Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weekend Favorites | December 17th 2014

I have been seeing these turtleneck sweaters a lot lately. I strayed away from them for a bit because I wasn't sure if it would look good on me, but I tried it and I have to say I look pretty darn good. I really like this one because while it's over-sized it's not to long, which makes it look good with jeans. While were on the subject of jeans I think hers are the perfect length, my jeans always bunch up at my ankles because I am short, it's soo annoying. Head on over to Kendi Everyday for more fabulous-ness.

spinach, mushroom, feta calzones - so good with pasta sauce!

You guys know I love food, and what would Weekend Favorites be without food?! What would life be without food?! Miserable probably. Anyways, I am really intrigued by these spinach mushroom feta calzones. I don't even have to taste these to know I will like it. These are perfect for holiday parties, or to eat by yourself in front of the fire, it's basically the perfect savory winter treat. Also may I add the sauce is crucial, it's like how you have to eat bread sticks with the sauce to be complete. If I made your mouth water enough head on over to FashionEDIBLE.

DIY simple rustic hot chocolate bar - super easy & fun for everyday & for holiday parties!

Do any of you have a hot chocolate bar in your house? NO? Me neither, but I think we all need this in our lives. I always go in the pantry to make hot chocolate, but always end up reaching for the coffee instead. If I had a hot chocolate station it would be inevitable to not drink some! I just really love how cute this station is as well as it's versatility. If you change the sign and a few colors it can become a smoothie station, lemonade stand, etc. I know you want to make this so just head on over to Liz Marie Blog.

Christmas decorating ideas - red + black living room-6

Kudos to people who can decorate for the holidays full force because while it's enjoyable it's a lot of work. Her hard work paid off though because how festive does this living room look, it might as well be part of Santa's workshop. I mean lets take a moment to cherish this sparkling tree that had to take a least 2 hours to complete. You seriously need to see all of the decorations so swing on over to Four Generations One Roof

.How To decorate your home for Christmas on a budget & super fast! Tips & tricks to help you get started!!
Christmas literally comes out of nowhere. By the time Thanksgiving has passed, as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday it's already December. Also the countdown to Christmas is slow when your a child but when you hit adult status it's here and gone like lightning.  This is post is one of my favorites because nobody has time to go all out when it's already December, hence this quick and easy guide. It's super helpful and gives really and easy affordable ideas. So head on over to Liz Marie Blog right this second because Christmas is about a week away, and who actually takes their decorates down at the beginning of January anyways?



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