Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Bliss | August 20th 2014

I love weddings! It's kind of nice to see people create their own fairy tale. I went to a wedding on Saturday and it was elegant, nice, just the right amount of time, and filled with lots of love! I say just the right amount of time because NO ONE and I mean no one likes a drawn out wedding. It was straight to the point but didn't lose it's luster. I haven't been to a wedding all summer and I was so excited to be able to partake in such a glorious event! I don't have many pictures of the decor, food, and such but I do have a few good ones and selfies of course.


I don't quite know what to call that..

The Beautiful Bride!

The Ceremony!

More Selfies at the reception. Go figure.

How gorgeous is this dress and my BFF!

Shoes- Old Navy

Had to end it with one more selfie! My momma and I! Shes a beaute.

Have you made it any weddings this summer? What was your go to ensemble?


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