Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring Inspiration | February 26th 2015

I seriously needed some spring inspiration. The snow is great for about 5 seconds and then I am ready for it to melt away. I do love my sweaters that I have stocked up on as of late but I am willing to trade them in for short sleeves and cardigans. The only thing that I don't like about Spring is the pollen, my eyes literally die, is pollen your worst enemy too? I already have the flowers, fake of course now all need is the warm weather and the sunshine!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oscar Looks 2015 | February 25th 2015

 I love dressing up although I rarely do. I don't know how flawless I would look walking down the grocery aisle in a ball gown. However, watching others dress up for a night out almost makes me feel just as good...almost. Below are my favorite Oscar looks and dresses I wish to own one day.

Seriously how can you not love Jennifer Lopez's dress? Her style at awards shows is always memorable, good and bad, I always think it's good but then again they haven't hired me on Fashion Police yet....

Emma Stone
Emma Stone is probably one of my favorite actresses, so I am probably bias to any of her outfits, BUT I really do like this look! It's elegant and the slit gives the perfect sliver of leg.

Chloƫ Grace Moretz
Chloe-Grace Mortez always is on point and I wish we were friends and raided each other's closets, more hers than mine. She always does elegance to a capital T!

Anna Wintour and Bee Shaffer
Yes this floral dress worn by Bee Shaffer looks like it could be downstairs bathroom wallpaper and I love it! When everyone wears solid colors it's nice to see a bit of print, I mean it's the Oscars you have got to get wild with it. Anna Wintour is well Anna Wintour nuff said.

Rosamund Pike
This a dress that I love just for the simple fact that it looks gorg on her. It fits her like a glove and looks like it was made for her. Personally I don't think just anyone can pull this off, so kudos to you Rosamund Pike.

Lady Gaga
I saw a lot of jokes about Lady Gaga's rubber gloves and I laughed because it was funny, but I still really like the look. More the dress than the gloves, but hey go big or go home!

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum
My favorite celebrity couple looks as fabulous as always.  If you have never seen Step Up you have to watch it, the first one of course. They are like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde without all the killing, stealing, and running part. I don't have much to say about the suit, I could probably say a lot about that gorgeous face, but I will spare you. The dress though is stunning and the plunge is immaculate tasteful. Well done Tatum family, well done. 

Keira Knightley
This dress is not what I would expect at the Oscars, but the least expected is always better right? It reminds of something you wear frolicking through some flower field in France. This dress is modest, tasteful, and so Keria Knightly

Georgina Chapman
Since the Oscar's are over, can I have this dress? I don't have anywhere to wear yet, but I could definitely find somewhere. It's like a painting made into a ball gown and the detail is amazing. A+ Georgina Chapman.

Kelly Ripa
This is what I call the LBD. The long black dress. The long black dress comes in handy at weddings, when you need to look good but don't want to shave your legs, and of course the Oscars. Kelly Ripa never disappoints and I am loving her bob.

This was by far my favorite makeup look, I may not wear it often but I know a good face when I see it and this is doing the most! Faith Hill sings amazing, looks amazing, and has really white teeth. 


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fashion Week Favorites | February 19th 2015

Every year I long to go to Fashion Week and this year unfortunately was no different. It's kind of big to think of going to Fashion Week when I haven't even been to New York yet. I think my favorite part surprisingly isn't the clothes on the runway but the street style. Don't get me wrong I like the runway stuff to, but the street style is great because it's like gathering a whole bunch of jelly beans in one big bowl, the starburst flavors of course. Here are my favorites, there were a ton to choose from, so this is basically nothing! What is your favorite look and what would you wear to fashion week?

Irina Lakicevic
Photo Credit: The Styleograph

Photo Credit: Phil Oh

Photo Credit: Phil Oh Via Vogue

colorful mens fashion street style photo pitti uomo florence
Photo Credit: The Styleograph

Lighten up, it's just fashion. Photo: Emily Malan/Fashionista
Photo Credit: Fashionista

Photo Credit: Phil Oh

raf simons shoes street style men's fashion paris fashion week
Photo Credit: The Styleopgraph

Photo Credit: Phil Oh

Fashion and Youtube blogger Sonya Esman wearing a Spongebob sweater during NYFW New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014.
Photo Credit: The Styleograph

Photo Credit: Phil Oh Via Vogue

Photo Credit: Phil Oh Via Vogue

street style photo of Kelly Framel of The Glamourai during New York Fashion Week. street fashion image nyfw
Photo Credit: The Styleograph

Photo Credit: Phil Oh Via Vogue

Patricia Manfield on a street style photo taken during New York Fashion Week AW15
Photo Credit: The Styleograph

Kristina Bazan
Photo Credit: The Stylograph

Erika Boldrin
Photo Credit: The Styleograph

women on a winter street style photo taken during New York Fashion Week
Photo Credit: Styleograph

Tina Leung wearing gladiator heels on a street style photo taken during NYFW SS15.
Photo Credit: The Styleograph

On this street style photo you can see models off duty after Alexander Wang show during New York Fashion Week in September 2013. Tilda Landstram and Caroline Brasch Nielsen having fun together after the Alexander Wang Show.
Photo Credit: The Styleograph


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lost Files and M.I.A? | February 17th 2015

Where have I been?! Wouldnt you like to know?! Well if you do I haven't been to another country, or some awesome waterfall, or climbed some mountain, nope just been here doing life. When I have exams coming up, they literally take up half my life, and I refuse to throw up some half done post. We don't roll like that over here! So sorry I have been M.I.A., as they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Here are some pictures of things that were meant to be on Instagram but I guess they didn't make the cut. Hope life is treating you like a box of chocolates.

My mom made this shrimp soup and it was super tasty.

The other day it rained and I didn't have an umbrella. Then surprise, surprise, it was my walk-a-long-walk day between classes. I was shivering like a wet dog the rest of the day.

Even though the Steelers weren't playing in the Superbowl this year we had to do it up on the snacks. Come on over next year we never disappoint. Also if you follow me on Instagram, then you know about my homemade, healthy cheese sticks!

Stir-fry has been my new favorite food! You can add all your healthy ingredients in one meal. BAM, just like that!

We have made this semi-tradition to go for drinks on most Fridays and I LOVE it. The chips are SO good and the drinks are AMAZE BALLS.

I just discovered the best sandwich ever! Ham, turkey, cheese, pickles, waffle iron, and you my friend have just taken a bite out of heaven. Your welcome!

My mom, sister, and I went to a health expo a weekend or two ago and it was so fun. They basically have a lot of booths to do with fitness and food, freebies, samples, and they even had different classes to try. 

I am in love with these nails. They are similar to the Impress nails I have talked about previously but you don't have to peel it off, you just stick it on, which I like better. They lasted a good amount of time for me considering they usually fall off within the day. I think I wash my hands to much, which I think is a good thing? These lasted about 5 days I think, they are called Fing'rs Prints, and they are from Kmart.

1. I got this sweater for Christmas and am in love with the color.
2. I have so many stains on these jeans, even though they have been washed. Vintage maybe?
3. I love these boots that I also got for Christmas and they are from Target.
4. The bracelet I am wearing is from my grandma, also from Christmas and I wear it all the time!
5. I have never had a butt, it was basically non-existent, but doing squats and lunges really works! I wish I had a before and after but I never liked my butt anyways. Long rant short, squats, lunges, and all those butt workouts work, just do them consistently and you will see results!

I will be back this time...promise!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Gif It | February 2nd 2015

When someone is in the midst of spilling the beans and they weren't supposed to.

I love gifs. I feel my life might look a little more interesting if it was seen as gifs. I have finally found a good use in my emotions being written all over my face. #winning I was gonna do a whole other post but I got side tracked and well this is the result, enjoy!


When you try to be super cute and it's an epic fail

When bae likes another girls post on Instagram

When you only have one dance move in the club

When you actually get tax money back

If they even threaten to cancel Orange is the New Black

When someone says a terrible joke and you think about laughing, but decide not to

When Obama mentioned free college

Then you realized it was for community college

When you just knew you were about to get beat

When there is nothing to eat in the fridge

Or, you haven't eaten all day

When little Billy won't stay put

When someone wears sandals in the winter/cold weather

funny gifs | Tumblr

When someone threatens your best friend

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