Friday, October 10, 2014

Instagram Favorites: Part 3 | October 10th 2014

If you have been following me for a while you know my love for Instagram. I am 100% positive that I follow way more people than people that actually follow me. It actually used to bother me, but I don't want people who don't enjoy my photos to follow me. Furthermore, I don't think that is what it's really about for me anymore. I just love getting a glimpse into others lives, ideas, and happiness. This is my third installment in my Instagram fav series and don't fret because there will be many more! If you missed part 1 and 2 you can click here & here. Hopefully you find someone that interest you and you can spread the love.

I love her feed because one, can we just state the obvious that she looks gorg. Secondly, her pictures look so professional and it makes me a baby bit jelly beans. Lastly, her style is on point, and though a lot of her pictures are selfies (if you got it flaunt it!) you still see a little peak into her wardrobe.

Username: Aubreykinch
I feel like most pregnant people are so happy, that they make me wanna be happy! I love her blog which is how I stumbled upon her Instagram. She is so a friend in my head, as Wendy Williams would say. I tend to follow people whose photographs I know I will never get tired of looking at and this account definitely achieves that.

Username: Nycdining
Want to be in the know to where to eat in NYC? This is your girl. Wanna not feel guilty about indulging? This is your girl. Want to have a good laugh? This is your girl. Want to see food that makes your mouth water?! You get the point. I have never been to NYC so to see all the eats is pretty darn cool. I also just think the girl behind the account is super funny and another friend in my head. Lastly, food makes me happy and looking at this food makes me extremely happy!

Username: thefashionablybroke
I seriously like every picture on this account;good thing they have a lot of followers so they can't tell. I love food, fashion, and lifestyle, so when that's wrapped all into one, it's amazing! It's two sisters and they have a blog as well! I just want their closet because they definitely don't dress broke to me!

Username: Linhwinn
If you like style/fashion bloggers you will love this account. I like her style a lot because it's different than mine. Also, her food pictures make my mouth water-like seriously can I be invited to dinner?! I have been following her for a while and her feed doesn't disappoint.

I think I also stumbled upon this account by going to her blog. Now this is a mom who can dress and has excellent taste, not just in clothing but furnishings to. Her daughter is the cutest as well. Definitely visit her blog and Instagram it has great content.

I actually found this account through Youtube.She is a beast at makeup as you can see. I don't wear makeup that much,but I definitely commend people who have this much skill. Her account also has such cute #ootd's. Definitely check out her YouTube for great makeup tutorials.

I seriously dig her style and am a little jelly of her wardrobe. Can we just talk about this flannel skirt! This is a great account to follow if you like fashion and flannels, like me!

Me and my sister agreed that if we were every reincarnated we would wanna come back as red heads because they are so fierce! Is that even a usual thing to talk about? Anyways, I LOVE her account because sometimes people can seem fake on social media, but she doesn't. I not only lover her hair, but her style as well. It's not like mine but that's the beauty of fashion!

I could go on and on forever, but I will spare you the extra long post! I love doing these and I hope you like them to because I will be doing lots more in the future!


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