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Look: Back to School | August 16th 2014

Back To School

In high school everyone cared about what everyone else was doing. What people were wearing was always something people talked about at my high school. My first year of high school I looked like I got dressed in the dark. My go to were boot-cut jeans, sneakers, and ALWAYS a jacket because I was/am always cold. I redeemed myself by 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. I kind of caught on to the whole looking nice thing, and it was smooth sailing from there. The point is that back-to-school clothes shopping became a big thing for me. I loved back-to-school shopping. This year though I didn't do much of it. I mainly forgot but half the students in college don't really care what your wearing anyways, and the ones that do are all probably mainly in my fashion classes. The outfits here are most definitely things I am wearing back to school and hopefully can give you some idea of what to wear back-to-school or just to look super fly.

1. I have oddly become a fan of white jeans. I was never really feeling it, but if you work it right, you my friend will look kick-butt fabulous! I am more of a cardigan person, so that's what I paired it with. Gray is so neutral it goes perfectly with white, and booties because they are my favorite shoe to wear...well all the time.

2. I think everyone has these pieces in their closet to recreate this look. This look is my go to when I can't figure out what to wear, or want to feel super hipster-ish, we all have those days! Black jeans were my staple for fall last season and are this year to, a gray tee because it is comfortable and mostly goes with everything, booties because they are life, and a bag. I only carry a purse type bag when I only have like one class, but days I have a full schedule backpacks all the way.

3. I don't wear shorts that much because my legs always get cold, and the classrooms are always freezing! I am certain I am anemic but I have only diagnosed myself. During the very beginning of school it's still pretty warm so I can throw them in there at least once before fall. I always love a good flowy crop top, and I am in love with this cardigan. Oh and booties because after writing this I have concluded that these are a staple too! 


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