Thursday, September 11, 2014

#NYFW | September 11th 2014

You definitely know it's New York Fashion Week even if your not that into fashion. Every year I read the blog post, longing to be on the front row. One day my friends, one day! I always seem to have distinct favorites and then there is always a few that are new and catch my eye. Even though I can't afford most of the items, a girl can dream! In all seriousness it's just for "show",will be modified to sell, and can be adapted to fit your lifestyle and budget! Whilst scrolling consider if you would wear any of these looks and why or why not!

Not much to say because it's always one of my favorites and ALWAYS elegant, lady-like, and dainty in a good way.

I really liked her collection for the 2015 Spring season. It made me happy and being happy is a great feeling to have!

Always one of my favorites as well. The collections produced always seem bright, fun, and flirty.

A newcomer, or just someone I haven't heard of. I really am digging the vibe this collection gives. It's a whole bunch of differences that sort of become cohesive. Also loving the color choices. I think this designer is definitely on my permanent radar.

I believe I liked the collection by this designer last year, but I really like this years! It definitely gives me a 70's safari vibe, sounds weird, looks great!

Stay Tuned for more and hope your enjoying your week as it's almost the weekend!


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