Thursday, January 8, 2015

Favorite Iphone Apps | January 8th 2015

I have so many apps on my phone it's not even funny or battery friendly for that matter. I actually have quite a few I don't even use, but I like to keep things, it's a problem. Sorry about my background it's still Christmas themed because I just forgot to change it. If I don't talk about one it's mostly likely because I don't use it, but if your curious I would be delighted to give you some insight!

I really don't use any of these on a daily basis but it's nice to have when I ever need to go on them. 
iHeartRadio app- is great because it acts like a portable radio and I LOVE Elvis Duran.

Wattpad- is great if you love reading and want to discover just regular people writing

Astrology Zone- is also nice if your into horoscopes

The gym I have is the Y and it's great for schedules and what not
MyFitnessPal- is useful for tracking what you eat, but be cautious it's addicting
MapMyFitness- I love to use this app when I workout to get a rough estimate of how many calories I burn
Argus- This is great for tracking how many steps you take a day, I love this app.

Timehop- love this it's so cool to see what you were capturing and thinking years ago
New Words/ Words with Friends- I used to play this all the time and just recently got back into it, it really sharpens your vocabulary
Play Books- this is just the Google play book app because I have a tablet and this allows me to read those books on my Iphone
Regal- this is just the movie theater app and sometimes they have good coupons
SheReadsTruth- this is a bible app I just recently downloaded because my favorite one is only for 2014

Sales Tax- This is great to figure out discounts and totals including tax
Retail Me Not and Shopular- these are both similar and they have a lot of discounts and coupons for shopping
Tip Calculator- I like tipping the correct amount when going out to eat so this is really handy

Those are my most used apps. I need to get rid of some but I might need them- one day. That might be boarder-line hoarder status and I might just be okay with that.


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