Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Favorites| April 7th 2014

Hey guys! I just wanted to do an update since I have been M.I.A. College is seriously no joke and last week was just a busy week, I had exams and papers and work;just madness. Now I am back and super excited because it's a new week! Here are my weekend favorites and as always hope they will be some inspiration to you, or even just brighten your day.

What better way to go throughout the day than with an inspiring message. I think people (me:hint, hint) are so quick to have a day be bad or disappointing. I think seeing this on your desktop or phone will remind you to do well today and not let the day always get the best of you, it's hard but we can do it! Want some inspirational messaging in your life? Head on over to Wonder Forest to get yours today.

Nothing says Easter more than colorful eggs. I really like this diy because they are great centerpieces for almost any warm weather occasion. These also work great as planters in and outside the house. Want to get a head start for Easter, head on over to Green Wedding Shoes!

blue slashed sweatshirt with big flower pin and leopard print sleeves
Intentional holes are just the thing for transitioning sweaters from winter to spring. The slits on the arm are just enough chicness mixed with a bit of ruggedness. What's even better is that you can find plain sweaters like this at Walmart for under 10 dollars. Head on over to Love Magean to make your own!

Statment necklaces are on trend this spring again, and well all year really. I love that on piece a jewelry can truly dress and outfit up. Statement necklaces prices vary but this one is a winner! All you need is curtain rods, ribbon, and to pop on over to Oh Everything Handmade to get the deets!

T-shirt challenge: painted sunset #happinessiscreating
Graphic tees are very versatile this season and what's better than making one yourself. This breezy tee is easy to make and looks great. Swipe on over to Happiness is Creating to make one for yourself!

Art does wonders to many things: life, feelings, empty walls, the whole lot! Painting your own wall art is not only less expensive than buying many different pieces of art, but also is an easy way to decorate multiple  spaces. Suddenly in the spirit to make your own wall art? Make your way on over to Wonder Forest to spice up your place and your life!

Thank you for continuing to take on this journey with me even when I am M.I.A. for a bit, and to new comers welcome aboard!


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