Friday, August 30, 2013

What. I. Wore.

Thursday August 22nd
Shirt- Rue 21
Shorts- American Apparel

Friday August 23rd
Jeans- I have no idea where there from
Shirt-Forever 21
Cardigan- Old Navy
Watch- Target
(I only had the hat on because it was raining and I didn't want to get my hair wet. It could work though!)

Saturday August 23rd
Top-American Eagle
Jeans- JcPenney's

Sunday August 25th
Shoes-Old Navy
Scarf- Cotton On

Monday August 24th
Top-Old Navy
Shoes-Old Navy
Jeans- Kohls
Cardigan-Cotton On
Earrings-Forever 21

Wednesday August 28th
Shirt-Old Navy (DIY ti-dyed)
Cardigan-Forever 21
Shoes-Forever 21
Earrings-Forever 21

Thursday August 29th 
Top-Rue 21
Cardigan-Old Navy

Friday August 30th 
Top- Marshall's
Shoes-Old Navy
Cardigan- Cotton On

So I wanted to do OOTD's for the first week of classes but I have been so busy with school. So I just decided to do what I wore instead. 
Facts you probably learned about me in these photos:

* I wear jeans a lot - I think their comfortable and easy to go with lots of shirts

* I LOVE cardigans ( especially this tan one)- because I always get cold!

*I am also in LOVE with my new flats from Old Navy! Also I am in college and walk to and from my classes so I need comfortable shoes.

Sorry this post is so darn long! 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

1.I always thought deer antlers would be a cool accent piece to have, but these are awesome. I love elephants and it looks so chic and can really change up a room. To learn more go and visit pointless pretty things right now!

2. I have so many magazines just because I love them! I am sure I have three new ones to read which I will...eventually. So I really like this DIY because it's a fun little craft to do and it will serve a purpose. On top of that I love magazine holders especially since I keep almost all the magazines I get. So if you nee storage for your magazine collection to flip over to A Bubbly Life!

3. So this favorite also comes from A Bubbly Life! I am in love with this cork board I wish I could just go buy it. You may not think so, but cork boards definitely come in handy when you have things for school, work, or anything else, like coupons! You can't be losing those good coupons! So this is a great item to have in your abode. Head over there now to get in the know and make your own.

4. Whenever I find a blog I really like it just happens to have all of my favorite things. So yes, this is also from A Bubbly Life! They are DIY Gold hangers! I really like these because they can be used for a number of things! They would look super cute as photo holders hanging on a wall. So swing on over to A Bubbly Life to make your own glittery hangers!

"Live, Laugh, Love"

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week Day Favorites!

Hey Guys so I know I haven't been uploading frequently AND I missed weekend favorites which is something I really try not to miss. With school starting, and work, and well life I have found it hard to take the time to dedicate time every other day to the blog. I am determined to post more and and all that jazz once everything slows down so don't lose hope! So today I leave you with a few Week Day Favorites! I love all the people who take the time to read this and to the new people who will read it! 

1. So my favorites are all kind of related to what I am into now and one thing is definitely books! I am trying to read more and you know broaden my vocab! This is really cute if you want your book collection to look cohesive and all pretty! Just a tip don't get more books than you can read from the library, all you do is keep renewing them and never getting to read them (AKA:me). Jump over to Poppy Haus to learn this fun, easy, cool DIY!

2. I kind of redid/ rearranged my room and one of the last things I need to do was something to my end table. I thought about getting a new one from Ikea but I would've had to order it offline. I decided on spray painting it although I haven't done it yet, I have been procrastinating badly! So I am glad I saw this idea because it is not only fabulous but inspires me to get mine done. Head over to While They Snooze to see how to recreate this!

Brick Wall Galaxy

3. I have come to the realization that sneakers will be my best friend this year because I will be walking a lot. So if  you have to ditch the uncomfortable but cute flats, or midi heels, or any other non-walking shoe make them cute! These are fun to make but also practical for school, while still looking chic! Visit Nutella Is My Fella to find out how to make these out of this galaxy, rad shoes ( I came up with that, oh yeah!)

4. Also While redoing my room I thought of painting my headboard, which I haven't done yet either, but will.....someday! I stumbled upon this though and it made me so cheery and happy. I mean who doesn't want to wake up to birds above their head everyday! I would really like to try this out and if not on a headboard maybe on a wall or wall art! Head over to Cathey With An E to get the scoop!

P.S-I choose 4 favorites today because that's my favorite number!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

H&M Online Shopping Review

Hey guys! So if you read my previous posts, I had talked about H&M getting shopping online. I was so tempted to order something, so I did! The video basically sums up what I got, my experience, and all that jazz!

Go visit and if you can't shop browse!

P.S: I updated the blog's email format. Therefore you no longer can read the whole post in the email, you can just click on the blog title and it will take you to that days blog post! :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

1. Collared shirts are so fun and can add more chicness to an outfit. These are really versatile and can be added to various types of shirts. They can also be taken on and off which is great if you want to put it on various things. I think I actually saw some similar to these at H&M. Head over to Always Rooney to get the scoop!

2. Can I just say I love these shoes! I don't own a pair of moccasins but I have heard that they are extra comfortable. These were just plain brown and were DIY'ed into this beaute. I would so make these myself and wear these. They were actually done by the blogger of Always Rooney but to see the step-by-step go to Minnetonka.

DIY Confetti Shirt Tutorial

3. DIY's that look good store quality and are easy are the best! This is a cool idea for all ages and is super easy to make. It includes potatoes, colors, and lots of fun! Also a white v-neck like this can easily be found at stores like Old Navy and Walmart. Float on over to Studio Diy to get the instructions!

4. So I think this DIY is so fresh and really great for summer and fall. Denim is a big fall trend this season and this is defnitely a cool spin on it. It's great to use for a denim jacket that you don't love, love because you do have to cut the sleeves off but it makes for a great look in the end. To get in the know about this slip on over  to Always Rooney.

5. I really like cool guides like this because it's always cool to learn new things! It's a guide on all things beauty from The Beauty Department and is really helpful to learn new places to get your favorite items or learn about new ones! Head on over to get in the know.

6. This is another favorite from The Beauty Department! It's a guide telling you what type of curls each curling iron produces. This is super helpful because a lot of the times people just pick one without really inspecting the barrel sizes. It does differ between hair type, length, and ethnicity on how your hair turns out but it does give the basics. Roll on over there to get the 411.

7. I think it's definitely hard to find a lot of versatile hairstyles for short hair. My hair is not this short but I really like this hairstyle. To add more length to her original hair she added extensions. It looks super fly and  it looks like her real hair-it's a win win! To see how this is done go to The Beauty Department!

"Summer is almost over which just means more great new beginnings!"

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fall Trend:Denim Jacket

The search for the perfect denim jacket now begins! I got mine not to long ago and am in love with it! A denim jacket is a great fall piece to have because it's good for those summer into fall days and for when full blown fall is here! Over sized denim jackets are my favorite these days because they can be dressed up or down and pieced with many different garments and body types.  Now see how to style it, get your denim jacket, and rock it like nobody's business!

Fall Trend: Denim Jacket

Crop tank top / Ripped t shirt / Forever 21 knit t shirt / UNIF cat jacket, $370 / rag & bone/JEAN knit jacket / The Ragged Priest studded denim jacket, $93 / Tommy Hilfiger jeans, $160 / Donna Karan cashmere pants / Valentino high waisted leather shorts / Charlotte Russe lace up ankle booties / Jeffrey Campbell platform ankle booties, $185 / Jeffrey Campbell black platform booties, $130 / Color block handbag, $34 / Sick Girl neon beanie / G-Star Raw buckle belt, $38

1. Go casual with your look. Pair a denim jacket with a graphic muscle tee and jeans. To add a more rad feel add brown combat boots and a brown belt. To add more pzazz to this outfit either buy a denim jacket with spikes on them or DIY them yourself!

2.Comfort is the first thing I think of when I see leggings. Pair an over sized denim jacket with a cropped graphic tee and plain black leggings to get a comfortable but chic look. Top it off with brown square heeled boots or for more comfort go for sneakers!

3.You can definitely dress up a denim jacket! Pair it with bright accessories like neon and and leather shorts to give it more of a sophisticated vibe. Also try a chunky heel and for those walking events try a more lower, simple, peep-toed heel!

Denim can be worn from head-to-toe, just try to do it the right way though.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Favorites:)

1. Who can not love cat ears. These are super cute and easy to make! All you really need is wire, spray paint, and rhinestones. Another great thing is that not only can you wear these for regular use but also for a Halloween costume. I love when things can be used for a multipurpose. To learn how to recreate these go to Why Don't You Make Me?

DIY Detachable Overalls | The Merrythought

2. Overalls are extra laid-back and comfortable but a lot of the times one part fits and the other part doesn't. That's where this cool tutorial comes in! You use shorts you already have and make detachable overall tops. It includes some sewing but only a teeny bit so I know you can handle it! Shoot on over to the Merry Thought to design your own.

3. So is this not one of the coolest transformations that you have ever seen!? It's definitely a "why didn't I think of that" moment. It does also requires sewing but practice makes perfect (which I need)! It actually ends up being a really nice summer shirt and you can tell people you made it! Travel on by Silver Pencils (such a rad name by the way) to make your own.

sawhorse table

4. Dreaming of things that I am gonna put in my home one day is a daily thing. I just love decorating things in general so it would probably take me years to do a house! On to this puppy though; it's like a handmade work of art, made from a sawhorse and wood, how easier can it get. It ended up being under $40 dollars and is a total:DO. Dash on over to Let's Go Sunning (also a rad name) to get all the info.

5. So I am actually excited about school this year and this DIY made me even more excited! It's actually pretty easy and requires few materials, which is s-u-p-e-r fantastic! So this year you will be studying in style! Flip on over to Minted Strawberry to make this custom made beauty. Also remember that just because your not in school anymore doesn't mean you can't enjoy this awesome stuff to!

DIY Bright Ideas Lampshade || Jade and Fern

6. Light bulbs on a light shade...nuff said. I think this is so cool looking that i just can't stop staring at it...go ahead take another look...good? So if your an amateur at drawing, such as myself your thinking you can't recreate this, but you can! Even if it doesn't look AMAZING you still made it and that's what matters. So get ready to start crafting, but first visit Jade & Fern to get the details!

DIY industrial style pendant light

7. I am into lights this week if you can tell! Thought this last weekend favorite might brighten up your day. This would look great anywhere but I could really picture it in a kitchen looking fabulous hanging over a gorg dinner table. What's even more appealing is that it's made out of a fan, talk about refurbishing. This is also made from Jade & Fern but it was a guest post at KittenHood  so go there to get the how-to's.

"H&M It"

So the time has finally come! H&M is finally doing online shopping for the USA! I am so excited just for the main fact that I love their pieces and it's a ways away from where I live. If you aren't really familiar with H&M it only had online shopping for overseas and not the U.S. So definitely stop by the website and look because they have some good goodies!

Here are some of my favs:

(click on pictures to go to link)
So now that you your in the know, go shop it up, don't worry I won't tell!

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