Monday, December 22, 2014

Stocking Stuffers | December 22nd 2014

Stockings are the last thing to open on Christmas morning and the last thing that people shop for. I love opening my stocking though it's like the last hurrah of Christmas because it's here and then gone in a flash. A great last minute gift is getting someone a stocking full of goodies. Below are somethings that I would like to receive in a stocking as well as things I think other women would like as well.

Stocking Stuffers

Everything is under $16 dollars!

1. I love Christmas movies and wish they were on all year-round, but they tend to disipate right after Christmas. A Christmas movie is a great stocking stuffer because then they can carry their love for Christmas all year. One of of my grandma and I's favorite is Christmas with the Kranks, if you haven't seen it you have to watch! Also it's only $5 dollars at Target. #winning

2. Gift cards are the best gift to get because then you can buy whatever you want. The amount doesn't even have to be a lot, $10 dollars, I even love getting $5 dollar ones to be honest. A great place to get them to is Tropical Smoothie, Starbucks, or Target.

3. I always have loose change swimming around in my purse and it's always the time that you need it the most that you only grab pennies. This coin purse is a great little gift and serves a valuable purpose. Also, it's only $5 at Target. #winningagain

4. Who doesn't love nail polish. I got one of these kits for my Birthday and I love it. It's an E.L.F kit and it comes with 12 mini nail polishes which has lasted me over a year. This is great if you can't pick a color, or if you want a more pricier gift in the stocking. Obviously I love Target and you can get this there for $8. #wehavewon

5. For someone who doesn't wear makeup (me) on a regular basis lip products are the way to go. If your not sure if a color will look good on someone the L' Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm is great. This gives a tint of color but not as much pigment as a lipstick.
(Target- you knew it was coming, $5.99)

6. The new Nicki Minaj CD just came out and would love to see that in my stocking (hint, hint). Any CD is good because most people love music and we all need a refresher after all these great holiday jingles. After all the gift wrapping we need some real rapping in our life. I had to!
( Do I even need to say?- $15)

7. Sour Patch Kids are my favorite candy EVER. I love the sweet and then the sour, so good. Food is the way to most peoples heart so it's kind of impossible to go wrong (unless you get their least favorite candy of course). 

8. No, this is not just a plain bottle of water, it's a really cool water bottle. The bottle actually opens at the neck and twist off. This is great because everyone tends to head to the gym right after the holidays.
( Our favorite place this season- $11)

No this is not sponsored by Target, Target is just bae! Am I right ladies?!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weekend Favorites | December 17th 2014

I have been seeing these turtleneck sweaters a lot lately. I strayed away from them for a bit because I wasn't sure if it would look good on me, but I tried it and I have to say I look pretty darn good. I really like this one because while it's over-sized it's not to long, which makes it look good with jeans. While were on the subject of jeans I think hers are the perfect length, my jeans always bunch up at my ankles because I am short, it's soo annoying. Head on over to Kendi Everyday for more fabulous-ness.

spinach, mushroom, feta calzones - so good with pasta sauce!

You guys know I love food, and what would Weekend Favorites be without food?! What would life be without food?! Miserable probably. Anyways, I am really intrigued by these spinach mushroom feta calzones. I don't even have to taste these to know I will like it. These are perfect for holiday parties, or to eat by yourself in front of the fire, it's basically the perfect savory winter treat. Also may I add the sauce is crucial, it's like how you have to eat bread sticks with the sauce to be complete. If I made your mouth water enough head on over to FashionEDIBLE.

DIY simple rustic hot chocolate bar - super easy & fun for everyday & for holiday parties!

Do any of you have a hot chocolate bar in your house? NO? Me neither, but I think we all need this in our lives. I always go in the pantry to make hot chocolate, but always end up reaching for the coffee instead. If I had a hot chocolate station it would be inevitable to not drink some! I just really love how cute this station is as well as it's versatility. If you change the sign and a few colors it can become a smoothie station, lemonade stand, etc. I know you want to make this so just head on over to Liz Marie Blog.

Christmas decorating ideas - red + black living room-6

Kudos to people who can decorate for the holidays full force because while it's enjoyable it's a lot of work. Her hard work paid off though because how festive does this living room look, it might as well be part of Santa's workshop. I mean lets take a moment to cherish this sparkling tree that had to take a least 2 hours to complete. You seriously need to see all of the decorations so swing on over to Four Generations One Roof

.How To decorate your home for Christmas on a budget & super fast! Tips & tricks to help you get started!!
Christmas literally comes out of nowhere. By the time Thanksgiving has passed, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday it's already December. Also the countdown to Christmas is slow when your a child but when you hit adult status it's here and gone like lightning.  This is post is one of my favorites because nobody has time to go all out when it's already December, hence this quick and easy guide. It's super helpful and gives really and easy affordable ideas. So head on over to Liz Marie Blog right this second because Christmas is about a week away, and who actually takes their decorates down at the beginning of January anyways?



Monday, December 15, 2014

19 Books to Read for the New Year | December 15th 2014

I love reading, but always seem to slack on doing it throughout the year. This year my goal was a book a month and I actually read about 16. One of my goals this new year is to read more books than the previous year. I am in a book club with my mom, sister, and grandma and that is a great way to get reading. I also love it because you can talk about things you thought about the book. This is a list of books that I have read and would recommend anyone to read as well! The only one I haven't read is Psychos which I am excited to read, as well as Wild which I am currently reading.

The very bottom 5 books are the books we read for the book club this year and that I would recommend for book clubs, because they are good discussion books.

Click on the books to go to Goodreads to read the synopsis's as well as to see if it is appropriate in case your looking for books for a certain age. I love Goodreads and would recommend anyone to join, I mean it's free! Also, try not to judge the book by it's cover, I read a lot more great books that way!

12413949 18144008
(Want to read)
(These are both movies!)

5203 46204
(Aimee Bender- This is a movie too!)


(William Golding-This is a movie!)






(If I Stay- movie just came out!)
(Currently Reading, movie coming out!)


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gifts For Her Guide | December 11th 2014

Gifts For Her

When it comes to Christmas shopping there are those people that are super easy to shop for and then those who are such a mystery. These are all things I would love to get as well as give. 
1. A planner is a perfect gift to give for Christmas because the new year is right around the corner. To make it more personal you can add cute words and quotes on different pages.
2. I am seriously in love with Taylor Swift's new cd. My favorite has to be Bad Blood. Music in general is great because if it's someone they like you know they will actually get good use of it.
3. Candles are a great gift to buy especially if you know someones go to scent. You can also buy those stress reliving candles because we all have those days. This is one of my favorite scents from fall! 
4. Purses are my weakness and I feel you can never have to many. A satchel is versatile and this particular one is on sale at Target! #winnning
5. I have wanted this necklace for a while because I could just picture it going with so many outfits. Most women like some type of jewelry whether it be earrings or a necklace. 
6. This is a fashion sketchpad and is great for anyone interested in fashion or drawing. I got this last year and I am in love. It's also not a typical gift so you will definitely get #outoftheboxpoints!
7. Everyone can use slippers, nuff said.
8. How cute are these jammies?! These can also be paired with the slippers and that would be a great gift to give a group of friends.
9. I have just found out that I actually like coffee, although it makes me pee like a race horse. This is great for anyone who loves tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. You can also add a hot chocolate mix in it or some candy, anything!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Favorites | December 8th 2014

Only one more final left and I am home free-for a month anyways! This means more time devoted to the blog, more reading, and more time in general! I am so excited for Christmas I am shaking in my boots! This is my favorite time of year and holiday. What is your favorite time of the year?

You never usually see trees in their natural state when it comes to Christmas. However, I might just have to jump on that simplistic band wagon. It still gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside that I get during this time of year. Also, the fluffy thing wrapped around the tree is a blanket-genius! Wish I thought of that. Head on over to Dreamy Whites to see more.

I never can seem to get a blanket scarf to stay on but I continue to buy them because they are SO comfy. I think maybe because I try to do it all fancy and obviously your just supposed to wear it like it's pictured above, who knew?! I love the scarf but I also love how the outfit is centered around the boots because I feel like they are one of the things I can't style easily. I also love the red #gobigorgohome! Move on over to Gal Meets Glam to get close ups.

Thanksgiving Leftovers G
I am still eating Thanksgiving leftovers, mostly the stuffing because it was heavenly. I am so serious when I say I have eaten basically the whole pan, which segways into this favorite- Thanksgiving leftover stuffed mushrooms! This may just take my love for food to another level, Just think of all the possibility's, and it doesn't even have to be Thanksgiving leftovers. Can you tell my love for good food is real? Swoop on over to DomestiKated Life.

My birthday was on Tuesday so technically it wasn't the weekend, but it still was one of my favorite events of last week. I feel like as you get older your birthday starts to matter less, but this was one of the best birthday's yet. You don't need much to have a good time, just people you love, good food, and good times! 


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