Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Mother's Day is just around the corner and I want you to look fabulous! Whether your a mother or not, you can still look nice and dress to feel good. Whenever I think of Holidays as such I think of dresses, because it's the perfect time to bring out your spring wear. Wherever you plan to pamper your Momma or be pampered, you will do it looking oh so chic.


River Island dress, $34 / Uniqlo sleeveless sheath dress / Topshop short t shirt / Alice + Olivia long floral skirt, $660 / Travel shoes / Yves Saint Laurent leather strappy sandals, $755 / Franchi / Envelope clutch

1. A sheath dress is so easy because you can just slip this dress right on. It also is a fun color which balances it out because it doesn't technically show off your curves. This would be great for chuch or even a lunch.

2. One can hardly ever go wrong with a maxi skirt. This is flowy and young,but is kept shophisticated with the long sleeve black top and the small heel. This is also great for lunch or any cool suprises you have up your sleeve, like a picnic.

3. Bold is in this spring, and it definitely says go big or go home. I think this is perfect for moms because it's simple, chic, and not to revealing. This would be great for a night out.

"Sometimes the strength of Motherhood is greater than nautral laws"- Barbra Kingslover

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