Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's Your Fit? | July 30th 2014

What's Your Fit?

Summer may be half way over but there is still time to put on your swimwear and strut your stuff. Now is the time to get bathing suits at a steal because everyone's more worried about back to school shopping than swim suits. Also during this time stores are trying to get rid of old winter wear as well. I found some amazing deals at Kohls. So today I just have a little guide for you for when your getting those bathing suits for a bargain or for future reference! It's important to get the right swim suit that you feel most comfortable in and that's usually the one that fits your body type best!

1. Look Less Lanky with high-waisted bottoms. These bottoms give you more shape at the hip and more definition in your mid-section.

2. To emphasize your hips go for ruffles. Ruffles not only bring attention to your hips, but also give them definition. 

3. For an amazing looking booty go for a bottom that has a higher cut on the hip. This cut gives shape to the derriere. Also make it a cool patterned bottom to play it up even more.

4. If your busty, like muah go for a top with under-wire and side coverage. I find these bathing suit tops not only are the most comfortable but also the most flattering.

5. If your going for a slim look all over opt for a one piece with ruching. Ruching evens everything out and emphasizes your killer curves.

6. To make your legs look miles long go for a side tie bottom. One that rises high on your hip will makes your legs look long for days!


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