Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas List & What I am Thankful for | November 26th 2014

Every year I never really know what I want for Christmas until it's to late-like the week before Christmas to late. I think I just get focused on buying all my love ones gifts I never actually think about what I would love to receive. I know the reason for the season is to give and frankly that is my favorite part of Christmas, however I feel better and I know others do as well when they receive or give someone something they actually want. 

I have caught on to the perfect way to put together your Christmas list- and of course it's nothing other than Pintrest. This medium is super easy to use for a wish list because you can add people to your board and they can view it as well as get an update every time you post something new (if your really pushing for that Kate Spade bag this year that is). Below is some things I have been lusting over lately. I in no way think I am or should receive all or even a lot of these items, they are just things I wouldn't mind receiving. I also love getting things that aren't on there as well it's so much more exciting. What do you want this Christmas?

In homage to Thanksgiving I wanted to share 8 things I am thankful for in no particular order:
1. My family
2. My friends
3. My cat
4. God
5. My education
6. My health
7. Delicious Food
8. This blog
What are you thankful for!?


Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Favorites | November 24th 2014

My grandma and I are making pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and I am a big bit excited. We aren't making it from scratch but it's gonna taste just as good! I really like this recipe and  in case you are a master in the kitchen I thought I would share it with you! These are perfect if you know that everyone won't eat dessert or even likes pumpkin. Also check out more of Laura In the Kitchenvideos here!

With Thanksgiving literally days away it the perfect time to get your guest room into shape. I love this one because it has so much color, just looking at it makes me happy. It's always the host hope that the guest will feel at home and comfy and this room does the trick! Head on over to Krystine Edwards to see more of her amaze balls work.

Poached Pears with Pecan Granola and Whipped Cream | A Couple Cooks

Just wanting to eat this makes me feel sophisticated. I mean how fancy does a poached pear with pecan granola and whipped cream sound? Good that's what! This would be a great healthier after Thanksgiving dinner treat (although I will probably reach for the pumpkin pie)! Whip on over to A Couple Cooks for this yummy recipe.


I have an obsession with booties and boots. I sadly admit I wear booties in the spring and summer. They are my favorite thing to style outfits with an I feel like my outfit looks 10 times better in them. I also have some white ones similar to these and they are pretty awesome. I also love this blog and Instagram so definitely check out Bartabacmode!

Love, love,love this article on Fit Girl Code! It talks about all the things girl secretly do related to health and fitness. My favorite one is wear your sports outfit twice because you didn't do laundry, which is so me. Don't lie you do it too! Slide over to the site to see the rest, they are mostly all true and you will be laughing to yourself in shame.


I am loving plaid for the winter this season. I am tempted to fill my closet with plaid things, but then I will be plaid out (get it!) and broke. I do love it in skirts a lot, I even have one on my Christmas wishlist on Pintrest. I am also loving rose gold pieces, they just look so timeless; they are the new pearls. Swing on over to Hello Fashion because this mom has got her closet down-pack.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Plaid & Fur | November 21st 2014

I always dress for winter and fall because those are my favorite seasons, but when it ACTUALLY gets cold outside I get so lost. I would rather be warm and cozy than styling and cold any day, but why do we have to give up looking good to stay warm?! The answer is we don't! I don't know about you but I recycle the same cozy things in my closet and just pair them with something else in my wardrobe. For example, I am pretty sure I wore these exact green socks last week, but with a different pair of boots and blouse. Another thing I love to recycle like once a week is this plaid shirt. I love this flannel because it's warm, and perfect for layering. Also, this faux-fur vest this is the one I talked about in my weekend favorites-it is to live for literally and it only cost $10 dollars. 

Faux Fur Vest -Cotton On | Plaid Flannel- Forever 21 | Jeans- American Apparel | Booties- JcPenney's | Socks- Target


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How To: Thanksgiving Edition | November 19th 2014

How To: Thanksgiving Edition

For the longest time Thanksgiving was the hardest holiday for me to dress for. I mean, dressing nice like your going to a party is the first obvious choice. However, why dress so nice when you basically plan to eat, eat, and eat some more?

 I honestly think that it depends on the plans. For me, if I am going to be with my family stuffing my face with stuffing I probably wouldn't wear a dress with heels, but if I was going out for a get together with friends I would maybe opt for a little black dress and some nice heeled booties.

 I love the first look because it's dressed up, but not to much; you want to say holiday party more than New Year's bash. The second look is more me only because I am such a jeans person. This look makes you look put together but also doesn't make you forfeit comfort. At the end of the day if you can't figure out what to wear just dress for something that will accommodate a food baby.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Favorites | November 17th 2014


I love a good scarf. Scarves are my staple for any season really, but especially fall and winter. My favorite color is green as well so this scarf is just doing it for me all the way! This may just end up on my Christmas list. To get all the outfit deets head on over to Pink Peonies!

Cinnamon and raisins knots  / Marta Greber

You don't even know what this is and I bet you can still imagine them melting in your mouth! Maybe not, but I can. As you may know I am a sucker for sweets and I can't even remember the last time I had a cinnamon roll, let alone one with raisins. It's actually called a cinnamon raisin knot, but it reminds me of a cinnamon roll. This is the perfect breakfast for Thanksgiving when all the family is together! I know you are busting at the seams to make these so head on over to What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today!

I have a black fur vest I picked up last year from Cotton On and I love it. I also love that it was only 10 dollars #frugalwinning! They had one similar to the one above and I didn't get it because I thought it would be harder to style, UNTIL I saw this and now I  hoping they will have the same ones after Christmas this year too! I will keep you posted. To see where this gorg vest is from head on over to Southern Curls and Pearls.

baked mozzarella sticks

Two of my favorite foods are cheese and bread. I probably eat them way more than I should. When you combine cheese and bread together, well you basically have my heart. These homemade mozzarella cheese sticks look so good I literally want to reach through the screen and eat them off that plate. I am highly encouraging you to go to Hungry Happens asap and make these!

I am kind of in love with this set up. I always have been iffy about a white couch because I am definitely the type of person that eats on the couch, and probably spill something that won't come out. This is really making me reconsider one though. I really love the table tray because you can really go anywhere with it, and those candles are so chic. Lastly, just peep that office set up in the background. To see the rest of the living room, shoot on over to Gal Meets Glam.

My family cooks a lot of dishes from scratch on Thanksgiving because it's just a tradition. However, I wanted to share this video because I think it is so helpful. I think it's great for people who don't like cooking, or don't have time. It has all the main items like stuffing (my favorite), pie (my other favorite),and  bread (okay everything is a food favorite for me)! This is also great for people who don't want to have a lot of left over food! To see more videos like this, head on over to PopSugar Food!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lost Files | November 13th 2014

Went to P.F. Chang's and had this amazeballs virgin strawberry daiquiri. The food is also amazing and I had like three fortune cookies. I was so full I truly think I had heartburn. #noshame  

Last week and the week before that I was really into waffles for breakfast. I figured out the perfect measurement to make a full sized waffle (the first one I made, made only three triangles) and I paired it with sugar free syrup and sliced bananas, as seen below. The mix by the way is Kodiak which is available at Target. I love it because you only have to add water.

Put them in the freezer for like 20 minutes, it's perfection.

Thought you would like to come to class with me!

Oh and if you follow me on Instagram then you know I cracked my Iphone screen. I didn't even drop it., it fell. 

Inspired Native American looks combined with American culture that I did for a project.

You guys know I love me some body pump! Seriously if you have it at your gym, give it a whirl. Twice a week is all you need!

These are my favorite boots for fall. I wear these AT-LEAST three times a week. Actually lets go with about 5.

Hope your week has been poppin!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weekend Favorites | November 11th 2014

free people, new york, brooklyn bridge

This outfit is the epitome of winter in a nutshell. Buying one good winter coat that will last you a solid couple of years is a must. I am wanna of the most frugal people, but when it comes to freezing to death or being warm and cozy...well you already know! Head on over to Lush To Blush to see close ups!

I saw this video and thought it was too funny, so of course I had to share. It's teenage slag explained by adults, and can we just say I didn't even know some of these! I am not a teenager but I feel like I should at least know some slang. Which actually sounds horrible if you think about it. Watch it and see if you knew what all of these meant, you will be surprised!

I tasted some beer bread over the weekend. Whoever invented this is seriously a genius! I guess it depends on the beer you add and the ingredients,but the one I had didn't taste like beer. It tasted more like a sweet cornbread. I like this recipe and think it's similar to the one I tasted.  just really can't get over how good it was...for those few moments I think I was in heaven. To see the recipe whisk on over to Lauren Kelp before Thanksgiving!

Mae Amor: Southwest Poncho, wool panama hat, geode necklace, distressed black denim

This reminded me of a Navajo blanket and those have really caught my interest.  You already know I love me some jeans. Also, I am not one for heels but these I could definitely work with! Strut on over to Mae Amor!

I love YouTube so I had to add another one of my new favorite videos. There is a little series on Buzz Feed's channel, but this one caught my fancy. This is on Australians tasting American sweets and it's so funny to see other people taste food were so used to!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Favorites | November 4th 2014

I have no long explanation of my whereabouts last week. It was just such a busy week with exams, and planning classes for next semester, and deciding whether to drop a class, and life. Whoo it was a heck of a week, but I am back and it feels oh so good. Here are my favorites not necessarily from the weekend because some favorites I discovered today or yesterday, but regardless they definitely caught my fancy. Anyways, enough of me babbling and on to the goods. 


As soon as it hits the low 60s I pull out the winter coat. If you have been around these parts then you know I am always cold. I have this one coat I got last year from Old Navy that is maroon and is my go to. If I had to pick another color besides black I would definitely go for this periwinkle blue. I don't fancy snow unless I am looking at it from inside a toasty room, but this would look great in the snow. Also I have been loving black jeans lately, it might be that I wear my American Apparel ones to much aka like everyday, #don'tjudge Head on over to 


I have never understood people who get couches for their humble abode and it's so stiff and uncomfortable you might as well sit on the floor. For that reason, I love this couch because it's the complete opposite. This couch is NOT ONLY blue-like what? It also looks soo comfortable. I could picture a long cat nap on this beauty. Head on over to Pink Peonies (one of my new favorite blogs) to see the rest of the reveal!


I have been craving sweets lately. Donuts, froyo, pound cake, pumpkin pie, chocolate, candy, the works. I think maybe because it's so enticing this time of year with all the candy and holidays coming up. Another one to add to the list are these mini cakes. I mean there are so many choices, and are those gummy bears?! I seriously am in heaven. I am heading over to MyNameIsYeh to make these for Thanksgiving (or now...) and you should too!

Creamy Pesto Tomato Soup -- A lunchtime favorite with grilled cheese!

I love bread, and cheese, and the perfect thing to eat with cheese and bread you ask? Tomato soup of course. I love tomato soup, my moms and Apple bee's soup are the best I have tasted so far, but I think this one might make it in the running. I mean you add creamy in it and you have got my attention. Swoop on over to Whole and Heavenly Oven to make this perfect cold weather dish.

I am in love with these booties. Booties for the fall go with a lot of things, unbeknownst to me. I like that these have the black burnt tip to, to give them that worn look.  I definitely need more booties like these in my life and that cardigan as well. Strut on over to The Sweetest Thing to get see more of this fall ensemble.

I have been loving little set ups like this lately. I don't do my makeup enough to have a full vanity, but a set up like this where I can do my hair, read, or do work is ideal. I have a desk but to be completely honest when I sit at it I can't see the TV and I know that's bad it's the unfortunate truth. Also I just love that this desk is bright and clean because mine is a hot mess. To see more about this space and that gorg wallpaper move on over to The Hunted Interior!

Hope your enjoying your week so far!
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