Friday, May 30, 2014

DIY: Jewelry Plate | May 30th 2014

Hey guys! So today I have a little diy for you! I have needing to clean off my dresser for the longest time, and I finally did it! To go along with my de-cluttered dresser I thought it would be so cool to make a jewelry plate as well. This was super easy and the only thing I had to buy was the plate, which is from Dollar Tree! Maybe you will find some time to do this project as well! 

What You Need:
Plate-Dollar Tree
Dinosaur- Already Owned (Can find at local craft store)
Super Glue- Already Owned (Can find at local hardware store)
Gold Spray Paint- Already Owned (Can find at local Walmart)
Tape- Already Owned (Can find at art store)

It's pretty much self-explanatory, but I thought I would give the briefest explanation of what I did.

1. I taped off all the parts I wanted to remain white. I did it free had so it's not perfect at all, but I like it like that.
2. Next, I sprayed the plate as well as the dinosaur.
3. Then I let it dry outside for about an hour.
5. Next, I glued the dinosaur to the plate,and it dried almost instantly.
4. Then I used it! Bam! That easy!

Not the best photography and it looks way better in person, but hopefully you can see my vision, and I hope you will try it too!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"April Favorites Even Though It's Almost June" | May 28th 2014

Hey guys today I am sharing my April favorites. I am super late getting it up, although I filmed it  weeks ago. I thought I should still share because there might be something you want to try! Hope you enjoy and you will see a May favorites video very very soon!
You can also follow me on my YouTube channel: FlyingSimply


Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Favorites | May 26th 2014

DIY_Gold, Metal_Fringe_Purse_Bag

I think I have an obsession with purses. No, seriously I have a lot and I can never get enough. When I see a good looking purse I get a skip in my heart and a pep in my step. I am smitten by this side bag because it's so edgy and chic at the same time. Want to bag this bag yourself? Head on over to High On Diy to learn how to diy it.

I have to admit I  have been sucked in by the overall trend. I have yet to find the perfect pair but I will keep looking! Until then, I will obsess over the cute styling of this pair of overalls from Topshop. Want to see more pics? Make your way on over to Adventures In Fashion.

green goddess pasta salad 1

I have discovered this new found love for food. I didn't realize how fun it is to experiment with flavors and tastes and I could go on and on, so I will make this a whole other post! The dish pictured above is a declicous looking pasta salad. I haven't made it yet but I seriously could eat this everyday probably. For more scrumptious looking recipes head on over to Bowl Of Delicious.

scotchblue magnetic chalkbaord

How neat is this memo board. I love finding good functional wall art that looks like it belongs there. Wall art like this also keeps you on your game in getting things done or can even be an inspiration. Need something like this in your office or home? Make your way on over to Say Yes.

Teysha - The Darling Detail

Who says you can't wear boots in the summer and spring, because I say it's a do! For weather that's warm during these seasons go with a shorter boot like the one pictured. I also love how it's paired with crisp white shorts to make the color in the boots stand out. I think The Darling Detail is definitely getting a follow from me because her style is on point.

Grilled Watermelon, Smoked Salt and charred jalapenos -

Have you ever heard of and/or tasted grilled watermelon? Not me! It seems like something a bit of unusual to eat but I really want to try this. The way it's described seems like it would taste like heaven in my mouth! Want to know how to grill some delicious watermelon for any summer occasion? Flip on over to Boulder Loocavore!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Shop It Up:Memorial Day | Latest Deals This Weekend

I am all about deals and steals everyday all day. This weekend is especially special because there are lots of Memorial day deals going on. On the blog today I have compiled some great online/ in-store deals that should get your weekend kicked off just right! Also, I picked some of my favorite items from the site to give you a little taste! I haven't listed all the deals but hopefully enough to fill your shopping addiction AND mine! 

(Clicking on store name will take you to site; clicking on item name will take you to that item)

Start of Summer Sale

I have never ordered from here before because they are a little more expensive than what I usually will spend. With that said I have heard a lot that their quality is on point, and I know for a fact that they have some banging products!
Deal: Additional 50% off markdowns
Shipping: Free shipping on orders of $75 or more
TIP: 50% isn't reflected till you put item in bag
Sandals: $22.00-With Discount
Necklace: $4.00-With Discount

I have actually ordered from them before and it was a very pleasant experience. Again, they are a bit expensive for me but I have seen some pretty good deals before. Overall, they have nice, fun, quirky items and 25% is pretty good for a store that costs more than others.
Deal: 25% off all dresses, men's tanks, and shorts
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50, Free Returns, and $10 flat shipping rate
TIP: 25% isn't reflected till you put item in bag
2 Dresses I liked: Fit and Flare-$33.00 With Discount; Tiered Tank Dress-$29.99-With Discount

Hot Hot Hot Sale! Shop Now >

I have ordered from here before and it was pleasant, but I ended up having to return the item. This deal is online and in-store. I can always end up finding at least one thing I would consider buying from this site.
Deal: Tops at $7, All shorts buy 1 get one for $10, Dresses up to 40% off, Shoes Buy 1 get 1 for $8, Some Jewelry 2 for $10
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $65 
2 items I liked: Statement Earrings-$6.00; Scalloped high-waisted shorts -$19.99

I have also ordered from them once a long time ago and it was a very good experience. I will say they have cute things, but there prices are a bit higher than a store like Forever 21.  The deal doesn't sound fabulous compared to others, but there are some pretty good priced items.
Deal: Save up to 80% on all styles
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $60
Heel: $21.88

Who doesn't love Bath & Body Works. I know I do although their prices are way better at the outlets, which is where I love to stock up whenever I can make it there. I have also never ordered online from here, but there are many stores that one can visit if they don't want to order online.
Deal: 20% off Purchase, Up to 50%Selected Items, Buy 3 Get 3 Free, 3 wick Candles 2 For $22, 2 Pack Wallflower Refills for $6
Shipping: Free shipping on orders of $50 or more

Everything's on Sale

50% is a really good deal for Old Navy because you can find some pretty good items. I have never shopped online, but have in-store way to many times to count!
Deal: Up to 50% off styles
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50; Free Returns
Sandals: $19.00
Purse: $27.00

Deal: Extra 30% Off Sale Items; Military Discount In-Store Only
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $50
Overall Dress: $19.00-$11.89 With Discount
 Sleeveless Sweater:$14.22-$9.95 With Discount

If you watched my hauls recently then you know my new found love for Rue 21. I have ordered online before but had to return it because it was to big, which was super easy. They have great on trend things and really good prices on most days!
Deal: Up to 50% Off Everything In-Store & Online, Rompers & Dresses Buy One Get One for $5 OR Buy One Get One 50% Off, Shorts Buy One Get One for $1
Shipping: Free shipping on orders of $50 or more
Items I Liked:Daisy Shorts:$12.99;Printed Romper:$17.99

The entire store is 40-60% off!

I think I like shopping in-store at Hollister than online, just because I can try things on. I have never ordered from the site, but I would try it out if you see something you like! They have a pretty clear target market, but I think young adults can find some great things too!
Deal: 40-60% Off In-Store & Online
Shipping: Free shipping on ALL Orders
Tip: Online Price Reflects Discount
Items I Liked:Crop top-$11.97;Shorts-$26.97


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Style:Crop Tops

Style: The Crop Top

Crop tops are the craze this season, and I have to admit I have hopped on this bandwagon. Here are three ways you can style the crop top and look fly all summer season!

TIP: Always try to wear crop tops with high-waisted bottoms. There are some instances where you can get away with it but not many.

1. For this look I paired a printed crop top with a plain bottom. These bottoms are the high-waisted origami skort and dresses up the patterned crop top. This look is great for a night out with the girls on a warm summer night!

2. This is the classic crop top look. Pairing a pair of high-waisted shorts with a crop top is a go-to outfit for this season. Switch it up a bit by wearing an off the shoulder crop top. Showing a little skin compliments the covering up with the high-waisted shorts.

3. For a nice office look opt for high-waisted pants. Contrast these business like pants with a chain crop top and a black strapless crop top underneath. Cover up with a blazer during the day, but at night take it off. You can still layer in the warmer weather!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Favorites | May 19th 2014

Strawberry Shortcake Doughnuts | The Little Epicurean

I have been craving donuts for the longest time! Donuts are like a hole filled with goodness and love. These are even better though because they aren't any plain donuts there are strawberry shortcake! Head on over to The Little Epicurican to learn how to make this delicious treat!

This is one oF the cutest and funniest little girl I have ever seen! I don't remeber exactly how I stumbled upon this blog but I liked it instantly. Head on over to Everyday Reading can check out some cool diy's, the funniest little girl, books and much more!
Here is a snippet of just how witty this little tot is!
Bart generally spends two hours twice a week with the girls in the morning while I get some work done.
Ella: We should read a book. We just don't get to spend very much time together. 
Janssen: You don't think we spend very much time together?
Ella: No. [big sigh] Dad just takes care of us almost all the time. 

Clutches are great for spring and summer because it's less things you have to carry, therefore less things to make you hot. I would have to say I love me a good satchel, but at least one clutch should be in everyone's closet. If you don't have one here is your chance. Make your way on over to Live It. Love It. Make It. to create your own now!


A good form of  art can do wonders on a otherwise bare wall. I am a sucker for unique and cool wall art and this definitely doesn't fail to dissapoint. I love the colors and the different types of spoons used. If you want to spice up a wall in your place fork it on over to A Joyful Riot.


I don't know why but I find this moss vase super chic and cool. This vase definitely gives me an Alice and Wonderland vibe. This diy is so easy, which definitely makes it more likely that I will make my own as well. Want to be taken into your own wonderland? Skip on over to Upcyled Treasures to make your own.

matchy matchy, matching set, floral set, spring, trend, pencil skirt, crop top

This spring and summer a pippin trend is the matchy-matchy look and I am liking it! There is just something so effortless about a two piece outfit. Furthermore, you can pair each piece with different clothing items, so basically it's a win win. Check out more pictures of this fabulous outfit at Lush to Blush.

Scandinavian Kitchen Designs-29-1 Kindesign

I have been more into cooking lately which doesn't really have anything to do with this kitchen in retrospect. I just really would love to whip up a couple of dishes in this fabulous kitchen. I have already come up with three- flat bread pizza, ravioli, and tomato basil soup-yum. See more fabulous kitchens like this on 1 Kin Design.

Hope you are having a great Monday and as always thanks for visiting!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Feelings...

I think spring is my favorite season of them all, besides the pollen it's the perfect weather! Decorating for spring in the home has to be one of the easiest task because a lot of it involves rich colors and unique decor. Instead of just decorating for spring, why not base your theme on spring. Decorating with spring in mind can last you with a cool space all year round. Today I have a big and small things that can put a "spring" in your step and get your home feeling refreshing and ready for the wonderful weather to come.

Amanda Holstein's San Francisco Home Tour #theeverygirl
1. Gold to me feels so regal in a room and can definitely be carried all year round. Incorporate it with a lamp, an accessory like a tray, or even a desk.  Another great way of infusing a spring feel is with a pop of color through furniture like an office chair, refrigerator......

Design*Sponge Sneak Peek

or if your a real risk taker a couch!


Colby Burlingame's Atlanta Apartment Tour #theeverygirl

Design Sponge/

2.Not everything has to scream spring just because that's what your'e going for. Adding small touches like a bouquet of flowers or powerful art can instantly make a difference. 




3.Your own trinkets can play a big part in your space. They  give your home a more personal feel, tell a story, and give that unique and fun feel that evokes the carefree-ness of spring. 


Design*Sponge Sneak Peek:  Main living room plants: When my succulents out-grow my kitchen window pane, they graduate to here. So this is the Class of 2012.

Lauren Mizrahi's San Francisco Studio Apartment Tour #theeverygirl

Design Sponge/ Another look at the red chair and DIY table. The vintage milk jar holds a bouquet of mimosa.

4.We also can't forget nature. Adding green plants as well as flowers (real or fake) gives a refreshing feeling to any space and can double as great decor.


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