Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Favorites | January 21st 2015


I have been loving my denim jacket from American Eagle because it goes with SO many things! A denim jacket with black pants is always a heck yes in my book. What really has be swooning over this look is how effortless it is. Furthermore, I love me a good heel I can actually walk in for more than 10 minutes. Want more fabulous ideas because there are plenty at Song of Style.

15 Minute Tomato Basil Soup with Cheese Tortellini |

I love Tomato Basil Soup, it is by far my favorite! This soup has been elevated to another level with added cheese tortellini. I mean does it get any better than this? Probably not. It was so cold today ALL I could think about was coming home and sitting right on top of the heater. This is a perfect cold weather dish and you should check it out at Iowa Girl Eats!

I love this post about "Taking the Pressure Off"on Fit Girl Code. It's not long at all and it speaks volumes. Basically it explains that you don't have to be happy all the time and everyday is not going to be the best. However, you can accept how you feel, sit in it for a minute and move on. Definitely check it out, it's perfect for the new year.

You guys know I love me some food, including croutons. One of my favorite things to add to my salad are croutons. They actually aren't that bad if you don't go overboard with them (which I probably do...). I love this idea as a housewarming gift because it's well thought out. I mean how many bags of homemade croutons have you gotten? None? Me neither. but maybe we will now!
It's so easy to make them that I might actually get in the kitchen and whip them up right now! Well probably not right now, but soon! Head on over to Cupcakes and Cashmere.


This outfit is so me, I can't even really explain why, will the fact that it's just on fleek do?
If so head on over to Sincerely, Jules!

Pizza! I am pretty sure there are people that don't like pizza, but I mean there aren't a lot right?
Me and pizza have a love hate relationship, I love to eat it and hate that I can't get away with eating it everyday. This pizza is the epitome of a healthy pie. There is a lot of fresh ingredients and how good does it look!? Staying in this weekend? Well then it's a must you make this, so click on over to A Fabulous Fete!


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