Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dress Down for What?!

Just because it's colder doesn't mean we have to abandon all your chic clothes and accessories, unless of course it's 3 degrees where you live, then in that case you should be bundled up from head to toe. I have become a great fan of fleece leggings this winter, and that is saying a lot because I am a jeans kind of gal! I do want to start branching out and wearing more chic clothes in the colder months because winter has nothing on me...or you! Take a look and see if there is anything in your closet similar that you can wear this and maybe even next winter season. 
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Maxi Skirt, White Button Down Shirt

What I love about this look is that it's classy but also practical. You can throw a coat over this outfit and it would still look as magnificent. Also the skirt is long and big enough to wear leggings under and add extra warmth.

Marciano Coat, Supertrash Pants, Marks And Spencer Top

Faux fur has also become one of my favorites recently. This outfit is great for a chilly winter day. Spice up a basic shirt with some cool printed pants and you automatically take your outfit to a different level!

Camel Coat, Wednesday Addams Dress, Urban Outfitters Tights, Seychelles Heels, Vintage Coach Purse

Tights are something you see a lot this winter. If colder weather doesn't phase you that much, or your going to be inside most of the time opt for these instead of  leggings. Dresses can also be worn during the cold months, to ad extra warmth add a long sleeve tee under long sleeved dresses.

 Lavish Alice Navy Jumpsuit, Choies Hooded Coat, Choies Platform Boots

I love this outfit for the fur of course, but also those shoes! This outfit can definitely work in winter. Wear something similar to this on not so cold days, and when it gets colder add a scarf, and some cool knee high socks. they will not only keep your feet warm, but they will add a playfulness to your outfit.

Sacha Heels, Vila Leopard Blazer, H&M Shoulder Bag, H&M Sweater

This is a great workfit during the cool months. It has just enough warmth like the tights and sweater, but also has the nice office attire with heeled boots and the nice printed jacket. Both of these can be worn inside or outside the office.

Zara Croptop, H&M Maxiskirt, Zara Combi Coat

I honestly would wear this fit anytime of the year. This is not only great for a day out, but also can be adorned for a night out. The cut out shows just enough skin and the color blocked pea coat adds just enough warmth.

Asos Coat, New Look Bag, Persunmall Boots

The great thing about coats these days is that they can be made to be the focal point. so you really don't have to do much except dress up the parts you can see. A nice scarf, killer boots, a touch of jewelry, and a fabulous bag can do the trick!

Follow My Eyes Coat, Follow My Eyes Jumper, Follow My Eyes Jeans, Dr. Martens Dr Martens Loafers

Is he fabulous or is he fabulous. I think all black is something people gravitate towards more in winter. Spice it up with monochromatic colors and a nice clean cut pea coat.

Zara Coat, Zara Bag, Zara Denim Skirt, Dkny Watch, H&M Chain, Zara Knit

Here is another great office fit. This time the focal point is a rich, cobalt, suede skirt. Any piece can be made a focal point as long as you don't' have them all at once. Like here where the top half stays neutral. For added warmth thicker leggings would do the trick.

These fur type scarfs have been very popular lately. It is not only extra cozy and warm but can definitely be made into a statement piece. To bring the eye straight to the top half add a pop of color, like blue or red. The look is finished off nicely with my favorite.... leggings and cute gloves!

Now go take a look in your closet and see how you can spice it up this winter season!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Come Shopping With Me: Jeans for $4.50?!

Hey guys! So I thought it would be cool if I took you shopping with me virtually! I love shopping and I love getting deals, so I thought I would share both of my favorite things to do with you! I went to browse but alas one store got their hook in me, keep reading to see!


Jcpenny's has to be one of my favorite places to shop because they have such good deals and really cute stuff! 
My number one tip?
The tag says 27.99 but I price checked them and they were only $10.00!

Same goes with this chic and soft infinity scarf.
Tag says $26.00 but it was actually $12.00!
(excuse my ugly thumb nail)

Second Tip?
If you have time try it on, it will narrow down items and save you a trip back to the store.

What a mess! oops!
This skirt I was in LOVE with. Thanks to my madre for purchasing it for me!

A Ninjahs Thoughts taking my advice!

Body Central

I don't have that many items from Body Central just because I only venture into the store after hitting all the others, and therefore have no funds left. They do have some good on trend clothes and good deals and I wouldn't mind shopping there more.

I have always wanted some of these but I prefer a round toe boot. 

Ratchet is what these earrings are!

Was in love with this circle skirt! The lady beside it did NOT want to move.

This was a nice scuba skirt material, very chic!
Price-Around $12-14

Rue 21

Rue 21 has a lot of great things, but some things to me seem to be a little much. I still have some great pieces from there and will continue to venture in.

Thought this was cute but not cute enough for $22.00

I REALLY wanted this hoodie. It reminded me of the lightweight ones from Brandy Melville. It was $18.00 which isn't that bad, but I am sure it will go on sale, so I will patiently wait!


Third Tip:

Excuse my feet because in other news, I got these jeans for $4.50! They were originally $50.00 then $15.00  then $4.50 and I was so excited! They are boyfriend jeans, which I have wanted for forever, but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for. Definitely go check out Areopostale I have recently become a big fan. 

I also got a dress from the Bethany Mota collection for $7.50 
a Bandeau for $1.80

Couldn't forget an outfit of the day!
Army Jacket-Cotton On
Sweater-Old Navy
Boots-Old Navy
Scarf-Cotton On

One of my favorite satchels!

Definitely go check them out and hopefully you have found some new places to shop till you drop! Hope your enjoying your day, and thanks for coming shopping with me!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Favorites...

The time has come for my weekend favorites! Hope you have enjoyed your weekend and also made some good memories. Furthermore, I hope you can find some diy inspiration for this week, so without further adieu my weekend favorites from me to you!

I always love a nice looking jewelry box, especially when it's made of glass. What is better way to display your jewelry than in a beautiful glass box. I love the way it's styled in this photo, but I know mine would be brimming with jewels. Head on over to House of Earnest to learn how to make this lovely gem!

I don't think that people should spend a lot decorating for short holidays, especially like Valentine's Day or even St. Patrick's Day. That is why I love this cute and easy diy Those are actually thumbtacks! It's not only easy but inexpensive, and makes for great  decorating. Push on over to Life In Velvet to learn this chic decor.

DIY Valentine Succulent Planters
In continuing inexpensive Valentine decorations is this cute planter. The buckets are so inexpensive, some rocks can even be found outside, and a plant is always nice to have. I also love the free printable sign, how clever! Drop on in at Vitamini Handmade to get the deets!

DIY Tassel Necklace: DIY Dog and Tassel Charm Necklace from The Kids' Dept.

I don't know what I love about this necklace more- the dog or the tassels. I think it's so cute, unique, and would definitely  be a head turner. Want to make one for yourself? Swing on over to The Kids Dept.


One of the first things I am gonna do when I get my own place is make a kick-butt closet. I particularly am in love with this closet because it's chic, has white clean lines, and makes me a baby bit jealous. Do your dreams at night consist of your dream closet? Oh yeah me too! Want to be even more blown away? Shuffle on over to Stylizimo:Nina Holst.

I am not an avid wearer of makeup but when I came across this diy I was very intrigued! It seems fairly easy and you can customize it to your complexion because you add a little bit of your own foundation. Head on over to Craft A Doodle Doo to learn more!

Hope you enjoyed my weekend favorites and are enjoying your Sunday. It's almost back to the daily grind again!


Friday, January 24, 2014

#InstaFavs-part 1

I feel like I may be obsessed with Instagram just a tiny bit. I just feel like it gives so much inspiration, whether it be to work off that half a cake you ate, or maybe even eat another, an outfit inspiration, encourage travel, or just make you laugh so hard you actually start to cry. I definitely feel like Instagram does most of that for me! Here I have given you my favorite Instagram profiles to follow, and hopefully you will find one that clicks for you! I have so many so this will just be part 1!

Username: AASHFOO
I love being able to see people adorn clothing effortlessly, and that's definitely what she does.

Username: befitfoods
I just love this feed because it has pretty pictures of foods, and it sort of makes you want to eat healthy.

Username: imjennim

I love her feed because she has great style, and makes me wish we were friends! Also check out her YouTube channel it has great, quality videos!

Username: jenniferstano
This is one of the coolest mom's you will ever see on Instagram, and her baby is so cute I can't even!

Saving a dollar is always my main goal when I go shopping, and I love this feed because she has a lot of great thrifiting finds.

I mean do I need to say more! Utterly fabulous.

Username: eatsleepwear
Also one of my favorite fashion feeds and it has classy, chic home decor! Very inspiring.

Username: alwaysjudging
I always like feeds that always have beautiful, pretty pictures, and it doesn't hurt when the person has on-point style either.

Username: paudictado
I think I tend to follow people who's style I really like, but couldn't exactly wear all the time myself and that's what she does. I also love the great #ootd inspirations she gives.

Username: fashionista804
YouTube: fashionista804
I love her Instagram because her style is so edgy and mine...well not so much. I think it's always a good idea to take a style or piece you think you can't pull of and change it to match more of your aesthetic and style.

Hopefully you found someone you would like to follow, and maybe they will even follow you back!

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