Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Favorites | September 29th 2014

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I seriously wished my closet looked this good. Every time I clean out my closet I think I get rid of a lot but when I hang everything up it still looks the same! I do have a clothing rack as well and I love it. Unlike her clothing rack mine acts more like a second hanging space than a display of my favorite pieces. If you looking for a clothing rack a great place is Walmart and if you want to see more of this swing on over to Not Your Standard.

No these aren't really healthy, but how good do they look?! These are Apple Cider Donut Holes that are baked, which makes up for the unhealthy part a bit, am I right ladies?! I have come to realize that I really love sweets and since I can't eat them everyday I try to choose very wisely! Do you do this as well? For the recipe whip on over to Cooking and Beer.

I have never had the longest hair and it seems that a lot of hairstyles are always geared towards people with long hair. Not saying long hair is bad, I mean I would be the first in line for some luscious locks. I love this hairstyle though because it's short (no pun intended) and sweet. You can do this with any length of hair really (except pixie of course), so head on over to Wonder Forest for the step-by-step.

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Can I have an office job just so I can wear this? I love, love, love cardigans, they are my favorite accessory. I also, don't believe that you can't wear white after Labor Day. I also love blush pink for fall or any season really. Want to see the whole ensemble? Slide on over to Not Your Standard.

Pizza is and will always will be one of my favorite foods, but it's not as healthy for you either. Crust is my favorite part of the pizza because carbs for the win! This is cauliflower crust and I have tried to make it before and it was a real fail. I have not given up hope though and willing to try it again, maybe I should actually follow a recipe. If you want to make some healthier pizza as well scoot on over to Pure and Simple Nourishment.

A stylish way to wear Aztec Cardigan - Visit for more outfit inspiration and style tips

I think comfy is key in the cold weather months because who wants to be cold and uncomfortable. Not Me! As I stated earlier I love cardigans and these Aztec ones are so fall. Also boots are my favorite shoe in general, I seriously have soo many pair of boots. Ooo and mustard has become my new favorite color. I already have a mustard sweater and a cardigan, I am hooked. Head on over to Stylishly Me for close ups!


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