Saturday, July 26, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 1 Recap | July 26th 2014

Every year without fail I have to tune into Project Runway. I tune in obviously because I love seeing designers grow and their visions come to life, but also because I love a good reality tv show. I have so many shows on my roster I always end up watching them later on, but I had to tune in to the premiere of season 13. I already have some favorite designers, but they may change throughout the season. Without further adieu here are my favorites. 
There are spoilers so if you haven't seen it go watch and come on back! 

Sandhya Garg

Sandhya Garg is one of my top favorites! I love her unique take on innovating fashion and seriously can she give me some sewing lessons. I think it's sometimes hard to do things different because everyone tends to do sort of the same thing, but not for her. Only time will tell but I am rooting for her. #whoop, whoop! Also would you wear this? I definitely would!

Char Glover

Char Glover was one I wasn't sure about at first but her first look was on point. It was so well sewn and elegantly chic, I think I might need sewing lessons from her as well! Personally I probably wouldn't wear the design, but I still think it's a beaute and can definitely be pulled off by some classy fashionistas.

Samantha Plasencia
Samantha Plasencia's first look of the season was so me. I have a feeling she is going to go a long way this season. Even though this is about design it's still reality tv and as a contestant she seems like the one everyone will like, there is always one everyone likes and one everyone hates. We like her, for now anyways! Also can I buy this it needs a home in my closet!

Korina Emmerich

Korina  Emmerich's look was STUNNING. I definitely thought she was gonna be in the top. I seriously was nodding and smiling like yes girl yes! She seems feisty and determined, so much so you can tell she is in it for the win! If she keeps doing looks this good, she has to make it to the top. I actually think they should hire me  because I think I would make a fairly good judge.

Kristine Guico

I could see SO many women wearing Kristine Guico's look. It was on trend, such pretty colors, and it was cropped, how do you deny the crop top! I am not usually a fan of crop tops with non-high wasited things but this works. A double thumbs up for me!

f├Ąde zu grau

I couldn't forget about the guys in the competition. Fade Zu Grau was one of my favorites from the very start when he presented his collection. It was tech savvy, unique, and fun. I would've things off his rack. His first look was not a favorite for me at all, it was beautifully made though. I have seem what he can do so I am not worried, yet....

Head on over to Lifetime to see all the designers, looks, and see which are your favorites this season!



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