Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekend Favorites | July 23rd 2014

Turkey Burgers with Brie and Roasted Strawberries |

Turkey burger, roasted strawberries, cheese, I just can't! This makes me want to devour it right now and I am not even hungry. Once I see foods elevated to a whole new level, it makes me want to step my cooking game up. No Master Chef in my future though, or ever probably. I know your you want to try this asap so head on over to Cookie Monster Cooking.


Color can be so fun to incorporate in your wardrobe. I am loving this blue cutout because it's super fun and is not overly dramatic. I would wear this on a nice evening out to eat or maybe even a wedding. To see more great looks head on over to  Cuppajyo.

Personally I think everyone should have a coffee table in their designated "hangout" area. I know mine would have lots of books, magazines, and food definitely food! I am loving this multi-functional one because putting your feet up on a wood or glass coffee table is sooo uncomfortable. Stop on over to Oh Everything Handmade!

 Final product image

I have featured a lot of jewelry organizers on here, but I seriously can't get enough. This one looks super cool and so Elizabeth Taylor. It definitely would make me feel super fancy. Want to display your jewelry like a queen? Strut on over to Tuts +!

Paris | The Darling Detail

You guys already know I love this blog and basically want her closet. This outfit is one of my favorites because it's laid back but also very "I look good but didn't try hard at all!" Pants like these are so nice because it's the comfort of pajamas but acceptable to wear in public, winning! Head on over to The Daring Detail for more.


Can I live here...forever? Maybe not because I would seriously not keep the white clean, but how Vogue is this apartment. I love things that are so simple but still take your breathe away. There is no question that you want to see more of this gorg place so head on over to Made From Scratch to see more pictures and to Medina Lind the homeowner.



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