Friday, July 11, 2014

Week Through Instagram & Other Lost Pictures | July 11th 2014

This is actually from this morning. I usually like to eat oatmeal with a banana, but I ate them all. #thestruggle. I opted for an egg instead and some yummy blueberry lime jam, that is made from a farm, which I think makes it full of only natural sugars!

If you follow me on Instagram you know the story behind this picture, it was a baby bit traumatic to say the least! Any who if you want to know the deets, you can follow me on my Insta by clicking my flip feed in the top right corner! This is my usual running gear/workout gear and these shorts are super comfortable, they are from Kohls!

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I follow SO many people on Instagram it's crazy actually. I like to screen shot really tasty meals I want to make our try because you can only go back and look at so many pictures you've liked. I am not gluten-free but this looked to good not to put in my archives to try.

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Like I said I like to screen shot things. Today if you dress up as a cow you can get a free meal from Chick-fil-a. Who doesn't like a free meal?! Honestly I probably won't go because I don't have a cool cow costume and I really have my mind set on some grilled cheese for lunch, YUM!
I think I needed to add more lettuce to this salad because I was hungry like 2 hours after I ate it. It could also be because I worked out and worked up a big appetite, who knows! Not me obviously. Anyways, the salad was still delish. On the salad was ham, turkey, feta cheese, romaine lettuce, and salad supreme. I usually don't eat dressing on my salad because I think it taste pretty good without it, unless it's Cesar salad, especially Olive Garden's! These were some bangin' sweet potato fries, and the smoothie was one of those pre-frozen package ones you just add liquid to.

Shout out to one of  my favorite peeps on her birthday, also a throwback.

My mom, sister, and I made some melt in your mouth tuna noodle casserole, it was amazing. As you can see we really put a dent in it, literally. If you haven't tried it before I recommend trying it at least once, and you would be surprised on how many foods you like after you try them for the first time.

Last night my mom and I made some short-ribs with mashed potatoes and greens. Lets take a second to revel in my moms awesome plating skills. The meat was super tender, the greens super flavorful, and the mashed potatoes, well I just LOVE potatoes! Can you tell I love food too?!

These are some lost pictures of my #ootd because I can't leave you without talking about some clothing too!

Love my high-waisted shorts from American Apparel. They were expensive, but they are comfortable and they go with almost everything! My baseball tee is from Forever 21 and my lace socks are from Payless.

I guess these look like running shorts because two people asked me was I going running the day I wore these. The shorts are from JcPenneys, the tee from Old Navy, and my go to shoes-Keds.

I think it was raining this day, so I threw on my Keds of course, some high-waisted leggings from Forever 21 as well as the cropped tee, and a light weight cardigan from Cotton On.

Not all of these photos are on Instagram, but most are so if you want to follow me and see some more it would be wonderful! Also check out some people I follow because most of their feeds are awesome!


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