Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

This has been a great weekend thus far! Nothing is better than spending time with the ones you love! The love has definitely floated into my weekend favorites this week because these are some amazing, cool, easy ideas. So scroll, be inspired, and try a thing or two you see!

DIY Jimmy Choo Tassel Sandals

1. Tassels are not just for graduation hats anymore! Not only do these brighten up your shoes but also make them oh so trendy. Swing over to My Little Secrets to learn the step-by-steps!

2. I think I will have to add this blog to my blog following list!I haven't seen that many men bloggers so this was a cool find! Any who I love this clutch but I want you to go visit, so I won't divulge to much info, just trot over to Studs And Buttonholes to learn how to have this easy, chic find!

3. To add to the prehistoric ages I found this cool and crafty DIY. It's not only modern but easy for almost all ages to have and to do! Head over to A Lions Nest to get the inside scoop!

4.  A fabulous necklace and bracelet  in 5 minutes?! I'm IN! All you need is tubing, bracelet clasps, and this easy step-by-step, so to learn more go over to My Lifebox and stay a while.

5. Bags are of course my thing so this book clutch automatically caught my eye! It's quirky, fun, and "book-smart"! Visit Caught On A Whim to learn how to do this nerdy-cool DIY.

DIY neon candles

6. Candles smell good, so why shouldn't they look good too?! Creating a space that you love is all about putting your own personal touch on it, and that's why I am all over this DIY. Dash on over to Kate's Creative Space to lighten and color up your space!

7. I am sort of organizing my room and I could see these fitting in perfectly. It is really an easy way to make things in your space more personal. Visit Skonahem (it's a Swedish site and should be able to be translated) to learn this cool home decor DIY.

Hope your weekend is all you hoped it to be & more! Do something you have been waiting to do and make memories!

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