Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What's In The Bag?

So this past weekend I went to H&M for a bathing suit, they have such a variety of things! Let's just say I was in there for a long time! I usually buy something when I go there anyways but this time I bought a bathing suit, which I had to mix and match since the bottoms didn't fit, but hey that's a whole other post for a different day! Any who I have been wanting to get a new bag for the longest because I am just in love with purses and I found the perfect one! It was only $20.00 dollars and it's one I can wear like a satchel which is AMAZING! I think you can tell a lot about someone depending on what's in their bag. Personally I think I have a lot of "stuff" in mine, maybe to much? Really how much is to much these days though? Do women need to de-clutter their purses because minimal is better? I say no, put whatever you want in there, you paid for it or maybe you didn't because you just have it like that! If that's the case you go on with your bad self!

What's In The Bag?

H&M , $23 / Kate Spade eyewear / Tech accessory, $45 / Yves Saint Laurent pen eyeliner / Lipstick / Forever 21 flavored lip gloss / Body moisturizer / Mason Pearson tortoise shell comb / Hexagon Scribbler Pen / Stove with Kittens in Christmas - Spiral Notebook - 4 x 6

1. I have what I think most women have, lip gloss (a MUST), lipstick (Milani- my favorite EVER), and sunnies to block the light AND look oh so fabulous!
2. I also keep hand sanitizer and lotion in there because germs spread like wildfire these days. A notebook or something to write on and a pen.
3.Of course I need my phone to play words with friends, Instagram, and of course in case of emergencies.
4.I think everyone should carry a comb or brush or something in their bag especially since it's getting warm and that wind definitely whips your hair back and forth!
5. Everyone sees my wallet and they think it's a cigarette holder, but no it's just a wicked cool wallet!
6. I try to have gum in my purse at all times, it doesn't always work that way but I do think you should have something to freshen up your breath in dire situations.
7. My USB has a lot of unimportant stuff on it so I am not really sure why it's even in there.......

SN: This is what the actual purse I got looks like...in case you were wondering:)

Now that you have seen inside my bag, go take a look at yours and try to eliminate things you no longer use and or don't really need in a bag! Also try to add things that you use on a daily basis! 


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