Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekend Favorites

My goal when I started this blog was to post everyday, then it went to every other day, and now it's once in a while! With school, work, and important events in sight I just haven't had the time, but I am determined to change that ASAP! So anyways I decided to post twice today to make up for earlier this week so if you haven't already look at my post about spicing up your nails go check it out! Now without further adieu...WEEKEND FAVORITES!

1. I love things that are easy to make, because you can do it fast and make more than one! This is a great idea for closets especially if you have limited space or lots of clothes, mine is the latter! To find this DIY go to OhohBlog!

Make a simple DIY mug for your mom for mother's day, birthday or just to show her you love her! | #diymug

2. This is a great idea for many occasions! Thank you's, Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day,  you name it you can make a cup for it! I actually have made these before but I think her's are way better than mine! All you really need is any cup and markers that are for writing on ceramics or glass. To do it just right though, go to GimmeSomeStyle!

3. Bows are so pretty and feminine and gorg and did I say pretty? First I just love the shoe in general, seriously wait till you see the back of them, they are to live for! This looks extra easy,so go to OnceOverLighty and learn how to do it, like right NOW!

4. I like wearing earrings because if I don't I feel as if something is missing! This is a super cute DIY because you can get really creative with this. You can make different colors, or many colors on the same earring, you can basically just go ALL OUT! Well that's what I would do anyways (*shrug*). So you wanna know how to make these fabulous gems? Visit EncourageFashion to find out!

Oh-so-very-pretty-graduation-gift-idea-10 copy

5. As graduation's are coming up it is time to look for the perfect gift! I love this idea, not only because it's pretty but also because it can be made personal! To find the materials you need and all that jazz go to OhSoVeryPretty!

6. I don't wear makeup that often because I get sty's easily, but this idea is very chic! I am sure the more makeup you have the bigger dish you could get or find you already have. Also if you don't wear makeup religiously you can use it for something else like jewelry! To find out 
how visit Alexandrea Hedin at blogspot!

7. I am in LOVE with headbands! I don't even know how it started but my collection keeps multiplying. This idea, I absolutely love because, well I love headbands and what greater way to wear one than to make it out of a necklace! It is super easy and takes 5 minutes! I highly recommend you go do this right this second, and to learn how go to Creme De La Craft!

Hope these tid bits have got your creative wheels spinning and inspire you put a little DIY into your daily life!


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