Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekend Adventures | September 17th 2014

Over the weekend my roll dogs, aka my mom and sister were planning on going to the amusement park but it was a gloomy rainy day, therefore the plan was nixed. Instead we went to the outdoor mall, which still doesn't make much sense, but it had awnings and all that jazz and it had stopped raining by then anyways. It's not as fun going shopping when you don't have shopping money because you still buy things, which I did but #yolo I guess. Any who I snapped some pictures because they had a Kate Spade and I love that store even though I can't afford anything in there AT ALL. What is your favorite store you strictly only browse in? Also I am writing this before my class starts as we speak, on my phone, oh how far technology has come!

Ootd at the mall:
Rain coat- not even mine so I have no clue
Jeans-American Apparel
Boots-Love Culture

Ootd For church:
Blouse- Marshalls?
Floral Crown-Pacsun

Thought this was such a good message in Arie: "The girl in this mirror has not been retouched."

How cute are these jammies!

They have such cute nightwear but I had to resist!

Then we went into Kate Spade and this is one of my favorite stores! I am frugal but besides that ain't nobody got money like that over here (aka:me). One day it's gonna happen-which by that I mean 20 years from now.

We also went into a store called Oil & Vinegar and it was pretty amazing! They sell-obviously oils and vinegar, but also things like spreads. We literally stayed in this store for like 40 minutes-and it wasn't even big at all. You could say the saleslady hooked me good because I bought some passion-fruit vinegar. In my defense after being able to taste almost all the vinegar's for free #winning, and her letting me taste the vinegar in sparkling water, it was impossible to walk out of there with nothing. It sounds weird but if you put sweet vinegars like passion-fruit, pomegranate, or apple in sparkling water it actually taste REALLY good. They have a website if your interested because maybe I hooked you too!

Hope your enjoying your hump day!


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