Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Favorites...

I always like to surf the web and find cool things! You can find a lot of ideas and fun diys through scouring the web. Today in my Friday Favorites from the world wide web I found some awesome ideas that I definitely want to try, and maybe you'll find something you will want to try to!

  1. First is the diy tie dye denim from a site called Swellmayde! These look so fun and fresh! The best part is, is that they actually look legit, like a professional did it! To find out more on how to to this colorful diy click here!

2. Next is from the AMAZING site Honestlywtf! I am in love with literally all their diy's. This is particularly my favorite because it is more money savy to make floral headbands than to buy your own because as I have previously stated they tend to run steep. To learn how you can start adorning this gorg piece click here!

TIP: If you want a longer lasting headband use fake flowers instead of real ones!

DIY Vintage Trunk Restyle

3. This beaut is from LovelyIndeed! It is a trunk turned into a table. I have fallen deeply in love with trunk tables because they are so unique and vintage! To see how to get this for your abode click here!


4. I love this because I have a ton of magazines and they are just everywhere. the basket is clean ans easily stored. A plus is also the name plate! To find out where to get the basket and make the name plate visit the LizMarieblog!

turn a table placemat into a purse

5. TheKipiBlog is where I found this ultra creative diy. It's a place mat made into a purse-genius. Just hone in on a little bit of those sewing skills and you will be ready to go! Click here to learn how to make it!


6. I sutmbled upon this on MyChicLife, but the diy actually comes from Delightfullydiy. I did a previous post spotlighting Missoni and if you didn't read it you can find it here! Anywho, this is exactly what this necklace remind me of and I am loving it! To find out how, and what you need to make this click here!

7. So I recently found that t-shirt transparencies are wierdly overpriced. That is why I love this diy from TheFirstLime! All you really need is a t-shirt, rulers, sharpie, and a cd! To learn how to do this step-by-step click here!

Hope you found something that excited your creative abilites and TGITW!
(Thank God It's The Weekend!)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trending In: The Interview

As spring is rolling in, the time to look for internships or maybe even jobs begans. One is often skeptical on what is appropriate to wear to an interview. Honeslty, what you wear on an interview depends on where you interviewing. If it's more of a laid back company dress more comfortable, while at a more corporate company dress neat and professional. If you delve into your closet you may realize that you have just the perfect pieces to wear to be workplace ready!

If your unsure of what to wear to an interview stick with these three basics:

Trending in: The Interview

Trending in: The Interview by dantidoll 

Office: For a job that revloves around the office pair a black trouser, black blazer, and black blouse together to make your look cohesive. Adding a brocade blazer or any color blazer other than black, serves as a statment peice but still keeps the look simply and professional. The classic black pump finishes the clean look.

Fashion: Jobs in fashion lets you step out of the box a bit. Adding a peach blazer with a white sheer shirt makes you look clean and sleek. Adding a pencil skrit that doesn't exaclty hit the knee is taking away the librarian look while still keeping it proffesional. Add a bootie to complete the look and don't wear a heel that is to high.

Laid Back: Laid back is more of a look for companies such as Google or a journalist job. The look vibes of casual with the plain white tee, inifnity scarf, and sandal. The look still is kept professional with a gray blazer and a harem trouser.

Keynote: It is always good to look and feel your best when going to an interview, whether it be for a laid back company or a corporate business! Happy Jobbing!

Monday, April 15, 2013

H&M Conscious &....

I visited H&M last weekend and their new conscious Collection was in full swing. Displayed right as you walk in it really catches your eye! It is supposed to offer more sustainable fashion for the everyday wearer. Personally I like it! It seems airy, fun, and easy! Along with this I also spotted these colorful cross body bags that were to live for! I am always a sucker for satchels and cross bodies. Also, if you read my previous post I was talking about tweed jackets. I spotted one at H&M for 19 dollars! I got mine for 15 at Charlotte Russe but I think  this is a steal for a nice versatile jacket as such. Any who I think this collection can work for almost any woman and gets an A+ in my grade book!


Beyonce is the new face for H&M's summer collection. She is wearing pieces coming from her own style no less. Just the one shot on the website gets me extra excited about the collection! Especially since Beyonce is THE diva and well just fabulous all around!  Shot in the Bahamas, as a print campaign and commerical, I am sure this will definitely be a hit not a miss!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do The Tweed

It seems that tweed jackets have flown in on the scope of new trends! I have actually had my tweed jacket for a while now and I love it. I wear it with a variety of things but my favorite look is with the graphic tee. I see it as a chic blazer that feels like heaven! I think it can definitely work with dress pants, but to dress a more casual outfit wear with jeans, a tee, and any size heel.

Tweed, Tweed

3.1 Phillip Lim graphic top / Alice + Olivia lightweight jacket / Torn jeans / Le Silla strap sandals

(Please forgive my camera quality, saving up for those high tech ones!)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Under Exposed

Nowadays, people aren't shying away from one piece bathing suits , and they are no longer "just for kids", as the tricks kids would say. Nor are we obligated to wear the basics.We have evolved and continue to in fashion, by clothes,  by bloggers, and by designers. As the creators get bolder so do the wearers. It is in a way fascinating,  as we grow we don't let the pass go completely. It is sometimes good to mix the old and new. Bringing back the retro feel of the Marilyn's and the Taylor's it is something we can't let go of even if we wanted to. I guess you could call it a classic or just good, delicious, taste.

The Two Piece

The One Piece

(To view prices click over the photos!)

Monday, April 1, 2013


So this weekend I made the trek to Target and Kmart. I don't really wear makeup on a regular basis, but I always have to have something on/for my lips. I had to start off  with red, and boy that was a stretch at first. Now, I have ventured into more colors and I really like different lip colors. These colors are the ones I have seen a lot lately and a few I have tried or want to try. The advice I would offer is definitely try a variety of colors and experiment, because if at first you don't succeed kiss a frog and try again!


(This is the color I actually bought!)
21 Sangria-Milani
I actually like this color for my complexion, I think it compliments a brown, soft, skin tone.

01 Sweet Nectar-Milani
I think this color is to bright for me. Personally I think it would look good on a lighter or medium toned complexion.

890 neon Red -Maybelline Color Sensational LipColor
Many say red doesn't look good on darker, warmer, complexions but I disagree. The key is to find the RIGHT red color and brand.

905 Brazen Berry- Maybelline Color Sensational LipColor
I have a color similar to this expect it's a matte color and it's a different brand. Actually it's the same brand as the one from my favorite list! This I would say works on almost everybody, the real key is being bold enough to try it!

055 Cupcake-Revlon Colorburst lip Butter
I have wanted to try this type of baby pink for a while. I really just haven't made it to that bold of a level steps!

945 Sundays By The Siene-L'oreal Paris-Colour Riche Lip Balm
I was so excited about this when I spotted it! Whoever thought of colorful lip balm is pure genius. I didn't get this yet, but it's definitely on my wishlist.

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