Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Favorites | April 22nd 2014

There were so many favorites to choose from so I picked my absolute favorites and split them up into categories. Hopefully you are enjoying your week and had a Happy Easter and Earth day!
Jewelry Favorite

 Fall For DIY Raw Stone and Silver necklace

A good necklace can always elevate a look. These cool crystal necklaces can dress up a look and even act as a statement piece of jewelry. I really love the look of this crystal with a long chain, a basic v-neck, and a blazer- super casual chic. If you want a gem like this in your life head on over to Fall for Diy!

Fashion Favorite

I haven't wore a statement belt in a long time, but this could definitely change my mind. This is very classy, easy to create, and great for spring. You can pair this with a nice spring dress and wear it around town looking oh so fabulous! Head on over to High On Diy to make your own!
Food Favorite
Feta Dill Chicken Salad. devour-blog.com

One of my favorite foods is chicken salad. While most chicken salad taste delicious you can mess it up if you don't add the right ingredients. My mom's chicken salad is always super tasty, but I really need to learn to make my own. Slide on over to Devour to make some and I will too!
Crafty Favorite
DIY Metallic Teacups | cladandcloth.com 1

Tea cups are so pretty to look at especially these! I love the gold added and you can use a tea cup for so many things. Obviously you can use tea cups to make tea, but you can also store your rings and goodies in it as well. Spin on over to Clad and Cloth to make your own!

Home Favorite
our fifth house - little girl's room
 I have always wanted to create a gallery wall because it can really express your personality. There are so many possibilities and it's great for displaying your favorite things on your wall. This one is for a young  girls room but some elements can be applied to other rooms like the pretty golden planters. Go visit Our Fifth House to get some tips on making your own gallery wall.


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