Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Favorites | January 15th 2015

Yearly Favorites 2014

Is to late to do a list of my favorite things from 2014? I say no because that rhymed and that is reason enough to continue. Ok, now that I read it over it doesn't really rhyme so scratch that, I am still gonna do it anyways!

1. I love my American Apparel jeans, I literally wore these all year around. There are expensive but definitely worth the pricey tag.

2. Keds were my go-to tennis shoe this year. I don't really think I look good in that many sneaker type shoes but these go good with almost everything.

3. I had been eyeing these sweatpants from Victoria's Secret Pink forever and finally got them. They are to big for me so I have to roll them up at the waist or wear shorts under them, and they are kind of long on me, but they are so comfortable!  They also have pockets so #winning!
(These aren't the ones I have, but they are similar)

4.I fell out of lust with running, because we never were truly in love, and fell in love with classes like body pump.

5. I tried so many new foods in 2014, (like potato salad) that I actually ended up liking. I think my palate has finally matured. 

6. I found a love for candles. If you were wondering it is so true that candles can bring you to your calm zone (whatever that means).

7. Sparkling Ice was my drink of 2014. I love these things, may be borderline addictive but I doubt these will be gone anytime soon.

8. Creating a book club with my family was so much fun and I definitely encourage you to do so to. It's great if you want to read and be kept accountable to continuously read. This is the one we are currently reading called Yellow Crocus, and it's so good!

9.Press on nails were my thing in 2014. I loved the feel of nice nails without the glue, chipping, or gel.

10. You Tube is bae and I don't even think I need to explain why.


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