Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Favorites | September 29th 2014

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I seriously wished my closet looked this good. Every time I clean out my closet I think I get rid of a lot but when I hang everything up it still looks the same! I do have a clothing rack as well and I love it. Unlike her clothing rack mine acts more like a second hanging space than a display of my favorite pieces. If you looking for a clothing rack a great place is Walmart and if you want to see more of this swing on over to Not Your Standard.

No these aren't really healthy, but how good do they look?! These are Apple Cider Donut Holes that are baked, which makes up for the unhealthy part a bit, am I right ladies?! I have come to realize that I really love sweets and since I can't eat them everyday I try to choose very wisely! Do you do this as well? For the recipe whip on over to Cooking and Beer.

I have never had the longest hair and it seems that a lot of hairstyles are always geared towards people with long hair. Not saying long hair is bad, I mean I would be the first in line for some luscious locks. I love this hairstyle though because it's short (no pun intended) and sweet. You can do this with any length of hair really (except pixie of course), so head on over to Wonder Forest for the step-by-step.

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Can I have an office job just so I can wear this? I love, love, love cardigans, they are my favorite accessory. I also, don't believe that you can't wear white after Labor Day. I also love blush pink for fall or any season really. Want to see the whole ensemble? Slide on over to Not Your Standard.

Pizza is and will always will be one of my favorite foods, but it's not as healthy for you either. Crust is my favorite part of the pizza because carbs for the win! This is cauliflower crust and I have tried to make it before and it was a real fail. I have not given up hope though and willing to try it again, maybe I should actually follow a recipe. If you want to make some healthier pizza as well scoot on over to Pure and Simple Nourishment.

A stylish way to wear Aztec Cardigan - Visit for more outfit inspiration and style tips

I think comfy is key in the cold weather months because who wants to be cold and uncomfortable. Not Me! As I stated earlier I love cardigans and these Aztec ones are so fall. Also boots are my favorite shoe in general, I seriously have soo many pair of boots. Ooo and mustard has become my new favorite color. I already have a mustard sweater and a cardigan, I am hooked. Head on over to Stylishly Me for close ups!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 8 & 9 Recap | September 25th 2014

I thought I would combine the episodes of Project Runway because school is kicking my butt and I didn't get a chance to do it before. I just have to speak the truth guys! So on episode 8 of PR the designers had to design looks for the "rainway". I had one favorite that I knew was gonna be my favorite from jump and boy was it astounding. I am guessing you watched it since the newest one has come on since then and I wont give it away right here, but scroll if you want to see it! On episode 9 the designers had to create looks for little girls inspired by the American Girl dolls. I really only know about the American Doll Samantha, but who knew they were so interesting! So in contrast I had one I didn't like right away, and would never put my kid in, if I had one of course. As always, keep scrolling for deets, there are spoilers, and visit Lifetime for all the pictures!


Sean's was hands down my favorite! I mean you have to agree you wish you would have thought of this idea. I would wear this in the rain just to see it change colors, and that is saying a lot because I don't like getting my hair wet in the rain.He obviously won because if he didn't I would seriously stop watching the show.


I also loved Kini's look. Seriously if wearing this every time it rained didn't make me look borderline batwoman-ish I would wear this. I love different on this show because it's so easy to do what everyone else is doing.He won as well because you can't deny fabulous!

Speaking of bat-woman I am not digging this look by Fade. I got a very costume like feel and I don't know if I would even wear this as a costume. If you haven't guessed it he was the one who went home on this episode.


This look reminds me of a mini Sarah Jessica Parker and it's so,so,so on point. I would wear this because it's chicness is on another level. I don't have much to say other than it's amazing and Kini deserved the win. Which, can I add that this is second time winning- ok Kini I see you!

Is it bad to say I would wear this outfit to?  I feel as if this look would elevate my coolness and just take it to another level. I can't even decide between the skirt, the turtle neck top, or the hat. Its so much goodness in an outfit. I give my thumbs up to Korina because she is starting to really bring it. You go girl!

Sandhya started as my favorite and I loved you girl, but this look is not doing it for me. It's like a cropped jumpsuit I would see on Lazy Town, and I don't even like that show. Maybe it would be cute for a doll, but not for a child to actually wear (sorry if you would put your child in this). She was the one to go homes this episode. It's bittersweet because this is look is not good, but she was my favorite!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#Ootd | September 24th 2014

I want to incorporate more outfit posts but I always to forget to take pictures of my outfit, but even more than that some outfits are just not picture worthy. You know those outfits that you wear if you KNOW your not going to see anyone of importance, or go anywhere if importance for that matter. So basically these are just photos of my outfits on random days where I felt presentable enough! What days of the week do you feel you look your best? For me, it's definitely days I have my fashion class. #dontjudgeme

Floral crown-Claire's 

This is when we went to Busch Gardens and it was so much fun I think I want tot relive that day over and over! I wanted to be comfortable so I went cas! Short for casual!
Shirt-Old Navy
High-waisted leggings- Forever 21
Denim shirt- Walmart
Headband-Forever 21

Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Pants-Rue 21
Shoes- Kohls
Cardigan- Forever 21


Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Favorites | September 22nd 2014

This look contains all of my staple pieces basically all year round. I love denim button up shirts because they can be layering pieces, used to cover up, and wrapped around your waist as an accessory, it's a win-win-win! Next, scarfs are my thing! I can't really estimate how many scarfs I have so lets just say it's a lot. Lastly, casual looks like this in general have been my go-to especially when I can't find anything to wear in the morning-aka every morning! Slide on over to La Petite Noob for more on this look!

RSFPumpkinMuffins2 RSF Pumpkin Raisin Pecan Muffins

I know summer JUST ended and it's not even October but the love for pumpkin this season is so real. I feel like you either love pumpkin or you hate but I love it. If you haven't tasted pumpkin it kind of reminds of the taste of sweet potatoes, and it's fairly easy to mistake sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie. These are refined sugar free pumpkin raisin pecan muffins and don't they just look so good?! You can definitely modify it ( I would take out the pecans) but overall what a perfect fall treat. Whip on over to Gluten Free with L.B. to get the recipe.

Christmas is right around the corner and if your like me you start Christmas shopping super late, like Black Friday late. My mom always starts Christmas shopping early and has inspired me to do the same. I love these diy cheers towels for a gift. These towels can not only be used in the kitchen or in the bathroom, they are made by you, and they probably cost less than buying them already made like this. You win, they win, it's a win-win situation! Whip on over to Blitsy Crafts to learn the step-by-step!

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I feel like when you think of blue and beige they don't really go together, but I am loving this pairing. I have been wearing light blue items so much lately you would think it was my favorite color (it's actually green). This look is simple and classic but still comfortable, and who doesn't want comfort. Shake on over to Not Your Standard for more on this pairing.

Squirrelly Minds Studio Reveal | Squirrelly Minds

I am lusting over this office space. I am really digging the gold and white curtains floating around the world wide web. That fur blanket makes me want to curl up in it and watch movies all day! I feel like an office needs to be an extension of the home and not just an added room, and I get that feel from this one. I know you want to see the rest so head on over to Squirrelly Minds asap!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekend Adventures | September 17th 2014

Over the weekend my roll dogs, aka my mom and sister were planning on going to the amusement park but it was a gloomy rainy day, therefore the plan was nixed. Instead we went to the outdoor mall, which still doesn't make much sense, but it had awnings and all that jazz and it had stopped raining by then anyways. It's not as fun going shopping when you don't have shopping money because you still buy things, which I did but #yolo I guess. Any who I snapped some pictures because they had a Kate Spade and I love that store even though I can't afford anything in there AT ALL. What is your favorite store you strictly only browse in? Also I am writing this before my class starts as we speak, on my phone, oh how far technology has come!

Ootd at the mall:
Rain coat- not even mine so I have no clue
Jeans-American Apparel
Boots-Love Culture

Ootd For church:
Blouse- Marshalls?
Floral Crown-Pacsun

Thought this was such a good message in Arie: "The girl in this mirror has not been retouched."

How cute are these jammies!

They have such cute nightwear but I had to resist!

Then we went into Kate Spade and this is one of my favorite stores! I am frugal but besides that ain't nobody got money like that over here (aka:me). One day it's gonna happen-which by that I mean 20 years from now.

We also went into a store called Oil & Vinegar and it was pretty amazing! They sell-obviously oils and vinegar, but also things like spreads. We literally stayed in this store for like 40 minutes-and it wasn't even big at all. You could say the saleslady hooked me good because I bought some passion-fruit vinegar. In my defense after being able to taste almost all the vinegar's for free #winning, and her letting me taste the vinegar in sparkling water, it was impossible to walk out of there with nothing. It sounds weird but if you put sweet vinegars like passion-fruit, pomegranate, or apple in sparkling water it actually taste REALLY good. They have a website if your interested because maybe I hooked you too!

Hope your enjoying your hump day!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Favorites | September 15th 2014

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It's like all of my favorite things in one outfit; that's what I call amazing. Boyfriend jeans-check. Sweater-check, Cardigan-check. Side bucket bag-absolutely. Comfy booties-heck yes. This is my perfect fall outfit, except maybe the hat because well my head just doesn't want to do hats. To see more of this essential fall look head on over to Lush to Blush!

Dria Murphy's New York City Home Tour #theeverygirl

I have so much stuff that at this moment it seems impossible for me to live in a space of this size. I am working on it slowly but surely. If I didn't have so many items I could picture myself living in a space similar to this. It is a bit small but it looks so good and looks bigger than it probably is. Head on over to The Every Girl to see more gorg photographs.


I have a lot of favorite foods but pizza has ALWAYS been my favorite savory food. You've got the dough, the cheese, the sauce-I mean what more could you ask for in a meal?! This pizza not only looks good, but reminded me to make some ASAP. Also adding spinach, basil, or whatever toppings you like elevate it even more! Whats even better about this pizza is that it is personal sized so you can have it all to yourself. Head on over to Lushious Eats to make this mouth drooling masterpiece.

I have been longing for the perfect t-shirt dress and have yet to find one. IF I did have one this would be one of my go to looks. As per usual I have to have the booties and the army vest, because the army vest for me is the epitome of fall. Mixing prints is also something I have been getting into, and this stripped piece with the cheetah bag go together like peanut butter and jelly! Slide on over to Alicia Teniseto see more close ups.

Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

Oatmeal, blueberries, and bananas are are three of my favorite foods, so why not combing them into a smoothie?! This would be great for breakfast especially if you don't like eating actual breakfast food.  To make this decadent looking smoothie head on over to Coupon Clipping Cook!

Hope you enjoying your start to the week!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Wardrobe Favorites | September 13th 2014

Fall Wadrobe Favorites

1. I love my fur vest I got last year at  Cotton On. It is super cozy and looks great with flannels, which are perfect for fall. You guys know I really like me a good pair of denim, and this fur vest looks great with a dark wash pair. Also, we can't forget the riding boots, which are basically life for me! I have so many pairs of boots in general you wold think I live in Washington State.

2. Army green is a fall color that I feel has been around for ages now. I love my army green jacket and vest, which I probably already wore three times this week#sorrynotsorry. Maroon is a fall color I wish  had more of because it goes with a lot of combinations. I paired this look with boyfriend jeans because they are super comfortable in any season, and of course a boot because why not a boot?! 

3. I love a good leather jacket at the very beginning of fall because it's not to chilly but still keeps you comfy and cozy. To make the look a little less edgy I like to pair it with a dainty blouse. I don't wear heels on a regular basis, but these went perfectly with it and are great for church or a night out on the town.

What are favorite fall pieces or go to looks?
Hope your enjoying your weekend!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

#NYFW | September 11th 2014

You definitely know it's New York Fashion Week even if your not that into fashion. Every year I read the blog post, longing to be on the front row. One day my friends, one day! I always seem to have distinct favorites and then there is always a few that are new and catch my eye. Even though I can't afford most of the items, a girl can dream! In all seriousness it's just for "show",will be modified to sell, and can be adapted to fit your lifestyle and budget! Whilst scrolling consider if you would wear any of these looks and why or why not!

Not much to say because it's always one of my favorites and ALWAYS elegant, lady-like, and dainty in a good way.

I really liked her collection for the 2015 Spring season. It made me happy and being happy is a great feeling to have!

Always one of my favorites as well. The collections produced always seem bright, fun, and flirty.

A newcomer, or just someone I haven't heard of. I really am digging the vibe this collection gives. It's a whole bunch of differences that sort of become cohesive. Also loving the color choices. I think this designer is definitely on my permanent radar.

I believe I liked the collection by this designer last year, but I really like this years! It definitely gives me a 70's safari vibe, sounds weird, looks great!

Stay Tuned for more and hope your enjoying your week as it's almost the weekend!


Project Runway Season 13 EP: 7 Recap | September 11th 2014

On the latest episode the designers had to create an evening look inspired by some gorgeous and expensive jewelry. So expensive THEY couldn't even touch it. Everyone was solo this round, which I prefer anyways. I knew this episode that Korina's look was gonna be in the top because it was really darn awesome. I like when the designers on the show "take it there" and she took it pass there! It was definitely apparent that who was comfortable with evening wear and who was not. Keep scrolling to see my favorites and not so favorites, as well as some spoilers because who doesn't love those! Click on the designers name for the link, do note again there will be spoilers, and visit Lifetime to see all the looks. Also don't forget to tune in tonight to see the newest episode.

The moment Alexander chose this fabric I knew it was a loss cause. I think this dress would have been perfect for Marie Antoinette or the Boylen sisters, but not in 2014. It's really the fabric that doesn't quite do it for me and maybe the color. I just can't get on board with this. 

Yas, girl Yas, was what I was saying in my head when I saw Amanda's look. Different can be really bad or really good, and this is good! I feel like this outfit would make you feel like a princess warrior or something like that ( I don't know where I was going with that). I would wear this and I would recommended you do to, then we can be warriors together.

Char was welcomed back this week because Tim Gunn used his save. I liked Char and like I said last week I wanted her to stay till the end because I liked her personality. I don't like this "comeback" look that much though. It's kind of plan, boring, and safe. Don't get me wrong it's a nice look, but it doesn't wow me. Does it wow you?

All hail the queen! This look literally makes me want to wear it, and then go back to the royal times and show it off, I know I am weird. Korina really out did herself this week. I think you either love this look or hate it, but as you can see, as McDonald's says, "I'm lovin it!"

Samantha was sent home this episode for her dress. It's really plain, which I think is what sent her home. In her defense this was her first evening gown garment so I could see the struggle. I don't dislike it, I might wear it, I don't know how I really feel, but I kind of feel bad this challenge was the one she went home on. What do you think?

Don't forget to tune into tonight's episode!


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