Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Wall Art

Hello Guys! So today I have a cool DIY for you and I am so excited about it! I actually found this idea from Ohhh Mhhh when trying to find an idea to do something different for the wall in my room. It's super easy and I think it looks way better  than what I had before just because it's cleaner and neater. If you would like to know how I achieved this beaute keep scrolling:)

This is what my wall looked like before. I really liked it but it just seemed to cluttered and the pictures were falling off-as you can see.

This is after and I think it looks clean and makes my room look bigger! 

So the materials you need:
+ Hangers I got these at Walmart for about a dollar
+ Push Pins (I already had these but you can find them mostly anywhere)
+ Spray paint ( I choose gold and I used this for the hangers and push pins- $3.77-Walmart)

It's pretty basic but you just spray paint it! It says wait 24 hours but after I sprayed both sides of all 10 they were all dry.
+ Spray kind of far away; I did it to close and used almost all the paint
+ This is probably a given but wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty. I learned that the hard way by getting spray paint on one of my favorite jeans.
+ If you don't want your hands getting all "golden" wear gloves. Although I didn't wear any and the spray paint came off my hands super easy.

A great way to display your magazines and to have wall art!
P.S.- I mark my magazines with stickies so when I go back I don't have to go through the whole thing! That's what the colorful things hanging off the pages are:)

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