Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ballin On A Budget!

So I recently found some great deals, and I LOVE a deal! So I thought I would share my "ballin on a budget" tips and how I shop it up. If you don't really wanna see me talk (which I am sure you do!) you can fast forward to me starting to show things at like 2 minutes & 30 seconds. Definitely watch the first 15 seconds because my song is gonna be a hit!  
 Have you made a YouTube video?! If not put it on your bucket list. Some people care about what you have to say and wanna hear your story:)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

1. Neon is so bright and happy, which is one of the reasons I love this necklace! The other reason is that it was made from products from the hardware store which is so unconventional but chic at the same dang time! Definitely visit hardware stores to make jewelry and other cool accessories! Swing on over to Pitter & Glink to see how to have this gorg piece of jewelry hanging from your neck.

2. I am such a sucker for large budget saving DIY's because, well I like having money:) The original is to live for but $7,500 is a bit steep, I mean if you have the money to buy that then you my friend are what I call "mini rich!" It seems easy enough and makes for great art and conversation starters! Head over to While They Snooze to get the deets!

3. Although I am not #teamiphone I love this iphone case DIY. Trust that I will be doing this when I get the iphone 5s in October. It involves a phone case, a little bit of painting, and lots of creativity! Travel on over to ONR to know the step-by-steps!

DIY Gold Brick Bookends | Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles

4. I love to read so I have a ton of books all over! I even have a shelf  above my bed where some are stored and is held up by the window seal, which is not the smartest idea because they WILL fall on you. So I think the brick bookend is a great idea, especially because its sturdy and inexpensive. Basically all you have to do is find some bricks, spray em, let your creative juices flow and BAM you have a functional work of art! Mosey on over to Camille Styles to learn the specific how-to!

5. I am so into this graphic print vest. It's definitely something I could see myself wearing ALL the time. It's relatively easy and ultimately comes out with a garment you can technically wear all year! Step on over to Swellmayde to get the instructions!

IMG_0108 copy

6. I have cords all over my room. It's mostly from my T.V. and they really look drab and a bit of a cluttered mess. So when I stumbled upon this DIY it solved my problems instantly! Washi tape seems to be the go to for crafts these days and it should because it's easy and colorful! Snake on over to Design Love Fest to get the details!

7. So I have been obsessed with clothing racks lately. I really like the way they change a space! Although mine would no doubt be busting at the seams. This one is actually a DIY one made with pipes but I do know you can buy them. I am not sure which one is more cost efficient but nonetheless I wouldn't mind having either of them in my abode! Trek on over to Camille Styles to see the materials and how-to!

Summer is not quite over yet but it sure is flying by! Do something fun that you know you won't be able to when getting back to the "real" daily grind begins!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Wall Art

Hello Guys! So today I have a cool DIY for you and I am so excited about it! I actually found this idea from Ohhh Mhhh when trying to find an idea to do something different for the wall in my room. It's super easy and I think it looks way better  than what I had before just because it's cleaner and neater. If you would like to know how I achieved this beaute keep scrolling:)

This is what my wall looked like before. I really liked it but it just seemed to cluttered and the pictures were falling off-as you can see.

This is after and I think it looks clean and makes my room look bigger! 

So the materials you need:
+ Hangers I got these at Walmart for about a dollar
+ Push Pins (I already had these but you can find them mostly anywhere)
+ Spray paint ( I choose gold and I used this for the hangers and push pins- $3.77-Walmart)

It's pretty basic but you just spray paint it! It says wait 24 hours but after I sprayed both sides of all 10 they were all dry.
+ Spray kind of far away; I did it to close and used almost all the paint
+ This is probably a given but wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty. I learned that the hard way by getting spray paint on one of my favorite jeans.
+ If you don't want your hands getting all "golden" wear gloves. Although I didn't wear any and the spray paint came off my hands super easy.

A great way to display your magazines and to have wall art!
P.S.- I mark my magazines with stickies so when I go back I don't have to go through the whole thing! That's what the colorful things hanging off the pages are:)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Favorites:)

The best events and days seem to, a lot of the time fall on the weekends! This weekend definitely did not disappoint and hopefully your weekend was full of bliss and all that jazz! Now onto the goodies!


1. When I look at this first it makes me want one! Then it makes me smile. It's a "red velvet" flower cake and breathtaking beautiful. Jen Kim of Jen Kim Made created it with the inspiration to just make people smile and it does just that. Now just take a minute, marvel in it's greatness, and have kick butt day!

baby shower favor idea
2. I went to one of my friends baby shower last weekend, which was great and this reminded me of it! Every time food cravings are associated with pregnant women it's always pickles and ice cream. Any who if you need a great baby shower theme this would be a cute one! Head over to Julep to learn how to make these favors!

frozen watermelon slush

3. I always thought I didn't like smoothies after tasting one or two but I guess those were just not my flavors. Now I have had tried a few flavors such as strawberry and raspberry (which are the frozen ones from the grocery store) and also Lemonade (from Tropical Smoothie). I have been wanting to make my own though and this is  a great one that sounds and looks delish! It says slush but I am pretty sure if  you use water instead of soda it could be as healthy as a smoothie! Slide on over to youaremyfave to get the how to!

P.S- I love stumbling upon new blogs it's so fun to see their ideas and all that jazz! This one really caught my eye though so after making your beverage keep scrolling!

4. Although summer is half-way through it's definitely not to late to hit up the beach or the pool. I love taking bags to the pool because I can carry all my must-haves for the day on it! On the post it's actually used as a market bag, which is great but  I don't really have any markets so I would use it as a beach bag. You could really use this for a number of things, even a magazine holder! Head on over to a pair & a spare to learn how to make this cool, chic bag!

5.Who can not love ombre. I love it can be used to DIY many things. These shorts are a great  piece to have in your warm weather wardrobe and definitely will catch people's eye. Which then you can proceed to tell them "Oh I did them" when they ask where can they get those. Head on over to Kollabora (which is a site full of people making their own things, which is so awesome) and learn how to duplicate these shorts made by Anna!


6. If I could have any accent it would definitely be British. I always like to practice on people asking if they would like a cup of tea or a crumpet, it's a work in progress but when I go someday I hope they think I am a native! Any who these gorg neon pieces remind of tea and sugar and all that jazz! It adds a pop of color and modernness while still keeping it clean, neat, and elegant! Scurry on over to Shop Sweet Things to find out how to make these easy, pretty pieces!

7. I love the idea of turning extra spaces into closets. Especially if you don't use it for anything else. It's a great way to create a more personal closet/dressing space and leaves more room for you to add new pieces when you come home from day long shopping trips! See more lovely pictures of this room turned walk-in at Shop Sweet Things as well!

Try to make a dream become a reality- whether it be a week, month, or years from now!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fall Trend: Leather Tops

Fall is coming! Fall is coming! Well, not quite yet but you catch my drift! Now is the the time when fall previews in stores start and when you can start deciding what you want to be in your wardrobe. I have a few blouses that are my go because they go with a lot and are just my favorites. Leather has made a reappearance this season and more specifically in tops. Leather tops are really very universal and can be worn with skirts, pants, and shorts. Leather is definitely becoming a staple item and something that should be on your shopping list!

"Fall in Line"

"Fall in Line" by dantidoll 

What to Wear it with:

Something that can tone down the rough vibe of leather like a circle skirt or a structured pant.

Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY Floral Desk

Hey guys! Today I have a DIY for ya. I have been wanting to do something to my desk and I was gonna paint it but then I found this amazing shelf liner so I decided on it. My desk is actually a make shift desk made out of a board and set on two shelves. It's super easy and definitely spices up any room!

* Plywood/ Board (you can get scraps from Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.)
* Shelf Liner (I got mine from Marshall's for like $6.00 dollars, but I know the stores above sell it too!)
*Space (I learnt that the hard way trying to do it in my room)

Step 1: Roll out the shelf liner so you can measure it with the length of the board.

 Step 2: Once placed on the board crease the sides so you know where to cut.

Step 3: I turned it over so I could cut on the lines...I am a horrible cutter...as you can see.

Step 4: The you simply peel the backing off and stick it! I peeled as I went but you don't have to do it that way.

Step 5: Put it in place and TA-DA you have a classy, cool, new desk!

The shelf liner tells you how to apply it but I am a visual learner, so I thought I would show you how I did it :)
Hope you found something new to try!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

Hope your 4th of July weekend was just as good as mine. I love a good vacation but alas, "back to life, back to reality!" So without further adieu, my weekend favorites from me to you!

1. Who says accessories are just for your hands, necks, and arms?! You can wear them in your hair as well! It's a really easy and  colorful project to try. To see all the supplies you need head over to LoveMaegan!

2. Cats are super cool and way smart, so WHY not wear them on your tennies!? It's fairly simple and has you looking THE BOMB. So if you want some cat shoes, (I am sure you REALLY want them now!) run on over to LostInTheHaze!

gilded necklace   with gemstones and gold chains

3. Who doesn't like bling around their neck. This necklace is like a two in one- featuring a necklace and collar. It is retro chic and  a DIY, who can beat that! head on over to LoveMaegan to find out the how-to's.

4. Small, elegant, nice spaces are popping up all over the place. I  never real thought of ever living in a small space but after looking homes like this, I could MAYBE dig it! Go to Kislance to see how to work a small abode.

5. I always use to lose my small earring but I recently just got a holder. This idea is really practical though because it will keep them in place ans make them visible. Take a visit to Thanks, I Made It to see the whole sha-bang!

6. This necklace is like a piece of heaven. It's so appealing to the eye I can't stop looking at it, I am hypnotized! You and I definitely have to make this ASAP! Travel on over to Thanks, I Made It to get the deets.

7. So I got this cool map-plate type tray from Michael's and it's to live for. It would be so cool to be able to travel the world someday and this is super inspiring!

Hope you have a grand weekend and that you take a trip to Michael's because sales are amazing!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trending: At the Wedding

Summer is the most popular wedding season, but what to wear to one can be a bit confusing. I say don't wear white if the brides dress is white. It's the brides day and we don't want you guys looking like twins. Keep in mind that choosing what your wearing can also depend on the person and theme of the wedding. Definitely don't want to show up at a bohemian themed wedding wearing a ball gown on, grass stains are not a ball to get out #justsaying:) The looks below contain some simple easy wedding looks that can be worn for all those fabulous wedding parties you are invited to!

Trending....At the Wedding

Trending....At the Wedding by dantidoll featuring a summer beach hat

1. A dress is always an easy wedding go to, it's easy to slip on and is classy. Bright colors are rolling on the racks this season and nothing says bright like a neon dress. Tone down the color a bit with a black leather jacket, which you can use when it gets chilly outside or if the wedding moves inside. Finally add a fun element by pairing it with a fun animal print peep-toe!

2. Skirts with slips in them can be a little tricky. Choosing one with just the right amount of slit can look elegant and regal. Pair the skirt with a fun light weight graphic sweater and a sun-hat to block the sun so you can easily see the groom and bride. Finish off with a cute bag to carry your all-day long essentials and a low heel sandal so you can dance the night away.

3. Strictly outside weddings can get extra hot. A great alternative to shorts is a romper. Pair a simple black romper with a bright colored jacket to dress it up and keep you from those bright sun rays. Pair the ensemble with a matching clutch and white wedge!

Start, continue, or begin your wedding attire in style and stay fabulous!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

This has been a great weekend thus far! Nothing is better than spending time with the ones you love! The love has definitely floated into my weekend favorites this week because these are some amazing, cool, easy ideas. So scroll, be inspired, and try a thing or two you see!

DIY Jimmy Choo Tassel Sandals

1. Tassels are not just for graduation hats anymore! Not only do these brighten up your shoes but also make them oh so trendy. Swing over to My Little Secrets to learn the step-by-steps!

2. I think I will have to add this blog to my blog following list!I haven't seen that many men bloggers so this was a cool find! Any who I love this clutch but I want you to go visit, so I won't divulge to much info, just trot over to Studs And Buttonholes to learn how to have this easy, chic find!

3. To add to the prehistoric ages I found this cool and crafty DIY. It's not only modern but easy for almost all ages to have and to do! Head over to A Lions Nest to get the inside scoop!

4.  A fabulous necklace and bracelet  in 5 minutes?! I'm IN! All you need is tubing, bracelet clasps, and this easy step-by-step, so to learn more go over to My Lifebox and stay a while.

5. Bags are of course my thing so this book clutch automatically caught my eye! It's quirky, fun, and "book-smart"! Visit Caught On A Whim to learn how to do this nerdy-cool DIY.

DIY neon candles

6. Candles smell good, so why shouldn't they look good too?! Creating a space that you love is all about putting your own personal touch on it, and that's why I am all over this DIY. Dash on over to Kate's Creative Space to lighten and color up your space!

7. I am sort of organizing my room and I could see these fitting in perfectly. It is really an easy way to make things in your space more personal. Visit Skonahem (it's a Swedish site and should be able to be translated) to learn this cool home decor DIY.

Hope your weekend is all you hoped it to be & more! Do something you have been waiting to do and make memories!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Trending On.."The Fourth of July"

Nowadays we can celebrate holidays, while not looking overly done, and still look fabulous! With the Fourth of July right down the street I have some inspiration for ya!

Stars & Stripes

T shirt / Shirt top, $26 / White top, $15 / Topshop denim jacket / Topshop bleached skinny jeans / Boyfriend shorts, $23 / Sheer tight, $21 / High heel sandals, $250 / Pumps / Charlotte Russe lace up boots / Beanie hat

1. I am in jeans a lot more than I probably should be, so this look is great if your a jeans kinda gal or pal! The acid wash along with the watermelon shirt is fun but not over the top. The heel dresses the causal look up a bit, but not to much because of the low heel.

2. High-waisted shorts are THE THING, but we can't forget colorful shorts too! What a better way to represent the 4th than to rock the american flag. This look is not only casual but comfortable. A sheer bodysuit is great to wear on a warm day. To make it more of a vintage look add some rugged combat boots and mid-thigh tights! Then hit that BBQ in style!

3. One can definitely not forget about denim on such a festive day! Whenever I think about this day I automatically go to fireworks and picnic blankets. The denim shorts are easy to sit in and the jacket comes in handy for when it gets chilly in the evening. If you want to dress up a bit but still keep it comfy wear a pair of sandals or midi heels and a peplum top. Finish it off, making the look  fun with a beanie!

Whether your rocking it in jeans, shorts, skirts or the american flag your definitely gonna light up the night!

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