Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekly Favorites | January 31st 2015

I love my new rusty colored blazer I just purchased from Forever 21 for $12 dollars! I have trying to come up with ways to style it and I am really liking this one. If you have been around for a minute you know I love jeans, and if I can make a cute outfit around them it's even better! Simple graphic tees are a staple to me and can be so versatile. Head on over to Kendi Everyday.

Cheese, bread, tomatoes? It's basically pizza and pizza is heavenly in my book. These little bites are great for the Superbowl or a before dinner appetizer. I love food that looks so classy, but is so easy to make! Dash on over to Skinny Taste to get these Tomato and Mozzarella Tarts!

boyfriend jeans and blazer

This is what I want to look like everyday, but the cold weather gets to me to much, I mean I just can not stand walking around in the cold. I am loving this look because it's so put together and  classy, yet it looks to comfy for its own good. I actually have a turtleneck similar to this one in beige and I have got to say I am loving it. I am loving it to the point of wearing it once a week. Is that bad? oh well! I always love The Darling Detail looks and you will see her looks on my favorites a lot!

cozy bedroom

The infatuation with black walls has become to real. I am tempted to paint my walls, but that is a task I am to lazy to take on at this time. When I painted only one wall blue years ago it took like 3 or 4 days and nobody has time for that..not right now anyways. Also, it doesn't make sense since I don't have my own place yet. This will definitely be archived in my Pintrest board though, which is where I found it, and you can find it here!

When it's cold outside I am down to try almost any kind of soup to warm me right on up. This happens to be a decadent looking bowl of lasagna soup. I love lasagna so I am guessing this would be heaven in my mouth. I think it would be cool to try a least one new recipe a month, so this just might be mine for February! Whip on over to Skinny Taste once again because the recipes over there are on point.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Whip It | January 29th 2015

I wear the same hairstyle constantly. I think it's because I am used to it as well as it looks good and is super easy. Also it's hard to come up with hairstyles not only because my hair isn't that thick and is short, but lets be honest here African American has it totally different than Caucasian hair. I can it do the same things with my hair that they do with their hair. While, this is true I do want to switch it up a bit, I literally have been doing this hairstyle since 9th grade and I am in my second year of college. I won't make any promises and if you see me in the same boring old hairstyle don't give up hope, its a work in progress! 

Below are some hairstyles I love and that give me a little inspo! The longer ones I probably need some extensions and the shorter ones, well those are just inspirations I am not on that level yet to cut my hair.

The Trick to Margot Robbie’s Cool-Girl Half-Bun

Frayed Mini Bun

Pinterest Braid

Best Celebrity Haircuts of 2014

Amy Adams


Gorgeous Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyle

Elle Fanning

Best Celebrity Haircuts of 2014

Upside-Down Half Bun

Fearne Cotton // long bob


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What to Wear | Valentines Day or on the Tindr date to get a date for Valentines | January 27th 2015

Valentines Day is slowly approaching and for us single gals it tends to be just a bigger reminder that we are in fact single. However, we have exactly 17 days to find a significant other so get going! Just Kidding! Maybe not...? Whether your single, married, engaged, divorced (I don't really know any other relationship titles} don't put in so much gusto into this one day of love, when frankly everyday should be a day of love. Before you hate me for saying that just know that is a right of me as a single person on Valentines and when I am no longer single for a Valentines Day, I will probably love the heck out of this holiday. #noshame This post isn't about my forever wishing relationship goals, it's about looking good this Valentines Day. When you look good you feel good and who doesn't want to feel good? Exactly, no one! It's also great to look good on Valentines because if you are single you might just hook you one of those many fish in the sea!

Jenny Tsang - Beau

Casual and Fierce
Nothing says fierce like all black on a love filled holiday. Some people (me) love wearing jeans, and why forgo them just for one special day. I do love dressing up, but it's winter and snowing and well I hate being cold! Don't want to make this look as cold as the weather? Add color popping accessories like a red bag or a statement necklace. 

Besugarandspice FV - Zara Skirt, Purificación García Bag - Through The Rain

Sweet & a Tinge of Edge
I have formed a new unbreakable bond with knee-high  boots, which are perfect for those outfits that don't mesh with tights. I like an outfit that incorporates the coat into it because lets be real nobody looks cute when they are shivering like a wet dog. 

Maggie Chan - Pink Sweater - Rouge Pur

Leather pants are on my try-some-day-list-but-not-today. I just haven't mustered up the courage to try them out. However, I see them styled so good these days I might jump on the back of the bike someday soon, but not today of course. It's so cliche to wear pink and red on Valentines but cliche is not always a bad thing. This is so simple, but still gives the vibe that says "I am the ish!"

Heeyoung Sim - Forever 21 Lace Midi Skirt, Victoria's Secret Bralette, Topshop Leather Jacket, Zara Nude Heels - Leather and lace

Sugar, Spice, and an Edge of Nice
This is if you live in a warmer climate or are willing to risk shaking like a wet poodle. Like basically everyone says nowadays-beauty is pain. I like this outfit because it shows just enough skin, and has just enough femininity with the lace. Also, who doesn't want to look good for their man, or themselves!

Danielle DeHardt - Shopakira White Maxi Dress, Hallelu Boutique Hat, Ami Clubwear Boots, Silence & Noise Harness Bralette - Wonderland

The Godess

I had to add a dress in because who doesn't want to flash a bit of leg. I love these one with slits because you can just whip it out-like BAM! At the appropriate time of course! Since it's a longer style dress the slit as well as the plunging top add a bit of sexiness. 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Favorites | January 21st 2015


I have been loving my denim jacket from American Eagle because it goes with SO many things! A denim jacket with black pants is always a heck yes in my book. What really has be swooning over this look is how effortless it is. Furthermore, I love me a good heel I can actually walk in for more than 10 minutes. Want more fabulous ideas because there are plenty at Song of Style.

15 Minute Tomato Basil Soup with Cheese Tortellini |

I love Tomato Basil Soup, it is by far my favorite! This soup has been elevated to another level with added cheese tortellini. I mean does it get any better than this? Probably not. It was so cold today ALL I could think about was coming home and sitting right on top of the heater. This is a perfect cold weather dish and you should check it out at Iowa Girl Eats!

I love this post about "Taking the Pressure Off"on Fit Girl Code. It's not long at all and it speaks volumes. Basically it explains that you don't have to be happy all the time and everyday is not going to be the best. However, you can accept how you feel, sit in it for a minute and move on. Definitely check it out, it's perfect for the new year.

You guys know I love me some food, including croutons. One of my favorite things to add to my salad are croutons. They actually aren't that bad if you don't go overboard with them (which I probably do...). I love this idea as a housewarming gift because it's well thought out. I mean how many bags of homemade croutons have you gotten? None? Me neither. but maybe we will now!
It's so easy to make them that I might actually get in the kitchen and whip them up right now! Well probably not right now, but soon! Head on over to Cupcakes and Cashmere.


This outfit is so me, I can't even really explain why, will the fact that it's just on fleek do?
If so head on over to Sincerely, Jules!

Pizza! I am pretty sure there are people that don't like pizza, but I mean there aren't a lot right?
Me and pizza have a love hate relationship, I love to eat it and hate that I can't get away with eating it everyday. This pizza is the epitome of a healthy pie. There is a lot of fresh ingredients and how good does it look!? Staying in this weekend? Well then it's a must you make this, so click on over to A Fabulous Fete!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Lost Files | January 19th 2015

I made this salad for lunch on Friday, it was sooo good but it didn't fill me up. So it was a good thing we went for happy hour! Next time i think I need to add more chicken.
It contains:
+Thin Slice Sharp Cheddar cheese
+1/2 green pepper
+Romaine lettuce
+Turkey bacon
(I usually don't eat dressing with my salads, unless its a Cesar salad, I think it taste good without any most times)

So for the first time EVER I went to a donut shop! Let me tell you this was so worth it. Featured is cinnamon, bacon & maple, and Vanilla & sprinkles. This is way better than Krispie Creme and Dunkin Donuts.

For dinner my madre and I made enchiladas and they were amaze balls. They were super easy to make and went so good with tortilla chips.

I always forget to take pictures of my outfits, but I just wore this to work one day last week. My knee had been hurting so I decided to wear my sneakers.
Sweater- Made by me
Jean Jacket- American Eagle
Sneakers- Target

Cardigan- Forever 21
Jeans- Pacsun
Scarf- Old Navy
Boots- Sears

Scarf- Cotton On
Leggings- Target
Sweater- Old Navy
Boots- Sears


Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Favorites | January 15th 2015

Yearly Favorites 2014

Is to late to do a list of my favorite things from 2014? I say no because that rhymed and that is reason enough to continue. Ok, now that I read it over it doesn't really rhyme so scratch that, I am still gonna do it anyways!

1. I love my American Apparel jeans, I literally wore these all year around. There are expensive but definitely worth the pricey tag.

2. Keds were my go-to tennis shoe this year. I don't really think I look good in that many sneaker type shoes but these go good with almost everything.

3. I had been eyeing these sweatpants from Victoria's Secret Pink forever and finally got them. They are to big for me so I have to roll them up at the waist or wear shorts under them, and they are kind of long on me, but they are so comfortable!  They also have pockets so #winning!
(These aren't the ones I have, but they are similar)

4.I fell out of lust with running, because we never were truly in love, and fell in love with classes like body pump.

5. I tried so many new foods in 2014, (like potato salad) that I actually ended up liking. I think my palate has finally matured. 

6. I found a love for candles. If you were wondering it is so true that candles can bring you to your calm zone (whatever that means).

7. Sparkling Ice was my drink of 2014. I love these things, may be borderline addictive but I doubt these will be gone anytime soon.

8. Creating a book club with my family was so much fun and I definitely encourage you to do so to. It's great if you want to read and be kept accountable to continuously read. This is the one we are currently reading called Yellow Crocus, and it's so good!

9.Press on nails were my thing in 2014. I loved the feel of nice nails without the glue, chipping, or gel.

10. You Tube is bae and I don't even think I need to explain why.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Like It... | January 13th 2014

I am like a turtle when it comes to dressing in winter. I crawl into the warmest thing possible and stay in it, literally. I am pretty sure during winter I usually wear the same thing everyday. One of the things that I am going to attempt to do the beginning part of the year is to put a little more effort into dressing in the winter. I see so many inspiring posts on Instagram and blogs that I feel like I really just need to step up my game! One the things I really like is to keep tab of outfits and posts that I like.

 Basically, you sign up with the site, bloggers and others post with that link, you like it, then it sends it to your email, and it also adds it to your profile on the site. I like so many photos on Instagram and can never remember them all so I love this. I will say that if you like a lot of photos you will get a lot of emails, but you can adjust it in settings. It's like a sister idea to Pintrest and I love it. Although my favorite part is saving the looks the main objective is to easily find the pieces the persons wearing, which is super cool to.

Here are some of my likes! Just click on the photo to go to that profile! (You might have to have an account before you can view profiles!)

Responsive image

Responsive image

Responsive image

Responsive image

Responsive image

Responsive image

Responsive image

Responsive image

Responsive image

Responsive image

P.S.- This is not sponsored, I am still to small time for that. We all gotta start somewhere!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Favorite Iphone Apps | January 8th 2015

I have so many apps on my phone it's not even funny or battery friendly for that matter. I actually have quite a few I don't even use, but I like to keep things, it's a problem. Sorry about my background it's still Christmas themed because I just forgot to change it. If I don't talk about one it's mostly likely because I don't use it, but if your curious I would be delighted to give you some insight!

I really don't use any of these on a daily basis but it's nice to have when I ever need to go on them. 
iHeartRadio app- is great because it acts like a portable radio and I LOVE Elvis Duran.

Wattpad- is great if you love reading and want to discover just regular people writing

Astrology Zone- is also nice if your into horoscopes

The gym I have is the Y and it's great for schedules and what not
MyFitnessPal- is useful for tracking what you eat, but be cautious it's addicting
MapMyFitness- I love to use this app when I workout to get a rough estimate of how many calories I burn
Argus- This is great for tracking how many steps you take a day, I love this app.

Timehop- love this it's so cool to see what you were capturing and thinking years ago
New Words/ Words with Friends- I used to play this all the time and just recently got back into it, it really sharpens your vocabulary
Play Books- this is just the Google play book app because I have a tablet and this allows me to read those books on my Iphone
Regal- this is just the movie theater app and sometimes they have good coupons
SheReadsTruth- this is a bible app I just recently downloaded because my favorite one is only for 2014

Sales Tax- This is great to figure out discounts and totals including tax
Retail Me Not and Shopular- these are both similar and they have a lot of discounts and coupons for shopping
Tip Calculator- I like tipping the correct amount when going out to eat so this is really handy

Those are my most used apps. I need to get rid of some but I might need them- one day. That might be boarder-line hoarder status and I might just be okay with that.


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