Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Favorites | April 29th 2014

So exams are in full swing and that equals lots of studying, but breaks are a must! I had to carve out some time to show you guys my weekend favorites and every other day uploads will be returning shortly!

Dyeing with Kool Aid

Who knew kool-aid wasn't just for drinking? It's always fun to find new things to diy with, especially if you can get them at a good price. I think kool-aid packets are actually less expensive than dye. Head on over to The Crafted Life to make your own craft with kool-aid.

How to make a DIY lamp from a glass bottle or vase

Bottles are becoming very multipurpose these days! So many uses can come out of bottles such as vases, storage, decorations, or even like this-a lamp. I love this lamp because it looks expensive, like something from Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, which I love. If you want to make your own beacon of light shoot on over to Madigan Made.

Tattooed Martha - Ron Swanson Inspired Maple Breakfast Cupcakes (20)

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal, I can't say definitely because I love lunch as well! These breakfast cupcakes look so good and really makes me want a piece of bacon. Want to have your own personal, delicate breakfast cupcake? Whip on over to Tattooed Martha.

diy drugstore candle makeover | almost makes perfect

This is a why didn't I think of that diy. I always get candles from various places and they don't always have the most appealing labels. I never thought of making my own labels, but it's such a good idea to make them look cohesive. Dash on over to Almost Makes Perfect to learn how to re-transform your candles!

Spring Ankle Strap Heels - Stylishlyme.com

I love heels but I always steer more towards sandals in the spring and summer. I may have to rock some heels this season after seeing these cobalt blue ankle strap heels. These are so colorful and definitely dress up a rather simple outfit. Also, the ankle strap gives more support so your heel is sure not to fling out. Want to rock these as well? Strut on over to Stylishly Me!

amanda risius the everygirl home tour

I love, love, love finding good deals! These pieces pictured above are all a part of an apartment decorated for only $500 dollars! Decorating can be hard these days because there are so many options, but many don't have the endless budget. Head on over to A Hammer and Heels to learn where she got everything from and how decorating for less can look darn good too.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Favorites | April 22nd 2014

There were so many favorites to choose from so I picked my absolute favorites and split them up into categories. Hopefully you are enjoying your week and had a Happy Easter and Earth day!
Jewelry Favorite

 Fall For DIY Raw Stone and Silver necklace

A good necklace can always elevate a look. These cool crystal necklaces can dress up a look and even act as a statement piece of jewelry. I really love the look of this crystal with a long chain, a basic v-neck, and a blazer- super casual chic. If you want a gem like this in your life head on over to Fall for Diy!

Fashion Favorite

I haven't wore a statement belt in a long time, but this could definitely change my mind. This is very classy, easy to create, and great for spring. You can pair this with a nice spring dress and wear it around town looking oh so fabulous! Head on over to High On Diy to make your own!
Food Favorite
Feta Dill Chicken Salad. devour-blog.com

One of my favorite foods is chicken salad. While most chicken salad taste delicious you can mess it up if you don't add the right ingredients. My mom's chicken salad is always super tasty, but I really need to learn to make my own. Slide on over to Devour to make some and I will too!
Crafty Favorite
DIY Metallic Teacups | cladandcloth.com 1

Tea cups are so pretty to look at especially these! I love the gold added and you can use a tea cup for so many things. Obviously you can use tea cups to make tea, but you can also store your rings and goodies in it as well. Spin on over to Clad and Cloth to make your own!

Home Favorite
our fifth house - little girl's room
 I have always wanted to create a gallery wall because it can really express your personality. There are so many possibilities and it's great for displaying your favorite things on your wall. This one is for a young  girls room but some elements can be applied to other rooms like the pretty golden planters. Go visit Our Fifth House to get some tips on making your own gallery wall.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

March Favorites | April 17th 2014

So March is over but I wanted to show you guys some of my favorite things of last month. Maybe some things that were my favorite are your favorite too! As always, you can find my videos on YouTube as well with the link below. Hope your having a great day and be happy because it's almost Friday!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Favorites | April 15th 2014

Need a fun and interactive way to let someone know you want them to have a hoppin Easter? Well, I will lead you to the right place! Slide on over to Persia Lou to make this fun Easter card. I love it because it would be so cool to receive from someone and it's great for any age!

 photo IMG_7197_zps03f0fc36.jpg
Re-purposing things you already own can be some of the easiest diys. I love this bracelet reinvention especially because it uses colorful spring feeling colors. Have some bracelets that need a new look? Head over to Adventures In Fashion.

I just found this idea so cool I couldn't not put it in my weekend favorites! I don't want to give to much away because the picture is sort of telling. This idea is so thoughtful and cool and you should definitely dash on over to Paper & Stitch to learn about "surprise bouquet bombing."

Edible cupcake bouquet with homemade strawberry buttercream frosting
The two holidays that make me think about sweets the most are Halloween and Easter. This screams Easter, deliciousness, beautiful and all of the above! These are great for an Easter party or even as an Easter gift. Whip on over to Million Moments to make this floral treat!

Art is an easy way to dress up a room whether it be paintings or pearl letters. I love this diy because it is so pleasing to the eye, heaven to my eyes is what I will call it! Also this diy is easy and all the items can be purchased at one place which is super convenient. Shoot on over to The Darling Detail to make your own!

The Darling Detail
"Florals for spring...groundbreaking!" I hear and see this saying all the time but florals are here and they aren't going anywhere. I personally like florals anytime of the year because...why not. This dress just hollers spring and I like  how its paired with a chunky brown heel to make it more casual-chic. You can't forget the sun hat as well. Strut on over to The Darling Detail to see more!

Hope your week is going smoothly!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Egg Diy

Hey guys! So Easter is literally right around the bay so I thought I would show you a fun Easter egg diy. You can use it for an Easter egg party and they can still open with this diy so you can hide them too! If you want to make some of your own keep scrolling!

What You Will Need:
1. 2 Plastic Eggs
2. Gold Spray Paint (Mine is from Walmart)
3. Hot Glue Gun OR Super glue
4. Ribbon ( Mine is from Hobby Lobby)
5. Sequins (Mine are from Hobby Lobby)
6. Tape (Any kind will work mine is from an art store)
7. Newspaper

Step 1: I separated my eggs and just taped them to newspaper so it wouldn't blow away while I was spraying it.

Step 2: I sprayed them and let them dry for an hour.

Step 3: I decorated them! You can do what ever you want and make it your own. I basically used sequins for one and wrapped around ribbon for the other. I preferred using a glue gun, but be careful when gluing the sequins because they are small.

This diy is super easy and took me about 2 hours with a break in between. Hopefully this gave you some inspiration for Easter and I hope your Easter is hoppin!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Impress: Press on Manicure- Nail Review | April 9th 2014

Hey guys, so today I wanted to do a little nail review on some awesome nails I came across. They had a booth at the Southern Women's Show doing nails for free and I got mine done. Basically what they are, are press on fake nails.There is a clear adhesive on the back and when you peel it off it is sticky underneath. What I have come to love about these are:
1. They are easy to apply
2. They stick well
3. They stay on for a good amount of time

 I got the plain nails, which is great if you want to do nail designs on your nails. Also, they stayed on for a week and 1/2 including replacing two nails (which was due to using things like baby oil). 

Final Verdict: A
I would definitely recommend these especially if your looking for an alternative to glue on or gel nails. I will say that I do think they are a bit pricey running at about 7 to 8 dollars depending on the design, and I can't find the plain ones again anywhere. Overall it's a safe, fun way to do your nails and make them appear longer and fancy!
All the stores I have seen them at:


Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Favorites| April 7th 2014

Hey guys! I just wanted to do an update since I have been M.I.A. College is seriously no joke and last week was just a busy week, I had exams and papers and work;just madness. Now I am back and super excited because it's a new week! Here are my weekend favorites and as always hope they will be some inspiration to you, or even just brighten your day.

What better way to go throughout the day than with an inspiring message. I think people (me:hint, hint) are so quick to have a day be bad or disappointing. I think seeing this on your desktop or phone will remind you to do well today and not let the day always get the best of you, it's hard but we can do it! Want some inspirational messaging in your life? Head on over to Wonder Forest to get yours today.

Nothing says Easter more than colorful eggs. I really like this diy because they are great centerpieces for almost any warm weather occasion. These also work great as planters in and outside the house. Want to get a head start for Easter, head on over to Green Wedding Shoes!

blue slashed sweatshirt with big flower pin and leopard print sleeves
Intentional holes are just the thing for transitioning sweaters from winter to spring. The slits on the arm are just enough chicness mixed with a bit of ruggedness. What's even better is that you can find plain sweaters like this at Walmart for under 10 dollars. Head on over to Love Magean to make your own!

Statment necklaces are on trend this spring again, and well all year really. I love that on piece a jewelry can truly dress and outfit up. Statement necklaces prices vary but this one is a winner! All you need is curtain rods, ribbon, and to pop on over to Oh Everything Handmade to get the deets!

T-shirt challenge: painted sunset #happinessiscreating
Graphic tees are very versatile this season and what's better than making one yourself. This breezy tee is easy to make and looks great. Swipe on over to Happiness is Creating to make one for yourself!

Art does wonders to many things: life, feelings, empty walls, the whole lot! Painting your own wall art is not only less expensive than buying many different pieces of art, but also is an easy way to decorate multiple  spaces. Suddenly in the spirit to make your own wall art? Make your way on over to Wonder Forest to spice up your place and your life!

Thank you for continuing to take on this journey with me even when I am M.I.A. for a bit, and to new comers welcome aboard!

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