Thursday, January 29, 2015

Whip It | January 29th 2015

I wear the same hairstyle constantly. I think it's because I am used to it as well as it looks good and is super easy. Also it's hard to come up with hairstyles not only because my hair isn't that thick and is short, but lets be honest here African American has it totally different than Caucasian hair. I can it do the same things with my hair that they do with their hair. While, this is true I do want to switch it up a bit, I literally have been doing this hairstyle since 9th grade and I am in my second year of college. I won't make any promises and if you see me in the same boring old hairstyle don't give up hope, its a work in progress! 

Below are some hairstyles I love and that give me a little inspo! The longer ones I probably need some extensions and the shorter ones, well those are just inspirations I am not on that level yet to cut my hair.

The Trick to Margot Robbie’s Cool-Girl Half-Bun

Frayed Mini Bun

Pinterest Braid

Best Celebrity Haircuts of 2014

Amy Adams


Gorgeous Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyle

Elle Fanning

Best Celebrity Haircuts of 2014

Upside-Down Half Bun

Fearne Cotton // long bob


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