Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

Hope your 4th of July weekend was just as good as mine. I love a good vacation but alas, "back to life, back to reality!" So without further adieu, my weekend favorites from me to you!

1. Who says accessories are just for your hands, necks, and arms?! You can wear them in your hair as well! It's a really easy and  colorful project to try. To see all the supplies you need head over to LoveMaegan!

2. Cats are super cool and way smart, so WHY not wear them on your tennies!? It's fairly simple and has you looking THE BOMB. So if you want some cat shoes, (I am sure you REALLY want them now!) run on over to LostInTheHaze!

gilded necklace   with gemstones and gold chains

3. Who doesn't like bling around their neck. This necklace is like a two in one- featuring a necklace and collar. It is retro chic and  a DIY, who can beat that! head on over to LoveMaegan to find out the how-to's.

4. Small, elegant, nice spaces are popping up all over the place. I  never real thought of ever living in a small space but after looking homes like this, I could MAYBE dig it! Go to Kislance to see how to work a small abode.

5. I always use to lose my small earring but I recently just got a holder. This idea is really practical though because it will keep them in place ans make them visible. Take a visit to Thanks, I Made It to see the whole sha-bang!

6. This necklace is like a piece of heaven. It's so appealing to the eye I can't stop looking at it, I am hypnotized! You and I definitely have to make this ASAP! Travel on over to Thanks, I Made It to get the deets.

7. So I got this cool map-plate type tray from Michael's and it's to live for. It would be so cool to be able to travel the world someday and this is super inspiring!

Hope you have a grand weekend and that you take a trip to Michael's because sales are amazing!

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