Monday, December 22, 2014

Stocking Stuffers | December 22nd 2014

Stockings are the last thing to open on Christmas morning and the last thing that people shop for. I love opening my stocking though it's like the last hurrah of Christmas because it's here and then gone in a flash. A great last minute gift is getting someone a stocking full of goodies. Below are somethings that I would like to receive in a stocking as well as things I think other women would like as well.

Stocking Stuffers

Everything is under $16 dollars!

1. I love Christmas movies and wish they were on all year-round, but they tend to disipate right after Christmas. A Christmas movie is a great stocking stuffer because then they can carry their love for Christmas all year. One of of my grandma and I's favorite is Christmas with the Kranks, if you haven't seen it you have to watch! Also it's only $5 dollars at Target. #winning

2. Gift cards are the best gift to get because then you can buy whatever you want. The amount doesn't even have to be a lot, $10 dollars, I even love getting $5 dollar ones to be honest. A great place to get them to is Tropical Smoothie, Starbucks, or Target.

3. I always have loose change swimming around in my purse and it's always the time that you need it the most that you only grab pennies. This coin purse is a great little gift and serves a valuable purpose. Also, it's only $5 at Target. #winningagain

4. Who doesn't love nail polish. I got one of these kits for my Birthday and I love it. It's an E.L.F kit and it comes with 12 mini nail polishes which has lasted me over a year. This is great if you can't pick a color, or if you want a more pricier gift in the stocking. Obviously I love Target and you can get this there for $8. #wehavewon

5. For someone who doesn't wear makeup (me) on a regular basis lip products are the way to go. If your not sure if a color will look good on someone the L' Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm is great. This gives a tint of color but not as much pigment as a lipstick.
(Target- you knew it was coming, $5.99)

6. The new Nicki Minaj CD just came out and would love to see that in my stocking (hint, hint). Any CD is good because most people love music and we all need a refresher after all these great holiday jingles. After all the gift wrapping we need some real rapping in our life. I had to!
( Do I even need to say?- $15)

7. Sour Patch Kids are my favorite candy EVER. I love the sweet and then the sour, so good. Food is the way to most peoples heart so it's kind of impossible to go wrong (unless you get their least favorite candy of course). 

8. No, this is not just a plain bottle of water, it's a really cool water bottle. The bottle actually opens at the neck and twist off. This is great because everyone tends to head to the gym right after the holidays.
( Our favorite place this season- $11)

No this is not sponsored by Target, Target is just bae! Am I right ladies?!


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