Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Impress: Press on Manicure- Nail Review | April 9th 2014

Hey guys, so today I wanted to do a little nail review on some awesome nails I came across. They had a booth at the Southern Women's Show doing nails for free and I got mine done. Basically what they are, are press on fake nails.There is a clear adhesive on the back and when you peel it off it is sticky underneath. What I have come to love about these are:
1. They are easy to apply
2. They stick well
3. They stay on for a good amount of time

 I got the plain nails, which is great if you want to do nail designs on your nails. Also, they stayed on for a week and 1/2 including replacing two nails (which was due to using things like baby oil). 

Final Verdict: A
I would definitely recommend these especially if your looking for an alternative to glue on or gel nails. I will say that I do think they are a bit pricey running at about 7 to 8 dollars depending on the design, and I can't find the plain ones again anywhere. Overall it's a safe, fun way to do your nails and make them appear longer and fancy!
All the stores I have seen them at:


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