Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 3 Recap | August 13th 2014

On the latest episode of Project Runway the Designers have to create looks from Marie Claire 20 years ago and make them relevant for today. I wasn't even born yet, so that would have definitely been a difficult challenge for me. I feel like I can always tell which look is going to be off the chain and which is not. The one look I liked right away was Kristine, OH MY GOSH, I really liked it, but it didn't end up being one of my favorites. Also, Emily's look was simple but made a point.  One  look I was kind of like "whhhaat?" was Alexander, especially with the bottom. Anyways, as always there may be spoilers so be cautious if you haven't watched, click on the picture to see more pictures of the garment, and lastly, these aren't all the looks so visit the site for more. 

Korina's look is one I actually fell in love with and she didn't even win or make it to the top 3. I just feel like her look is so chic and reminds of something that the daughter in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead would wear,but something I could wear now too. This look definitely says I am awesome, don't underestimate me, and that's basically every woman in a nutshell.

Samantha's look also had me excited this episode. If I had my own cartoon character and was stuck to wearing one outfit like Angelica on Rugrats, this would be it. I mean how cool would my character look? Really cool that's what! I think this look is very on trend and isn't trying to hard. I am surprised she didn't male it to the top winning looks as well.

My girl Sandhya pulled out another winning look and I think people are starting to get jelly beans. I don't understand this look at all, but it works. Her work is very original, different, and refreshing. I think this will definitely work to her advantage this season. She has been my favorite so far but some other designers are definitely raising the bar.

This was the look by Alexander that I was iffy about. I understand what he was going for, but it kind of just reminds of those sacks you use for those races on field day in elementary school. It really does nothing for her body shape and the color makes me sad. I will cross my fingers for him on the next challenge!

Amanda's look was another look I didn't really get. It just seems dated and I couldn't picture anybody rushing to the racks to buy it. The pants did fit really well and were tailored good, and that's always a positive. Other than that I would have to sadly say this look was one of my least favorites. Amanda has been on before, so I am sure she will bounce back.

Angela's look sent her home this episode. I don't really think the look is THAT bad. Would I wear it? No. Would I recommend you wear it? Probably not. There were looks that were worse than this to me though. I honestly think they sent her home because the environment and pressure was to much for her. I would probably be one of those contestants that cries at least twice #noshame. What about you?


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