny jeans started to become a thing I wasn't really sure I could jump on the bandwagon. Alas the bug bit me and I bought a pair. The styling of this outfit is exactly how I would style mine, maybe with sandals instead of heels. What I really love about this outfit is the army jacket. I wear my army vest EVERYWHERE and it would go perfectly with white on white. Flip on over to What Kourtney Wore to see more.


This closet is fabulous in its self, but it's not just any closet. This stunning beaut is a scarf closet! I have a lot of scarves that I love to accessorize with, so when I saw this I was a baby bit excited. I am in no way on her scarf game level, but when I am I want one of these. Roll on over to the Design Sponge to see more of this gorgeous abode.

Simply Worn
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