Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#Ootd | September 24th 2014

I want to incorporate more outfit posts but I always to forget to take pictures of my outfit, but even more than that some outfits are just not picture worthy. You know those outfits that you wear if you KNOW your not going to see anyone of importance, or go anywhere if importance for that matter. So basically these are just photos of my outfits on random days where I felt presentable enough! What days of the week do you feel you look your best? For me, it's definitely days I have my fashion class. #dontjudgeme

Floral crown-Claire's 

This is when we went to Busch Gardens and it was so much fun I think I want tot relive that day over and over! I wanted to be comfortable so I went cas! Short for casual!
Shirt-Old Navy
High-waisted leggings- Forever 21
Denim shirt- Walmart
Headband-Forever 21

Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Pants-Rue 21
Shoes- Kohls
Cardigan- Forever 21


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