Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What to Wear | Valentines Day or on the Tindr date to get a date for Valentines | January 27th 2015

Valentines Day is slowly approaching and for us single gals it tends to be just a bigger reminder that we are in fact single. However, we have exactly 17 days to find a significant other so get going! Just Kidding! Maybe not...? Whether your single, married, engaged, divorced (I don't really know any other relationship titles} don't put in so much gusto into this one day of love, when frankly everyday should be a day of love. Before you hate me for saying that just know that is a right of me as a single person on Valentines and when I am no longer single for a Valentines Day, I will probably love the heck out of this holiday. #noshame This post isn't about my forever wishing relationship goals, it's about looking good this Valentines Day. When you look good you feel good and who doesn't want to feel good? Exactly, no one! It's also great to look good on Valentines because if you are single you might just hook you one of those many fish in the sea!

Jenny Tsang - Beau

Casual and Fierce
Nothing says fierce like all black on a love filled holiday. Some people (me) love wearing jeans, and why forgo them just for one special day. I do love dressing up, but it's winter and snowing and well I hate being cold! Don't want to make this look as cold as the weather? Add color popping accessories like a red bag or a statement necklace. 

Besugarandspice FV - Zara Skirt, Purificación García Bag - Through The Rain

Sweet & a Tinge of Edge
I have formed a new unbreakable bond with knee-high  boots, which are perfect for those outfits that don't mesh with tights. I like an outfit that incorporates the coat into it because lets be real nobody looks cute when they are shivering like a wet dog. 

Maggie Chan - Pink Sweater - Rouge Pur

Leather pants are on my try-some-day-list-but-not-today. I just haven't mustered up the courage to try them out. However, I see them styled so good these days I might jump on the back of the bike someday soon, but not today of course. It's so cliche to wear pink and red on Valentines but cliche is not always a bad thing. This is so simple, but still gives the vibe that says "I am the ish!"

Heeyoung Sim - Forever 21 Lace Midi Skirt, Victoria's Secret Bralette, Topshop Leather Jacket, Zara Nude Heels - Leather and lace

Sugar, Spice, and an Edge of Nice
This is if you live in a warmer climate or are willing to risk shaking like a wet poodle. Like basically everyone says nowadays-beauty is pain. I like this outfit because it shows just enough skin, and has just enough femininity with the lace. Also, who doesn't want to look good for their man, or themselves!

Danielle DeHardt - Shopakira White Maxi Dress, Hallelu Boutique Hat, Ami Clubwear Boots, Silence & Noise Harness Bralette - Wonderland

The Godess

I had to add a dress in because who doesn't want to flash a bit of leg. I love these one with slits because you can just whip it out-like BAM! At the appropriate time of course! Since it's a longer style dress the slit as well as the plunging top add a bit of sexiness. 


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