Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Favorites | April 29th 2014

So exams are in full swing and that equals lots of studying, but breaks are a must! I had to carve out some time to show you guys my weekend favorites and every other day uploads will be returning shortly!

Dyeing with Kool Aid

Who knew kool-aid wasn't just for drinking? It's always fun to find new things to diy with, especially if you can get them at a good price. I think kool-aid packets are actually less expensive than dye. Head on over to The Crafted Life to make your own craft with kool-aid.

How to make a DIY lamp from a glass bottle or vase

Bottles are becoming very multipurpose these days! So many uses can come out of bottles such as vases, storage, decorations, or even like this-a lamp. I love this lamp because it looks expensive, like something from Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, which I love. If you want to make your own beacon of light shoot on over to Madigan Made.

Tattooed Martha - Ron Swanson Inspired Maple Breakfast Cupcakes (20)

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal, I can't say definitely because I love lunch as well! These breakfast cupcakes look so good and really makes me want a piece of bacon. Want to have your own personal, delicate breakfast cupcake? Whip on over to Tattooed Martha.

diy drugstore candle makeover | almost makes perfect

This is a why didn't I think of that diy. I always get candles from various places and they don't always have the most appealing labels. I never thought of making my own labels, but it's such a good idea to make them look cohesive. Dash on over to Almost Makes Perfect to learn how to re-transform your candles!

Spring Ankle Strap Heels - Stylishlyme.com

I love heels but I always steer more towards sandals in the spring and summer. I may have to rock some heels this season after seeing these cobalt blue ankle strap heels. These are so colorful and definitely dress up a rather simple outfit. Also, the ankle strap gives more support so your heel is sure not to fling out. Want to rock these as well? Strut on over to Stylishly Me!

amanda risius the everygirl home tour

I love, love, love finding good deals! These pieces pictured above are all a part of an apartment decorated for only $500 dollars! Decorating can be hard these days because there are so many options, but many don't have the endless budget. Head on over to A Hammer and Heels to learn where she got everything from and how decorating for less can look darn good too.


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