Friday, January 24, 2014

#InstaFavs-part 1

I feel like I may be obsessed with Instagram just a tiny bit. I just feel like it gives so much inspiration, whether it be to work off that half a cake you ate, or maybe even eat another, an outfit inspiration, encourage travel, or just make you laugh so hard you actually start to cry. I definitely feel like Instagram does most of that for me! Here I have given you my favorite Instagram profiles to follow, and hopefully you will find one that clicks for you! I have so many so this will just be part 1!

Username: AASHFOO
I love being able to see people adorn clothing effortlessly, and that's definitely what she does.

Username: befitfoods
I just love this feed because it has pretty pictures of foods, and it sort of makes you want to eat healthy.

Username: imjennim

I love her feed because she has great style, and makes me wish we were friends! Also check out her YouTube channel it has great, quality videos!

Username: jenniferstano
This is one of the coolest mom's you will ever see on Instagram, and her baby is so cute I can't even!

Saving a dollar is always my main goal when I go shopping, and I love this feed because she has a lot of great thrifiting finds.

I mean do I need to say more! Utterly fabulous.

Username: eatsleepwear
Also one of my favorite fashion feeds and it has classy, chic home decor! Very inspiring.

Username: alwaysjudging
I always like feeds that always have beautiful, pretty pictures, and it doesn't hurt when the person has on-point style either.

Username: paudictado
I think I tend to follow people who's style I really like, but couldn't exactly wear all the time myself and that's what she does. I also love the great #ootd inspirations she gives.

Username: fashionista804
YouTube: fashionista804
I love her Instagram because her style is so edgy and mine...well not so much. I think it's always a good idea to take a style or piece you think you can't pull of and change it to match more of your aesthetic and style.

Hopefully you found someone you would like to follow, and maybe they will even follow you back!

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