Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Favorites:)

Hey guys! Hope your having a fabulous start to your weekend. If you haven't already go check out my video haul, "Haulin It" there is some great goodies in there! So this week my weekend favorite is Free People's blog. If you haven't heard of it, it's a clothing company and I would categorize it as boho chic. All of favorites of this week are from their blog site and some cool DIY's that I would love to try! Keep scrolling to get to all the goodies and neat ideas!

Post image for Eco Dyeing With Flowers: Part 1
1. I had never heard of Eco Dyeing until I saw this DIY! I think the idea is so cool and creative. Basically your transferring flower colors or patterns onto fabric using steam. Click here to learn more and don't forget to check out part 2 to see how it turned out.
Post image for 10 Supplies Every Crafter Needs
2. This post hit it right on the nail for DIY supplies every crafter needs. Can you spot any familiars in the picture?! Go here to see if you have the goods!
instagram photo strips
3. Instagram is a great way to get pretty, easy, and cool photos of the things you love. This is easy because all you really need is Instagram photos, paint or Photoshop on your computer, and a colored printer, or local CVS or Rite Aid. Click it here to find out the goods!

4. If you watched my blog post "Haulin It" then you know I just found the PERFECT high waisted shorts and am in love with them, although I could have gone without the price, but they were a great investment! So if you don't really want to spend money on some new shorts create your own. It is easy to get creative with this because you choose all the key pieces! Jog on over  here to learn the step-by-step.
Post image for DIY Gold Chain Rings from A Pair and a Spare
5. Rings are my thing so this DIY had me at the start. All it really is, is chain linked together, and yet it is so simple, elegant, and such a beaute! Click here to get proper directions!
6. Decorative shorts are really a great way to spice or dress up an outfit. These spiked shorts are as easy to make as 1-2-3! Similar to the fabric shorts you just need old shorts (or new if you prefer) and spikes from your local craft store! Click it here to learn the how-to of this easy DIY.
Post image for Guest Post: DIY Fishtail Maxi
apairasparediyfishtailskirt8  7. I love a good maxi skirt but this one transformed is to live for. The best places to get one at a good price is Goodwill, a thrift or consignment store, or Cotton On. It does require a bit of sewing and cutting but it seems fairly easy and ends up being a cool, creative DIY! Click here to figure out the step-by-step.
 Hope you enjoy the rest of your lovely weekend, get creative, stay inspired, and do new things!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Haulin It"

After a week of trying to record and post this haul, the day has finally come! I wanted to edit it but I think I was talking to fast for movie maker so it sounded extra weird, so I just had to upload it raw.Also my camera cut me off at the last second so part two is just the very ending. Hope you see something you like and or are inspired! 

Part 1 

Part 2

Don't mind my background it's a work in progress:)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Staple- The Army Jacket

Staple items have been around for forever! I kind of label all the pieces I wear a lot staple items. If there is a certain list I am definitely not following it. My b-a-d. #sorrynotsorry :). Any who this week's staple item is the army jacket! I had been wanting an army jacket for the longest and finally found one at JcPenny's for $15 dollars, SCORE. I label this a staple item because it can be worn in warm weather, cold weather, and with multiple items. Try mixing it up when you wear your army jacket, take the roll of a soldier, and be in charge!

The Army Jacket

Mint Velvet , $76 / Forever 21 sleeveless tank / Jane Norman t shirt, $12 / Bardot army field jacket, $23 / Ksubi skinny jeans, $195 / Reiss / Oasis black legging, $43 / Zara shoes / Riding boots / Madison Harding leather boots / Converse tennis shoes, $80 / Boy London Mens White Boy London Sweatshirt, $83

1. To be comfy and chic at the same time I say pair it with a dress. Horizontal stripes make you appear slimmer. Although I am sure you already look gorg! Keep the comfortable look rolling with a small bootie and a fabulous handbag to match!

2. Jeans are my thing! If jeans are your thing too, pair it with a comfortable jean, riding boots, and a rad graphic tee. This is a great grab & go outfit for when your in a rush or just cruising around town. To add that cool-vibe touch try topping it off with a sun hat & some sunnies.

3. Who can NOT be beyond comfortable in leggings! If you feel good, you look good! Pairing a graphic sweater, leggings, and converse is a great way to contrast an army jacket. It totally vibes cool, tough, and chic. Soften the look up a bit with a bright handbag or cross-body (because cross-bodies are awesome and are my favs)!

4. Dress up your army jacket as well. Tough girls can be beauts too! Pair a neutral color pencil skirt with a matching top and throw your army jacket on top to finish it off. The mix of dressy and casual compliment each other, the skirt and midi heel dress it up, while the crop top and army jacket level it out! 

Now go off and work your army jacket like no tomorrow!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

Whenever I think things are slowing down they just speed up again! That's life for ya. Any who I didn't get to do all the post ideas I had this week but I definitely couldn't miss Weekend Favorites! I have some goodies coming up though so stay tuned!


1. Chalkboard paint can be so much fun and creative. I have worked with it before and it's really easy to use and apply. This idea of "where you've been and where you want to go" is so ambitious and cool that it makes me want to go everywhere!This is super easy and very appealing to they eye. To figure how to make this awesome art travel over to A Single Frame!

DIY leather-suspended shelf | Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles

2. This is not only a great storage idea but also a great option for accessorizing. It's mostly made up of wood and leather, so you probably couldn't put as much weight on it as a regular shelf but it's cute, easy, and functional! To make one of these puppies for yourself trot over to Camille Styles!

Fabric Paper Glue | DIY Mod Podge Melts Embellished Clutch

3. Before I saw this I didn't even know there was such thing as mod podge melts! It seems super cool, fun, and I want some NOW! This does require a few mod podge accessories and a little bit of sewing but the end result definitely makes it worth it! Visit FabricPaperGlue to learn how to make this gorg clutch!

DIY Bracelet, DIY Evil Eye Bracelet

4. When I first saw this DIY in automatically reminded me of Real Housewives of Orange County. If your totally confused that's okay I watch way to much reality TV. Any who This bracelet is so great for summer. It's fun and mysterious and oh so colorful! Leap to over My Little Secrets to create your own Evil Eye Bracelet!

Malachite + Gold Shoulder Bag 34

5. I love, love, love this bag. After looking through the step-by-step I don't think I am on that level quite yet, but one step at a time! It definitely requires sewing and cutting skills but I am sure many of you have the chops! Strut over to FabricPaperGlue to see the whole shebang!


6. When you want to see a great photo Instagram is one of the places you will find one. Now they have apps where you can print them and have them to keep FOREVER! I already love Polaroids so this idea to color dip it is delightful. It is beyond easy and looks great too. To find out the how-to's dip on over to 52 Weeks Project!

DIY Mod Melts Cabochons | Damask Love Blog

7. So Mod Melts intrigued me so much that I had to post about them twice this week! I have been looking for flower cabochons to make those rad sunglasses! I haven't been able to find any except online. This definitely a great alternative to ordering offline. To find out all the Mod Melt supplies you need pop over to damask love!

Hope you found something that caught your eye today and that you have a wonderful upcoming week! More post hopefully coming soon!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

So it has been a busy month for me needless to say, and with the internet down for two days I really didn't know what to do with myself! So I hope you like my better-late-than-never weekend favorites!


1. I love pretty flowers and the wonderful things you can do with them! A chandelier flower planter is a great way to mix nature and decor together. To see how to make these lovely pieces yourself visit  DIY & Show Off!

Gold Gilded Handmade Art - House of Earnest

2. Art is a great way to not only decorate but show little pieces of yourself! I really am into cool looking script also so this was definitely a stand out! To see how to orchestrate your own, head over to House of Earnest!

diy gold and white bowls6

3. I am always looking at storage options because I have a lot of stuff. This is so cute and would be great to hold your favorite pieces of jewelry, like rings and bracelets. Hop on over to Le Zoe Musings to see the tutorial to learn how to make this beaut of a dish!

shed antler hanger hook diy coat rack paint gold

4. I am always one for unconventional storage, so this was perfect for me! Add a pop of color by adding color to branches! Also this could be more than a entryway accessory it can also be used for closets and and such! To get the deets go to Camille Styles!

DIY Photo Wall Mural

5. Slowly but surely I am kind-of rearranging my room and this automatically made me want to hang this on my wall. It does include a small amount of work but it is truly worth it just by looking at her finished product. Visit Lovely Indeed for the creator and got to HGTV to figure out how to make it!

6. This is actually a match box and I just want it asap! The site owner actually found it at a thrift shop. I definitely need to know where she shops! To see more greatness of this lovely piece go to a lion's nest!

7. I was and still am a lunch box kid! I don't carry it everyday, but some days you just need a banging lunch and that's where this AMAZING bag comes in. I wanna snatch this right out of the screen! This is a final addition to my bucket list. To make this gorg bag because you fell so in love with it like me go to Born In '82!

Hope you got Inspired, & there was something for you to desire!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"I Work Out"

Many say it is hard to stay fit and eat healthy- and there right! I have been trying both of these for a good while now and it is no easy task. I actually would really love a chocolate cake right about now, and cookies, oh and ice cream! Anyways don't want to get to carried away! Personally I think all individuals should find what works best for them. For example if your not much of a runner try cycling or zumba. Zumba is AMAZING and really fun. Also, if your already into working out or planning on it, what is your go to active wear? Mine is definitely shorts, sports bra, and running shoes of course. I also love the wide legged workout pants, their to comfortable. Jackets can also be good for working out if you work out outside, if you get cold easily like me, and or if you wanna sweat more. Whatever your new natural may be, let it be about you, and most importantly right for you! 

"I work out!"

Best places to get Active Wear:

* Shorts & Pants- Old Navy & Target
*Sports Bras- Jcpenny's & Walmart
*Sneakers- Shoe Carnival & Nike
*Jackets- Walmart &  Old Navy
Everything Apparel: VS

Hope you got inspired or stayed inspired! Happy new natural!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weekend Favorites

DIY Party Hat Necklace
1.This necklace is so festive and just in time for graduation season! It's fun and makes me want to get up and dance. If you go Studio DIY you can see the different colors you can use and the how-to!

2.I have seen a lot of fun animal decorative pieces and I thought this was so easy and so cute! Its great for just decorative purposes and also parties and such. To see how to do this cute animal DIY visit GreenWeddingShoes!

3.What's better than drinking out of a cool looking glass?! Well look no further because it has been found! This is such a cool idea especially because it personalizes the glasses and makes it oh so colorful. This would be great for BB Q's and fun get together's. To see how to make these gorgeous glasses go to The Sweetest Occasion!

DIY Braided Rope Necklace
4.In the picture this looks like it may be a level 4 to make but on the site it actually looks really easy! I would definitely wear this and it can work for many occasions. To see how to make this nautical looking beaut visit Lovely Indeed!

Doodle Tote  Bag
5.Now is the time when people start going to beach and this is a great bag! All you really need is a canvas type bag, fabric markers and some C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y and your good to go! Fly over to
Mad In Crafts to see the how-to!

6.Whenever I think of Spring I automatically think flowers! They look goo, smell good, and definitely make you feel good when you receive them! This is a great idea if you want more pzazz than the regular flower pot. What's even more appealing is how it also doubles as flower holder, what's better than a two-in-one! Head over to Make Life Lovely to get the deets!

7.Graphic tees have really been a hit this season. My favorite thing to do is pair a graphic tee with something more chic to dress it up! I love this tutorial because it shows you an easy way to make your own banging graphic tee! Dash over to Swellmayde to learn how!

It is now June and it's the perfect time to start something new, soak up the sun, and most importantly have fun!

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