Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend Favorites:)

The best events and days seem to, a lot of the time fall on the weekends! This weekend definitely did not disappoint and hopefully your weekend was full of bliss and all that jazz! Now onto the goodies!


1. When I look at this first it makes me want one! Then it makes me smile. It's a "red velvet" flower cake and breathtaking beautiful. Jen Kim of Jen Kim Made created it with the inspiration to just make people smile and it does just that. Now just take a minute, marvel in it's greatness, and have kick butt day!

baby shower favor idea
2. I went to one of my friends baby shower last weekend, which was great and this reminded me of it! Every time food cravings are associated with pregnant women it's always pickles and ice cream. Any who if you need a great baby shower theme this would be a cute one! Head over to Julep to learn how to make these favors!

frozen watermelon slush

3. I always thought I didn't like smoothies after tasting one or two but I guess those were just not my flavors. Now I have had tried a few flavors such as strawberry and raspberry (which are the frozen ones from the grocery store) and also Lemonade (from Tropical Smoothie). I have been wanting to make my own though and this is  a great one that sounds and looks delish! It says slush but I am pretty sure if  you use water instead of soda it could be as healthy as a smoothie! Slide on over to youaremyfave to get the how to!

P.S- I love stumbling upon new blogs it's so fun to see their ideas and all that jazz! This one really caught my eye though so after making your beverage keep scrolling!

4. Although summer is half-way through it's definitely not to late to hit up the beach or the pool. I love taking bags to the pool because I can carry all my must-haves for the day on it! On the post it's actually used as a market bag, which is great but  I don't really have any markets so I would use it as a beach bag. You could really use this for a number of things, even a magazine holder! Head on over to a pair & a spare to learn how to make this cool, chic bag!

5.Who can not love ombre. I love it can be used to DIY many things. These shorts are a great  piece to have in your warm weather wardrobe and definitely will catch people's eye. Which then you can proceed to tell them "Oh I did them" when they ask where can they get those. Head on over to Kollabora (which is a site full of people making their own things, which is so awesome) and learn how to duplicate these shorts made by Anna!


6. If I could have any accent it would definitely be British. I always like to practice on people asking if they would like a cup of tea or a crumpet, it's a work in progress but when I go someday I hope they think I am a native! Any who these gorg neon pieces remind of tea and sugar and all that jazz! It adds a pop of color and modernness while still keeping it clean, neat, and elegant! Scurry on over to Shop Sweet Things to find out how to make these easy, pretty pieces!

7. I love the idea of turning extra spaces into closets. Especially if you don't use it for anything else. It's a great way to create a more personal closet/dressing space and leaves more room for you to add new pieces when you come home from day long shopping trips! See more lovely pictures of this room turned walk-in at Shop Sweet Things as well!

Try to make a dream become a reality- whether it be a week, month, or years from now!

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