Thursday, August 28, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 5 Recap and Life Update | August 29th 2014

Ahh! It feels like forever since I have made a post even though it's only been a week. School and work have literally been taking up most of my time. I definitely have to find a balance because I can't leave you guys hanging of course. I am gonna do my weekly favorites tomorrow so look out for that, as well as a post about what I ate this week because I love those type of post, and I love food!  
(Sneak Peek! So Good!)

Now onto the intended post! On last weeks episode the designers had to create a red carpet-worthy look for Heidi. I thought everyone was gonna nail it and it was gonna be a breeze, but obviously I shouldn't look into being a psychic because almost everyone struggled, and some had to go back to mood! There was a clear line between the good and the bad this week, which I haven't decided if it's good or bad. Click on the designers name for the link, do note there will be spoilers, and visit Lifetime to see all the looks. Also don't forget to tune in tonight to see the newest episode.

So I will start with the ones that I was not feeling. First Korina's look. I think it could have been wondrous if she used a different fabric and color, well then that would be a whole new dress, so that just shows how much I liked the design. I think she is a good designer, but I think she may have come into the competition a little over confident and it got to her. It was made in a rush and so it looked unfinished and the funny thing is I actually liked the silhouette. I think she will still be around a little longer though.

Kristine's model was busting at the seams, literally. I can see where she wanted to go but it didn't make it there. I thought a boob was gonna come popping out, and nobody wants to see that. Again the idea here was solid, but wasn't carried through, and she was sent home. 

Emily's dress, well I don't know where her girl was going but I don't think it was the red carpet. The dress was to short, the wrong color, and reminded me of a wet rag. I like Emily but I think she is sadly falling behind other designers shadows.

My only real favorite was Sean's dress. When I saw this beaute I was sooo jelly beans because I couldn't wear it, and glad to see someone new stepping their game up! I mean how can you not like this dress, it's like a beautiful peacock that came alive at midnight...did I take that analogy to far? Any who I loved this and he earned his winning!

Mitchell also went home but his look was neither horrible or great to me, although I will say I didn't fancy it.

Who do you think is going to be the tip contender on tonight's episode? My girl Sandhya might make a comeback or Sean might even stay on top.


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