Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lost Files | November 13th 2014

Went to P.F. Chang's and had this amazeballs virgin strawberry daiquiri. The food is also amazing and I had like three fortune cookies. I was so full I truly think I had heartburn. #noshame  

Last week and the week before that I was really into waffles for breakfast. I figured out the perfect measurement to make a full sized waffle (the first one I made, made only three triangles) and I paired it with sugar free syrup and sliced bananas, as seen below. The mix by the way is Kodiak which is available at Target. I love it because you only have to add water.

Put them in the freezer for like 20 minutes, it's perfection.

Thought you would like to come to class with me!

Oh and if you follow me on Instagram then you know I cracked my Iphone screen. I didn't even drop it., it fell. 

Inspired Native American looks combined with American culture that I did for a project.

You guys know I love me some body pump! Seriously if you have it at your gym, give it a whirl. Twice a week is all you need!

These are my favorite boots for fall. I wear these AT-LEAST three times a week. Actually lets go with about 5.

Hope your week has been poppin!

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