Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wearing it- The Bob

As the weather begins to warm-up the layers are disappearing and the locks are too! Bobs are great way to wear your hair in the spring/summer seasons because it is easy to care for and keeps you from burning from that fire ball we call the sun! The bob is definitely for the daring type and that woman who wants to be able to style on the go, while still looking fabulous!

60s mod bob hairstyle

caitlin stasey afi

Marloes Horst: Vogue Mexico, October '11


Karlie Kloss - LACMA Art and Film Gala 2012


Karlie Koss did it, can you?

(My answer probably not because my hair hasn't even grow back from the last time I cut it 2 years ago. I could probably rock a killer bob though! If you've got the will go ahead and chop those locks like a G!)

(Click on photos to view original link & more)

There are countless ways you can style, cut, and wear your hair. Choose the one that makes you feel good and look even better! 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What's In The Bag?

So this past weekend I went to H&M for a bathing suit, they have such a variety of things! Let's just say I was in there for a long time! I usually buy something when I go there anyways but this time I bought a bathing suit, which I had to mix and match since the bottoms didn't fit, but hey that's a whole other post for a different day! Any who I have been wanting to get a new bag for the longest because I am just in love with purses and I found the perfect one! It was only $20.00 dollars and it's one I can wear like a satchel which is AMAZING! I think you can tell a lot about someone depending on what's in their bag. Personally I think I have a lot of "stuff" in mine, maybe to much? Really how much is to much these days though? Do women need to de-clutter their purses because minimal is better? I say no, put whatever you want in there, you paid for it or maybe you didn't because you just have it like that! If that's the case you go on with your bad self!

What's In The Bag?

H&M , $23 / Kate Spade eyewear / Tech accessory, $45 / Yves Saint Laurent pen eyeliner / Lipstick / Forever 21 flavored lip gloss / Body moisturizer / Mason Pearson tortoise shell comb / Hexagon Scribbler Pen / Stove with Kittens in Christmas - Spiral Notebook - 4 x 6

1. I have what I think most women have, lip gloss (a MUST), lipstick (Milani- my favorite EVER), and sunnies to block the light AND look oh so fabulous!
2. I also keep hand sanitizer and lotion in there because germs spread like wildfire these days. A notebook or something to write on and a pen.
3.Of course I need my phone to play words with friends, Instagram, and of course in case of emergencies.
4.I think everyone should carry a comb or brush or something in their bag especially since it's getting warm and that wind definitely whips your hair back and forth!
5. Everyone sees my wallet and they think it's a cigarette holder, but no it's just a wicked cool wallet!
6. I try to have gum in my purse at all times, it doesn't always work that way but I do think you should have something to freshen up your breath in dire situations.
7. My USB has a lot of unimportant stuff on it so I am not really sure why it's even in there.......

SN: This is what the actual purse I got looks case you were wondering:)

Now that you have seen inside my bag, go take a look at yours and try to eliminate things you no longer use and or don't really need in a bag! Also try to add things that you use on a daily basis! 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trending At....

Trending At...

3.1 Phillip Lim floral tank / MSGM checkered shirt / Mango jacket / Reiss silk maxi skirt / Armani Collezioni , $235 / One Teaspoon shorts, $100 / H&M wide shoes, $20 / Alexander Wang snake print pumps / Wallet / Uniqlo floppy hat, $22 / Leather belt, $35

1. A matching pant and blazer really represent the mo-chromatic feel for this season. If dresses aren't your thing this outfit is great for you because it is classy while still keeping you in your comfort zone! This outfit is made more casual by adding a graphic tee.

2. For a summer/spring graduation shorts are the perfect to adorn! A plain short with a fancy top can go a very long way. It keeps you comfortable with the weather while still looking event appropriate and chic to the beat. To enhance your look even more, add a clutch and a layered necklace!

3.Maxi skirts are a go to when dressing something up. This look also goes with the weather and is definitely right for graduation. Some are actually outside which is where the sunhat comes in handy! I absolute love this look because it is simple yet oh so elegant, young, and sophisticated!

Whether your a graduate, future graduate, or graduate attendee you can still look Fabulous! Congrats to all those who are graduating, may your dreams soar, and may all your future endeavors come true!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekend Favorites

My goal when I started this blog was to post everyday, then it went to every other day, and now it's once in a while! With school, work, and important events in sight I just haven't had the time, but I am determined to change that ASAP! So anyways I decided to post twice today to make up for earlier this week so if you haven't already look at my post about spicing up your nails go check it out! Now without further adieu...WEEKEND FAVORITES!

1. I love things that are easy to make, because you can do it fast and make more than one! This is a great idea for closets especially if you have limited space or lots of clothes, mine is the latter! To find this DIY go to OhohBlog!

Make a simple DIY mug for your mom for mother's day, birthday or just to show her you love her! | #diymug

2. This is a great idea for many occasions! Thank you's, Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day,  you name it you can make a cup for it! I actually have made these before but I think her's are way better than mine! All you really need is any cup and markers that are for writing on ceramics or glass. To do it just right though, go to GimmeSomeStyle!

3. Bows are so pretty and feminine and gorg and did I say pretty? First I just love the shoe in general, seriously wait till you see the back of them, they are to live for! This looks extra easy,so go to OnceOverLighty and learn how to do it, like right NOW!

4. I like wearing earrings because if I don't I feel as if something is missing! This is a super cute DIY because you can get really creative with this. You can make different colors, or many colors on the same earring, you can basically just go ALL OUT! Well that's what I would do anyways (*shrug*). So you wanna know how to make these fabulous gems? Visit EncourageFashion to find out!

Oh-so-very-pretty-graduation-gift-idea-10 copy

5. As graduation's are coming up it is time to look for the perfect gift! I love this idea, not only because it's pretty but also because it can be made personal! To find the materials you need and all that jazz go to OhSoVeryPretty!

6. I don't wear makeup that often because I get sty's easily, but this idea is very chic! I am sure the more makeup you have the bigger dish you could get or find you already have. Also if you don't wear makeup religiously you can use it for something else like jewelry! To find out 
how visit Alexandrea Hedin at blogspot!

7. I am in LOVE with headbands! I don't even know how it started but my collection keeps multiplying. This idea, I absolutely love because, well I love headbands and what greater way to wear one than to make it out of a necklace! It is super easy and takes 5 minutes! I highly recommend you go do this right this second, and to learn how go to Creme De La Craft!

Hope these tid bits have got your creative wheels spinning and inspire you put a little DIY into your daily life!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Nail It Real Good

I  go all out trying to find new ideas to try on my nails. I have definitely been guilty of spending over hours just looking for nail designs that I can accomplish on my own. As nail wearers evolve onto a whole different level so does the nail designs. I picked some that I would love to try and hopefully will inspire you to put a little life into your most used accessory!


@deborahlippmann ombre mani using #Marnie #Shoshanna and #BringOnTheBling #nailart for our 13 year old cuz @soccerstar110024 (at Hey, Nice Nails!)

(via lyndarthemerciless)


Love this look! #gray #pink #coral #outline #outlinemani #cnd #shellac #cakepop #glossnailstudio @official_v




They’re watching ಠ ಠ ಠ
More original nail art.

I’m in love with everything about this mani.


The Leaf effect!


Love this color combo! The pic does not do justice! #gray #neon #yellow #gelpolish #glossnailstudio



Now bust out the nail polish and get creative and if it doesn't turn out how you like it, use your handy dandy nail polish remover! 

(All photos from F*** Yeah Nail Art, unless link is underneath. Click on photo to get to the designated link)



Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Favorites

The weekend is probably my most favorite part of the week. Especially when it involves family, tea parties, and delish food!

DIY Ikea Lack Table Upgrade

1. I love DIY furniture because it can definitely be expensive these days. This is super easy to make and can be found at the lovely, Lovely Indeed!


2.This fantastic wedding DIY is from Lezoemusings! It's a make shift photo booth made out of Styrofoam.  It looks fun and easy and is a great way to get guests involved on your special day. To view more click Here!

3. Believe it or not this ring in handmade! I love rings and this is so fun and would be easy to wear with lots of things! All you really need is doll pieces, ring blanks, and hot glue! To learn the step by step visit the originator, Caroline at Burkatron


4. I love purses, like I am in love with them! This pouch is DIY and does involve sewing but I definitely think it's worth it. The pattern is so cute and is a perfect inspiration for the spring/summer season! On this site you actually have a kit that you buy and it has all the materials in it, but I am pretty sure you can make it yourself by following the directions. This box is actually sold out and you have to sign up to actually order. So if your willing to take on the challenge and get all the materials yourself visit at FortheMakers!

5. These sunglasses are so fun and really inexpensive to make! Basically what you need is some sunglasses and decals from a craft store like Michael's! To see the step by step and other small materials you need visit Beauty Lab!
(BTW it's in Dutch but Google should ask to translate)

DIY Rose Beaded Necklace

6. I think this is a perfect statement necklace for spring. It just makes me smile looking at it! The chain and roses should be fairly easy to find at your local craft store and all the other little tid bits you may need. To view the process on making this go to My Little Secrets!

KatHarris.NavyTrench.JenPinkston 13

7. Lastly I adore this navy trench. I like cover-ups and jackets because I am cold all the time, so I always have a jacket handy. This is perfect to put on and throw off if it's hot out! to see more pictures go to The Effortless Chic!

Hope you Had/Have a wonderful Weekend! I know I have!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trending On....

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I want you to look fabulous! Whether your a mother or not, you can still look nice and dress to feel good. Whenever I think of Holidays as such I think of dresses, because it's the perfect time to bring out your spring wear. Wherever you plan to pamper your Momma or be pampered, you will do it looking oh so chic.


River Island dress, $34 / Uniqlo sleeveless sheath dress / Topshop short t shirt / Alice + Olivia long floral skirt, $660 / Travel shoes / Yves Saint Laurent leather strappy sandals, $755 / Franchi / Envelope clutch

1. A sheath dress is so easy because you can just slip this dress right on. It also is a fun color which balances it out because it doesn't technically show off your curves. This would be great for chuch or even a lunch.

2. One can hardly ever go wrong with a maxi skirt. This is flowy and young,but is kept shophisticated with the long sleeve black top and the small heel. This is also great for lunch or any cool suprises you have up your sleeve, like a picnic.

3. Bold is in this spring, and it definitely says go big or go home. I think this is perfect for moms because it's simple, chic, and not to revealing. This would be great for a night out.

"Sometimes the strength of Motherhood is greater than nautral laws"- Barbra Kingslover

Monday, May 6, 2013

Start it Off....

Mother's Day

Mother's Day may be one of the most important holidays to date. When your younger you can get away with the chores coupons but what about when you get older? It's gets harder and harder each year to find that "perfect" gift. So if your stuck in a gift funk take a look below and see if you can find the perfect gift to chreish the woman who gave you life!


1. You can never really go wrong with flowers. They smell good, look pretty, and are not pricy depending where you get them!
Where to get them: $20 for $40
(Expires in 6 days)

2. Who doesn't love a free spa day! Massage, relaxation, and resotration, I want one too now!
Where to get them: have quite a few deals so you can choose but put in your area to make sure that it's a spa near you!
(Expires Soon)

3. Instead of going out make dinner for your mom. Nothing is better for a woman who can get a night off of making meals!

What to make:
Chicken Under A Brick
Grillen Chicken & Pineapple Sandwhich
Cheesesteak Sandwhich
Grilled Pork & Peaches
Grilled Steak with Red Wine Butter

(All found from Eat This Not That found here)

4.A potography session is a cool and unique gift, especially since most photos in parents houses are of thier kids!
Where to get it:
It's best to look in your local are for a local photogtapher and most likly they will have a Mother's Day deal!

5.Gift cards are the best way to go if you don't wan to to get something you don't know if the person will like or want.
Where to get them:
Anywhere really, such as Khols and Rite Aid

Hopefully you found something you madre will love and if not, well go for the go to,breakfast in bed!

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