Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dream Bedroom Must-Haves | July 19th 2014

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I stay daydreaming about my dream home. My ideas for it are endless and frankly all over the place. Similar to my style in relation to fashion, I can't exactly pin it with one simple word.  There are so many ideas in my head I  might have to invent a new aesthetic all together! A dream home is way far off though so today I am given you guys a peek into all these ideas floating around in my brain if I were moving into a nuevo abode. The process to decorating any home is slow so today I am going to be doing my ideal bedroom.It may be a while...long while actually but it's always good to be prepared and nothings wrong with a little dreaming! Do you already live in a place you would consider your dream home? If so I envy you, but in a good way.



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